Thursday, May 26, 2011

WWW = Where When, and Why I am.!/AndrewLerner

Acronyms in my ASpienyms shop were created from odd words to give them meaning.
This creates greater awareness and communication. ASPIE = A Special Person Intellectualizes Everything. Therefore there is the emotionless face. REST is better identified as a RElief STation. MAIL is Messages and Information Letters. Communicate communication. Me: Andrew I. Lerner.6/2/11 Please read the column at the left, left click on all of the posting titles, pictures, and underlined blue words. Please click below, on "Comments, Reactions, & Feedback", below, to read reviews, and or write your own reply. This means a great deal to me. Each box, below the date below, corresponds to the letter of your choice: A = Funny. B = Informative. C = Clever. D = Disagree. E = Excellent. F = Frivolous. 1) Please place your cursor arrow onto the little white box, next to the letter, that represents your selection. 2) press down to click. 3) A check mark will then appear, showing that you have voted. The counter for that box, will increment by your one rating (#).

Monday, May 16, 2011

New designs and new shop: A_Lerner

 These are three new designs by me today. I also opened up a new shop called A_Lerner. Please also click on the Title of this page to see many of my designs. Please, as always, click on the images for enlargements.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

ASPIE acronym
ASPIE: A Special Person Intellectualizes Everything
The I in my name stands for iconoclast

Monday, May 09, 2011

My newest logo explained.

I am the Graphic Designer formally known as &rew. This is my logo as of 5/9/11. My name of A. Lerner is incorporated into the phrase "Alternative Reasoning". This phrase also defines how an ASpie mind functions. I am an ASpie. We try to put pieces of different information together to reason out a puzzle. This is represented by the alternative upper and lower case letters. The colors or divisions represent pieces, and how they are different, but still fit in together to solve the pie chart. These ASPIE PIE PIEces, because of their differences, create a peace sign.  AS PIEces of a PIE, all of these PIEces of information fit in together. We strive to get along with others who operate differently. Understanding and tolerating each-others differences, are AS PIEces of a PIE, coming together in PEACE. Notice that that the name ASpie is incorporated into the phrase "AS PIEces". Both the peace sign and Andrew Lerner were established on 2/21/58. Piece and peace are Homophones. Many ASpies love playing with letters and words, which is hyperlexic. They are best suited as as a Graphic Designer. As you can see, that is stated in my logo. Aspies are emotionally challenged. This is represented by the two dots and a horizontal line. It represents an ASpie face. My name has been put together to show how I try to fit in and learn in this society of mostly NTs. By fitting in the "A", that represents me (Andrew), into the bigger family of society (Lerner), I become a learner. This also incorporates my first initial and last name into the phrase "A Learner". By fitting in, I create "learner" from "Lerner." I end up standing out. This is just as pieces of a pie fitting in to create a peace sign. These represent how ASpies make valuable contributions to society if we all come together. We can all fit in to make a pie in peace, and each share a piece of it. The mouth and bottom ^ shapes an A. The nd in the middle stands for nuclear disarmament, the original purpose of the peace symbol.

A. Lerner is the Graphic Designer formally known as &rew. A. Lerner is inside "Alternative Reasoning". It defines how the ASpie mind. A trys to fit in to learn. We piece together different facts to solve peacefully. Peace and I were created 2/21/58. Come together AS PIEces in a pie. 
A. Lerner is inside "Alternative Reasoning defining an ASpie. A trys to fit in to learn. We piece together different facts to solve peacefully. Peace and I created 2/21/58. AS PIEces in a pie together