Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I finally figured out my best answer to the following question:

Question: Why do you not have or want children?

Answer: I do not need any more parasites.

Parasites include micro organisms in my body, the United States government, and the unscrupulous people stealing 1.5 billion dollars from us (the U.S.) by way of Katrina "aid". I am grateful for not having to serve in the military or work for "my" "government". I oppose a bill making the "desecration" of the United States Flag a crime. It is unconstitutional. Defining Marriage as requiring opposite sexes is unconstitutional. I support my favorite newspaper: The New York Times. They have done nothing wrong. That Bush asshole in the whitehouse and his Republican thug friends are perpetuating the exercises of tyrants though out thousands of years of "civilizations". "Some people are more equal than others" - George Orwell, Animal Farm. Today, the pigs are the republicans. They are not elephants. Our rights, freedoms, and powers are being taken away. This is their philosophy: Support Corporation managers, persecute the small business owners, tax the workers, and send the young and poor for slaughter. Kill everyone and go to war with every country who prevents or interferes with the rich from gaining more power and wealth. If this country is not destroyed by other countries soon, we, the people, should overthrow our government. Rush Limbaugh is a drug addict. Jerry Fauldwell is a racist bigot. Christian leaders abuse children. Michael Moore and Howard Stern are not guilty of any of these crimes. Howard is Liberal Jewish entrepreneur.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I have four (4) friends outside of Florida. They all have some connection to Plainview in New York. They either live there now, grew up there, or have worked there. I have been in person with all of them in Plainview. One grew up in Syosset like me, but we did not meet then. One grew up in the next town of Plainview, but we did not meet then. One lives in Plainview now, but was not when I was in Syosset. Still another has been a friend of mine since I lived in Syosset. Most of them have been mentioned in this site before. Three of them are Jewish. The fourth lives with a Jew. They include Donna and Michael from 1999, and Nancy from 2002. After the thirty years of our acquaintance, I have talked with one of them for the last indefinite time, today.

Monday, June 19, 2006

My Postage Stamp

How many of these actual genuine legal US postage stamps would you like to purchase?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Symbol

I'm not rude, hyper, shy, retarted, lazy, psychotic, or evil. I have Autism, just as Albert Einstein did.

Originaly published 5/25/06 7:41 pm

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Edith Miriam Lerner 1918 - 2002

These are photographs of my Mother Edith Miriam, and her Mother Ana Aranow, in 1942. I am named after Ana, years after she passed away. My Mother was born on this day in 1918. I was born in 1958.

Empathetic, Altruistic, compassionate, concerned, and relentless are some words that best help to exemplify Edith Miriam Lerner. I have known no other person in this universe that has personified these qualities more. She prided herself at being sharp and lucid, and was never otherwise. I have no other personality, spirit, or being that loves me more than my mother of whom I am telling you about now. She is my greatest advocate and supporter by far, ever.

Edith Miriam Aronow Lerner made the transition from her physical body to her current existence, at about 8pm, on the day corresponding to Thursday, September 19, 2002. She communicated to me telepathically while I was just starting to watch an anticipated TV show of Big Brother. She told us of this predicted date four days prior. She has made the transition with her mother Ana. I have nobody else in my life with such warmth and caring. I have felt such a special warm and unique soul connection with her. It would be a much warmer and caring world if more people were like her. She is and forever will be, my greatest friend.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Prince Roger Nelson born 1958

An influential star of the 1980s, Prince wrote and produced funky pop songs that had cross-genre appeal, including the top-sellers 1999, When Doves Cry and Kiss. He became known as something of an eccentric genius: he dressed in high heels and finery and was so multitalented that on many songs he played all the instruments himself. His reputation for independent thinking was reinforced in the 1990s, when he changed his name to The Artist Formerly Known As Prince (or TAFKAP), then to an unpronounceable symbol (reproduced on the Web as O(+>), and finally (in 2000) back to Prince. He has continued to write and perform, operating out of his Minneapolis home base, called Paisley Park Studios. His 2004 album, Musicology, was hailed as a "comeback," and included the song "Call My Name," which earned him a Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. Prince's albums include 1999 (1983), Purple Rain (1984), Lovesexy (1988), Newpower Soul (1998) and Musicology (2004). He also starred in the 1984 feature film Purple Rain. Prince was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. Andrew Lerner, also born in 1958 is the artist known as &.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Diet Revised

I am well today! This paragraph describes my diet, regarding its restrictions, and my preferences. I do not eat any pork products or seafood. I prefer kosher meats when available, and like to avoid dairy with meat. I need to limit myself to beverages that do not contain carbonation, caffeine, fruit juice, and alcohol. As much as possible, it is best that I only have dairy that is lactose-free. I only drink orange juice that is low acid. I have GERD, irritable bowl, and am slightly lactose intolerant. I make exceptions for ice cream, flavored yogurt, and anything chocolate. I love pasta, rice, potatoes, and anything made with tomatoes or potatoes. Southern Italian is my favorite cuisine. My favorite cooked vegetables are potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, peas, and lima beans. I hate asparagus and spinach. My favorite fruits are pineapple, banana and food made with strawberry, peach, and cherry. I hate raspberry, blueberry, and cranberry. I prefer Chicken, Turkey, and occasionally beef (especially kosher corned beef). My favorite foods are lasagna, chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge, chocolate chips, chocolate fudge brownie, and peanut butter with strawberry preserves. My favorite beverage is filtered water, or non-caffeinated plain ice tea with Splenda. Salsa is my favorite condiment. What say you? I'd like to know.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


June 6, 2006
Because the date for June 6, 2006 is abbreviated as 06/06/06, it has attracted attention as a day that may have some connection to the Mark of the Beast. The date 06/06/06 happens every 100 years. Among the events scheduled for that day:
The Omen, a remake of the 1976 movie The Omen that deals with the birth of the Antichrist, will open; and the heavy metal band Slayer starts off their Unholy Alliance Tour on this date as well and AFI's new album will be released.
It should be noted that the number of the beast is 666, not 6606 (or 060606). Therefore, the date June 6, 2006 has no more in common with the number of the beast than June 6, 1996 (6696) or June 6, 1946 (6646). Furthermore, at no point in the Christian bible is any connection made between 666 and a date - particularly not a date in a calendar that was not in use at the time.
Nevertheless, many are celebrating this day as The Day of the Beast. In
Atlanta, Georgia, the Little 5 Points Rockstar Orchestra will perform *'666: a Tribute to the Devil and Heavy Metal, a dramatic rendition of Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast.' Also, the GNAA will be releasing the new version of their popular open source trolling utility Last Measure. The day has also been proclaimed as a holiday for fans of the heavy metal genre, as the number 666 plays a prominent role in many heavy metal bands and songs.