Saturday, June 03, 2006


June 6, 2006
Because the date for June 6, 2006 is abbreviated as 06/06/06, it has attracted attention as a day that may have some connection to the Mark of the Beast. The date 06/06/06 happens every 100 years. Among the events scheduled for that day:
The Omen, a remake of the 1976 movie The Omen that deals with the birth of the Antichrist, will open; and the heavy metal band Slayer starts off their Unholy Alliance Tour on this date as well and AFI's new album will be released.
It should be noted that the number of the beast is 666, not 6606 (or 060606). Therefore, the date June 6, 2006 has no more in common with the number of the beast than June 6, 1996 (6696) or June 6, 1946 (6646). Furthermore, at no point in the Christian bible is any connection made between 666 and a date - particularly not a date in a calendar that was not in use at the time.
Nevertheless, many are celebrating this day as The Day of the Beast. In
Atlanta, Georgia, the Little 5 Points Rockstar Orchestra will perform *'666: a Tribute to the Devil and Heavy Metal, a dramatic rendition of Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast.' Also, the GNAA will be releasing the new version of their popular open source trolling utility Last Measure. The day has also been proclaimed as a holiday for fans of the heavy metal genre, as the number 666 plays a prominent role in many heavy metal bands and songs.

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