Friday, December 28, 2007

1 Day Oil Lasts 1 Month!

10/20/07: I had a prescription to take 4 x 1000mg (4g) of fish oil gel-caps per day. This cost me $39.76 for a 30 day supply (120) under the brand name of Lavaza or Omacor. My insurance company paid another $120.23 for this. I purchased a non-prescription (OTC) amount of (200) x 1200mg softgels for $14.00. This had saved me $33.46 per month.

NOW, I just purchased the same exact container again! I just paid $3.79 at Walgreens for Theragran-M Fish Oil! These are 200: 1200mg softgels! This is less than two cents per tab, and $1.73/month. I am saving myself alone, $38.03/month, and $456.37/year!

Convergys Lake Mary

I have been working on Convergy's Client account for Charter Communications, since 11/21/05. Until October 2007, it has been Telephone Customer Service for their cable VoIP hybrid telephone service. When hired, we were given the impression that it would not be a sales oriented position. Many of us, including myself have ethics, and lack the interest, willingness and skill for sales.

Since October, many policy changes came into effect. Some were done without any warning or explanation.

  1. Most of our stations have been eliminated.

  2. Our supervisors are changed as frequently as every week or two. We are often not given any coaching sessions or team meetings. Many of our Team Leaders have resigned, or transfered to other client accounts.

  3. Places, where information on our job is provided for us, is constantly changed, and we are not told were it would then be provided.

  4. When finally find on our own, information on the correct transfer numbers, a supervisor removes it from our our private notebooks, and not told how to get this information on KMS. We might learn about how, from other Agents on our breaks. It is listed under Cincinnati, instead of our location on KMS! I had to borrow a surviving worn folded list from a peer's pocket, to rewrite it all by hand quickly while I am on a call.

  5. The fifty cents per hour we earned, for working during evening and weekend hours, ceased to be paid to us.

  6. Our schedules were radically changed against our preferences. I used to work days, with weekends off. I now work nights and weekends

  7. We have to work on holidays, and do not necessarily have an extra day off that week.

  8. We were switched from Telephone Billing to Television Repair. At training we were told that upper management wanted our call center to be technical oriented.

  9. We were then told we are in a sales call center, and that 75% of our performance rating is now based on how high our sales are. We were not given any substantial or formal training in sales, the products we sell, or how to enter the orders.

  10. We are no longer allowed to have any time between our calls. We are harassed by telephone calls from our staff, if there are seconds between our receiving calls.

  11. As of January, we will be sent home and not paid if we do not wear certain kinds of clothing.

  12. We are required to set up our computer stations during our own time. When our stations are given away during our lunch, we must do that all over again, and not be paid for it. In addition, if we are not clocked back into our computers after exactly 60 minutes or 15 minutes, it is a serious infraction, that we are scolded for. If we clock-in five minutes late, we are reported as leaving early, which constitutes job abandonment, and can result in termination.

  13. We are penalized for being on a call too long. During the call, we have to show empathy to irate customers with poor service, fix their TV technical issues, sell them products, overcome their objections, put in the order, and make detailed notes notes in their accounts all while keeping them on the telephone until we are finished.

  14. We are not given time to read about constant changes in how we need to do our job, while we are getting paid, and not allowed to do so without pay when we are not scheduled.

Here is a letter I sent to Human Resources Payroll, and their reply:

For several weeks now, I have not received an additional amount per hour that I work in the evening, or on Sunday or Saturday. Why is this? Also, after starting my shift in the morning, and being off Sundays and Saturdays for most of my two years here, this has changed. Why is this? Without warning or explanation, I am suddenly given an exclusive night closing schedule, and well as working both Sundays and Saturdays. Why is this so? This means I am due an even greater amount of differential pay. It is as if you are forcing me to work harder, to eliminate my accommodations, and then not pay me for it. This is among many policy changes lately that has changed my plan to continue working for Convergys for about twenty years. I plan to write you future letters outlining the oppressive and unfair ways you are treating me as an employee. I no longer feel valued by you. The differential pay should be an additional hourly pay of $0.50 per hour that I work during a evening, Sunday or Saturday. My Team Leader has sent letters to answer my questions. She or I have not received answers. Give my answers. Pay me what you agreed to pay me for working for you.

Date: 12/26/2007 9:45PM EST
Cannot reply to this message
Type: Payroll
Subject: Re: Differential
Andrew - I understand your concerns and frustrations, however HR Direct is not a part of the policy making process. Please contact your local Employee Relations person or Human Resources Office to discuss your concerns. Thank you HR Direct

Monday, December 24, 2007

More Days

On Sunday, 12/23/07, I had my first chance to first find out my schedule for the week beginning next Sunday 12/30/07. It has me off Tuesday 1/1,2,3/08. This causes me much distress. I would much prefer to work these regular work days, and have Friday 1/4/08 and Saturday 1/5/08 off. Management has been begging for Agents to work the days that they assigned me off.

Friday, December 21, 2007

5 Years

"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine" - REM

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Two 2-eye deers with one star idea

Notice that the antlers on one of these these dear deers form a Star of David!

contributed by sibling

Monday, December 17, 2007

Off Days

It bothers me much not to have Friday and Saturday off each week. I have a regimented schedule to do certain tasks every seven days consistently. Also, this encompasses the Sabbath or day of rest, and is not a workday. I can get much more done on a Friday than on a Sunday, since everyone else is working. I also am distressed not to have my two days off consecutively. For this reason, I have programmed my days off as my first priority. My workweek starts with Sunday, and ends with Saturday. Therefore, my preferences, in order of most desired first, are: Friday & Saturday, Thursday & Friday, Wednesday & Thursday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Monday & Tuesday, and Sunday & Monday. So far I have been given my first three choices these past few weeks. This week, it is back to Friday & Saturday, 12/20&21/07.

I just found out, what my schedule is, for next week. Imagine my dismay, finding that I have only Monday and Tuesday off! I do not know why this was done. I was given no explanation. This would mean only working the one regular workday of Sunday, and then having two days off again! Then I might have to work the next nine days in a row! Besides that, many people are not working on this particular Monday and Tuesday, preventing my productivity! These days off dates are December 24 and 25. They are the most lonely and depressing days of the year! I have nothing better to do than to work. I had to trade these two days with two other people’s days off in order to get Thursday and Friday off next week! That is the time I would then need to do my weekly laundry, groceries, postal mail, dishes, refuse, shave, pills, and cleaning!

Thursday, December 06, 2007