Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fish Oil

I have a prescription to take 4 x 1000mg (4g) of fish oil gel-caps per day. This costs me $39.76 for a 30 day supply (120) under the brand name of Lavaza or Omacor. My insurance company saves me $120.23 for this. I purchased a non-prescription (OTC) amount of (200) x 1200mg softgels for $14.00! This saves me $33.46 per month! That saves me $401.52 per year! That is a total savings of $1,844.28 per year! I plan to consult my Cardio center if 3600mg/day is sufficient.

Also they have no fishy aftertaste. FishTaste? This is the phonetic Yiddish word for "Do you understand?

Today, I replaced one of my oak kitchen cabinet doors, that was painted with high gloss oil-based almond paint, with an oak door that was not painted. It was not wanted in another unit in my community. I wish all of the paint on my cabinetry to be removed. I love oak. All of my living room and bedroom furniture are oak.

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