Friday, February 27, 2009

Give it away now.

I allowed The Salvation Army pick up the desk with hutch, & twin bed shown. They also took one of my previous mirror doors similar to what is shown. Today I ordered replacement opaque doors for the guest closet doors shown. They are unaligned, and are mirrors. I plan to sell them for $15. I also plan to sell my unused car and home stereo systems, Sofa, and loveseat. I already sold a 32" stereo TV for $100, that I also don't need. I will have rid myself of all the trash left by my father.

A queen poster bed is planned to move into the guest room. There are also plans to strip the kitchen oak cabinets and antique oak dresser. I plan to purchase a 46" HDTV, entertainment center, replacement sofa, dining room table & stools, curtains for the five windows of the living and dining rooms, and a new computer system. The possibility exists for a dog or cat to move in.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Logo + Laid Off

I have been laid-off after exactly 3.25 years at my employer today. My account was closed today with Convergys. I will be collecting unemployment insurance. Recently, I have been greatly needing paid time off from that job. There is much that I look forward to accomplishing. To the left is my newest logo. What say you?

U.S. employers shed 63,000 jobs in February 2008[34], the most in five years. Click here for my resume.

Fortunoff is now liquidated and defunct as of this day. I knew and worked with the original Fortunoff family members in 1979 on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. It was my first and favorite employment. I also worked at these companies that are out of business: Hoffritz for Cutlery, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., Chemical Bank, Gateway Country, The Wiz, and Circuit City!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

1958 Joneser

The symbol was designed and completed February 21, 1958 (my birthday!) "Recession" has replaced ROCK". The name “Generation Jones” has several connotations, including: a large anonymous generation, and a “Keeping up with the Joneses” competitiveness borne from this generation’s populous birth years. The connotation, however, which is perhaps best known stems from the slang word "jones" or “jonesing”, which means a yearning or craving. Jonesers were the people who as teens in the 1970s made this slang word popular, but beyond this historical claim, many believe the concept of jonesing is among this generation’s key collective personality traits. Jonesers were given huge expectations as children in the optimistic 1960s, and then confronted with a different reality as they came of age in the pessimistic 1970s, leaving them with a certain unrequited, jonesing quality.
Born in 1958: January 1 - Grandmaster Flash, African-American hip-hop/rap DJ January 4 - Matt Frewer, Canadian/American actor (Max Headroom) January 26 - Ellen DeGeneres, American actress and comedian (Ellen) February 16 - Ice-T, African-American singer, songwriter, and actor (Law and Order) February 21 - Andrew Lerner, American blogger (&rew) - Mary Chapin Carpenter, American singer February 26 - Susan Helms, American astronaut March 5 - Andy Gibb, English-born singer (Shadow Dancing) (d. 1988) March 8 - Gary Numan, British singer (Cars) March 10 - Sharon Stone, American actress (Basic Instincts) March 20 - Holly Hunter, American actress March 21 - Gary Oldman, English actor (Air Force One) April 3 - Alec Baldwin, American actor (30 RockApril 21 - Andie MacDowell, American actress April 29 - Michelle Pfeiffer, American actress May 12 - Eric Singer, American rock drummer (Kiss) May 29 - Annette Bening, American actress June 2 - Lex Luger, American professional wrestler June 7 - Prince, African-American musician June 8 - Keenen Ivory Wayans, African-American comedian, actor, and director (In Living Color) June 15 - Wade Boggs, American baseball player July 8 - Kevin Bacon, American actor (Apollo 13) July 20 - Billy Mays, American infomercial salesperson July 31 - Bill Berry, American rock drummer (R.E.M.) August 16 - Madonna, American-born singer, songwriter, and actress (Material Girl) August 16 - Angela Bassett, African-American actress August 17 - Belinda Carlisle, American singer (The Go-Go's) August 24 - Steve Guttenberg, American actor (Police Academy) August 25 - Tim Burton, American film director (The Nightmare Before Christmas) August 29 - Michael Jackson, African-American singer and dancer (The Jackson 5) September 6 - Jeff Foxworthy, American comedian, actor, author (Fifth Grader?) September 6 - Michael Winslow, American comedian, actor, voice actor September 22 - Joan Jett, American musician October 14 - Thomas Dolby, English rock musician (She Blinded Me With Science) October 16 - Tim Robbins, American actor November 22 - Jamie Lee Curtis, American actress (Perfect) December 11 - Nikki Sixx, American rock musician (Mötley Crüe) December 17 - Mike Mills, American rock bassist (R.E.M.) December 31 - Bebe Neuwirth, American actress (Frasier)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Charter 11

Charter Communications will file for bankruptcy
February 12, 2009 — 3:02pm ET By
Pete Wylie
Charter Communications said Thursday it would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection by April 1 and all shareholders' equity will be canceled. All company operations will continue while the company refinances its debt.
Charter subsidiaries missed debt interest payments of $74 million on Jan. 15, prompting Moody's to
downgrade their debt rating and state that the company would likely have to file for Chapter 11 protection.
All debt holders will be compensated fully, and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen will remain the largest voting interest in the company. The company expects savings of $8 billion from the restructuring.
Today is the first day that I am not working for Charter.

DTV Hotline: 1-888-CALLFCC

Beginning February 12, 2009, the FCC Consumer Center’s existing toll free number, 1-888-CALLFCC (1-888-225-5322), will also be routed to a newly created DTV Hotline to provide additional support to the public during the digital TV transition. Consumer calls related to other FCC matters will be directed to the FCC’s existing Consumer Center and calls related to the digital TV transition will be directed to the DTV Hotline. The DTV Hotline is an unprecedented partnership with industry, the NTIA and the FCC, to coordinate DTV-related efforts in order to take advantage of the increased capability of a larger, combined initiative.
On January 16, 2009, the FCC awarded a contract to IBM to provide DTV-related call center support. This award to IBM allows the FCC to handle up to two million agent-assisted calls from February 12 – 21, 2009. IBM’s call center will be combined with the industry’s call center initiative. All consumers interested in information concerning the digital TV transition will be directed to the combined call center (DTV Hotline) for assistance. All partners in this effort have agreed to use a single, nationwide contact number, 1-888-CALLFCC. The activities supporting this call number will be hosted through a common, integrated technical approach. Further, all agents and advisors will be working from the same set of DTV information as they respond to consumer inquiries.

& = And = DNA. On my birthday, February 21, but in 1953 - Francis Crick and James D. Watson discover the structure of the DNA molecule.