Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hidden Village

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The Crossings: Turn into here to find me

Audio books on CD for my 76 daily miles

1. The gifts of the Jews : how a tribe of desert nomads changed the way everyone thinks and feels by Cahill, Thomas.
New York, NY : Simon & Schuster Audio, p1998
2. Spanish on the move [New York, N.Y.] : McGraw-Hill, c2003
3. Dr. Phil getting real by McGraw, Phillip C., 1950- 2048 Call No.: 158.1 Publisher: Carlsbad, CA : Hay House Audio, Pub Date: p2001.
4. The five essential people skills by Dale Carnegie Training. Call No.: CD 158.2 Fiv
Publisher: New York : Simon & Schuster Audio, Pub Date: 2005.
5. How to win friends & influence people by Carnegie, Dale, 1888-1955., MacMillan, Andrew. Call No.: CD 150.13 Car Publisher: New York : Simon and Schuster Audio, Pub Date: 1988.
6. Self matters by McGraw, Phillip C., 1950- 2048 Call No.: CD 158.1 McG
Publisher: New York : Simon & Schuster Audio, Pub Date: p2001.
7. A short history of nearly everything by Bryson, Bill. Call No.: 500
Publisher: New York : Random House audio, Pub Date: p2003.
8. What every man wants in a woman, what every woman wants in a man
by Hagee, John., Hagee, Diana., Charles, J., Burr, Sandra.
Call No.: CD 248.844 Hag
Publisher: Grand Haven, Mich. : Brilliance Audio, Pub Date: p2004.
9. Who moved my cheese? by Johnson, Spencer., Roberts, Tony, 1939-, Blanchard, Kenneth H. Call No.: CD 155.24 Joh Publisher: New York, NY : Simon & Schuster Audio, Pub Date: p1998.
10. Winning with people [discover the people principles that work for you every time] by Maxwell, John C., 1947-, Shepherd, Wayne. Call No.: CD 158.2 Max Publisher: Nashville, TN : Nelson Business,
Pub Date: p2004.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Andrew's WWWeb of Life for Dummies

If you type in a website in the address box of your browser, you will go to that website. You might do this if you are interested in the content of that website. If you refuse to go to a website, it might be that you are not interested in the subject matter, or have a closed mind. If you want information about me, you can go to one of my web sites. Sometimes, you need not type in an address that you want to go to. You can just click on what's called a "hyperlink" or link. It is often underlined and blue.

When one limits themselves into only seeing or learning in a specific way, this can be viewed and being narrow minded. If you need or want something, you might go to where it is, since it may never come to you on its own. Sometimes people will visit you. Sometimes you will go visit them. If they move to a different address, you would no longer go to that address. If you insist that they move back to that address, they may not obey you.

Years ago, before the Internet, you may have used the postal service to exchange letters with people. Today, you may email. Different forms of communication evolve or change in time. People and what they say can still be the same despite this. If I lost my voice, and someone refused to read what I wrote them, and would only be willing to listen to me talk, I would feel that person is not really interested in me, stubborn, insensitive, rigid, and or narrow minded. I view people who only want to listen to me on their terms, not really interested or concerned about me.

If you move your mouse to where my name and address are, at the bottom of my emails, the arrow may turn into a hand. If you left click your mouse, you will soon see only things that I have written or created for you to see. Right now, that, is this Web Log. When you first come to this page. You will see the name of this Web Log, and its mission statement below that. You can scroll down below that, where you will see a short autobiography of the author. Then, as you scroll down more, you will see the usually daily entries, in reverse chronological order. If you click on each of the entries' titles, you will often be brought to another page related to the topic discussed. Currently this will be the case if they are gray, underlined, and turn light brown when you hover your cursor over them. Your cursor or arror may turn into a hand! Sometimes I also include these links embedded in my articles, and will be underlined.

You can always click on the replies link below each story to leave your comments. This link currently takes the form of an icon, that looks live an envelope with a right arrow on it. If you left click on it, you will be able to write me a confidential email, and it will not be publicly displayed. I hope you do so. To the left of my entries in this blog, are the tiles of the most recent postings. You can click on these to go directly to those articles. Then, below that, also to the left, are older postings represented by dates in the archives. Click on those to see previously unread notices just like this one. All of the publishing's, past and current, can and will be updated on a continuous basis, just like this one was. Remember, you must continue to keep scrolling down this very long page to see everything, and every time you visit or refresh. Thank you for reading.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Show Me How To Live

For the first time ever in my life, I wore earplugs that really work. Now I am able to swim better by breathing while I swim, without fear of ear water. For the first time in decades, I used nose clips. Today, more than ever, I enjoyed diving. It was fun, exiting, and made me very happy. I was able to dive without inhibitions of nose water, or people. I therefore was able to dive better than ever!

During this past week, I finally removed the last remaining 5 boxes from my bedroom floor. I also unpacked and put away as many. The rest are in my huge closet, which still has immense room left! I emptied it out of about 12 boxes that were only filled with packing supplies. I put them all in my inside protected storage room off the patio. I am finally listening again to cassette tapes I made 8 years ago, after many years! It’s now a question of filing and organizing documents and booklets in those boxes and or into my filing cabinets. I am finally living for the first time, and getting back to the organization I was at before I met Laurie, and more so!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Renovation Continues

Although I got up early at 7am after 8 hours of 75% sleep, and it did not rain, I did not feel well enough to bike drive today. Instead, I uninstalled a kitchen unit, painted, installed a shelf, and did my laundry. Was this a good substitute for the exercise? My questions are not rhetorical. I look forward to your reply to my questions.

I removed the permanently installed integrated microwave, fan, light unit, which was custom fit into the cabinetry when this condo was built in 1985. I cleaned, spackled, sealed, primed, and painted the exposed alcove area, and the shelf that I installed in its place. I put the microwave I brought with me from West Hempstead and Elmont NY onto the new shelf. Please compare these sensational statistics:

GE: 100lbs, made 7/85
Cabinet: 30"W 17-19"H 14"D
Cavity: 16"W 8"H 11"D

Sharp: 30lbs, made 6/01
Cabinet: 18"W 11.5"H 14.5"D
Cavity: 12.5"W 8.5"H 13"D

Notice how huge and heavy the old one is. The three bulbs were out. The fan barely worked, and the charcoal filter was dirty. It looked like none of these were replaced since 1985. That was typical of the maintenance of this condo in general until I got to work here. The oven was cooking unevenly, and also needed more time to cook food besides. The controls were analogue, and not digital. That is ok, but I found them inconvenient, and not what I am accustomed to. It appears that one-year later, in 1986, when I bought my first microwave, was a dramatic improvement. It is touch pad digital, and a better cabinet to cavity size ratio. Otherwise, it was also a GE with the same features and style as this one! My Sharp is also touch pad digital, but also has a turntable! That is a vast improvement alone.

Should I have replaced the oven? Do you think anyone in this condo development would want it? Should I put an ad up on the bulletin board since all of the units here have the same ovens? My questions are not rhetorical. I look forward to your reply to my questions. I used up the masking tape that Laurie acquired 10/90, taping the screws to the old unit. My first Microwave cost me about $200. That’s $500 in today’s money. My Sharp, on 8/24/02, cost me $50! That was when I was separated from my other one in Queens. I hated leaving the GE installed when I sold the Co-op. I also left the temperature probe, instructions, and so on for the new owner. They were not left for me here with this GE one. That story I never told you about should be called “toaster screws�. I was able to post the Syosset picture with Michael’s help with my scanner! What are your comments on todays story?

Lake Mary

Start address: MCO - Orlando Intl Airport
End address: Lake Mary, FL 32746
Distance: 28 mi (about 40 mins)

1. Head south - go 0.3 mi
2. Bear left at Airport Blvd - go 1.7 mi
3. Take the SR-436 N ramp to Downtown - go 0.2 mi
4. Continue on S Semoran Blvd (436) - go 5.9 mi
5. Bear right into the SR-408-TOLL W entry ramp to Downtown/Orlando - go 0.2 mi
6. Merge into SR-408 W - go 3.7 mi
7. Take exit 11A to Rosalind Ave. - go 0.2 mi
8. Turn left at E South St - go 0.3 mi
9. Continue on W South St - go 0.1 mi
10. Bear right into the I-4 E entry ramp to Daytona Beach - go 15 mi
11. Take exit #98 toward HEATHROW/LAKE MARY. "

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Syosset Theater

I took this photograph on February 24, 1976 with a Kodak Hawkeye box camera. I am a member of Cinema Treasures. This is a link to the the page on the Syosset Movie Palace (click here). This modern palace used to be where exclusive engagements for Long Island were shown before the "150". The parking lot was tremendous It was near Lollipop farm, which is now David Lerner and Associates. After being vacant for years, the Office Depot, which had replaced the theater, was doubled in footprint and stories. Its now a mini-mall palace. The two anchor stores are a Marshal's Mega-store and a Petco, which used to be in Hicksville.
posted by Andrew Lerner on Nov 15, 2003 at 1:33pm

MACY*S Daytona Beach

Dear Andrew, We appreciate you taking the time to submit your applicant profile for: Sales Associate,Full-Time, Housewares, non-comm.. At this time, we are no longer considering you as a candidate for this position. However, your applicant profile will be kept in our database for future consideration should an appropriate position become available. We also encourage you to periodically visit our recruitment site to view new job postings.Thank you for your interest in Macy’s Florida!Sincerely, Susan Macy’s Florida

Health Insurance costs

I am in excellent health. 5/1/05 through 8/31/05 is the period to which the following statement is based on. This is four months, or a third of a year.

Since my COBRA ended 4/31/2005, Health insurance, Doctor visits, medicine, tests, and eyeglasses, have cost me:


11/14/11: My total income for four months is now $5,312.00. I do not have any health insurance. This income includes renting out a room in my 2BR condo.


You can leave comments to each of my postings, by clicking on the tiny envelope icon with arrow, or comments word at the bottom of each of my postings. Then I can read your reaction!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Financial Information Telecommunications

My employment with Teleservices Inc. will start with orientation on 9/2/05. Training week one will be 9/6-10/2005. I will be earning $8.61 per hour, 40 hours weekly by working, the same amount that I have been receiving weekly from NYS UI. My hours will be 8:30am to 5pm. I will be working five days per week, and off on Wednesday and Thursday. Benefits available include: Medical and Dental Insurance, 401k, Discounted Auto and Homeowner's Insurance, Tuition Reimbursement, Short-term and Long-term Disability, Employee Assistance Program, Flexible Spending Accounts, Legal Assistance, Long-term Care Assistance. My location in Daytona Beach offers a service called Telecheck and 411-directory assistance. The Customer Service Representatives that work within these services handle inbound calls only, making no sales or telemarketing calls. I will receive paid training; a generous benefits package, a growth-minded workplace and more!

I will provide inbound telephone support, but may make occasional outbound calls to follow up on a merchant or check writer issue. This includes, but is not limited to authorizations, declines, data entry, paid at stores, supply requests and charge reversals according to departmental guidelines, policies and procedures. Additional responsibilities include assisting management with any existing or new customer service processes that will help the department achieve service level goals. Our mission is to provide high quality and responsive customer service while maintaining a positive, professional, and service-oriented company image.

First Data is a $10 Billion international company, based in Denver. You may not realize it but First Data probably touches your life everyday. When you write a check, use a credit card, order something on-line or ask for directory assistance First Data is the company that makes these transactions happen safely and securely. First Data Corporation business may include: First Data Solutions, PaySys International, First Data Technologies, Inc., Integrated Payment Systems, Inc., First Data Corp., Orlandi Valuta, Payment Services, Inc., Western Union Financial Services, Inc., TeleCheck International, Inc., Teleservices, First Data Resources, Inc., First Data Merchant Services, Inc., TASQ Technologies, ValueLink, Remitco, Call Interactive, and other affiliates or subsidiaries.
Blogger: User Profile: Andrew Lerner

Yahoo! Mail -
Talk and IM with your friends for free
They say talk is cheap. Google thinks it should be free. Google Talk enables you to call or send instant messages to your friends for free–anytime, anywhere in the world. Google Talk offers you:
Choice: Get in touch how and when you want to–over email, IM or a call
Quality: Talk through your computer but hear your friends as if they were in the same room
Convenience: Your Gmail contacts are pre-loaded into Google Talk so inviting or talking to your friends is just a click away
Google Talk requires a Gmail username and password.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

DIRECTIONS: from I-4 & Lake Mary Blvd

DIRECTIONS From Lake Mary Blvd. & I-4
To 943 Bakewell Court, Apt 101, Lake Mary, FL 32746

Using I-4, Take exit #98 toward HEATHROW/LAKE MARY.

(“East� if coming from Orlando)
Turn onto W LAKE MARY BLVD - go 0.2 mi East

(right if from Orlando)
(Macaroni Grill is on the north side. Bob Evans is south)

There will be an UNO pizza across the street to your left.
Turn RIGHT (before Citgo) onto LAKE EMMA RD
(If you see Arbys, Home Depot, Staples, and Target, you have gone too far east)
Go 0.5 mi South on Lake Emma Rd. (two traffic lights)
You will pass K Mart and TooJays Deli on your left, and (a vista outside of your windows, of)
Longhorn Steakhouse on your right.
(My tiny street is across the street on the left, but not accessible by car.)
Turn LEFT on GREENWOOD BLVD (The Crossings) - go 0.1 mi East
Turn LEFT (very first) on PEBBLE CREEK DR (Hidden Village)

Go less than 0.2 mi North
Drive straight, past 2 streets on your left, and then look for “943� on a building to your left, before Bakewell Ct. This is the entrance! It is on Pebble Creek! You have ARRIVED! Please use the “Guest� space. This is at the nearest left South West corner on Pebble Creek, BEFORE Bakewell Court. If you are on Bakewell Court, you have gone too far! (You will see Longhorn Steakhouse in the distance.) You will then have to walk on the street, make a right on Pebble Creek, and walk down to 943 on the right corner. “101� is the right entrance.

Simplified directions: Right, right, left, left.

The picture originally posted here has been removed out of respect to the owner.

Renovation Condo


Carpeting of entire condo: $2938.37,
New appliances & fixtures from Lowes: $1,987.45
Painting of entire condo: $1,415.00,
Installation of Reverse Osmosis and both bathrooms fixtures: $1,283.20 8/04/05 repairing and retiling 2 bath walls, Bill Smith, $449.38
8/04/05 installation of mounding under bar counter, Bill Smith, $35.00
Moving service: 397.60,
Maintenance of my cooling and heating air system: $350.00,
Repair of Kitchen Plumbing on 6/27/05: 181.38
Five new custom beige window blinds from HD (Home Depot): $151.25,
Roommate Internet services: $120.89,
Inspection of air system: $71.50,
Fixtures and Supplies from Home Depot: $32.81,
Fifty beige tiles and miscellaneous hardware from HD: $11.87,
Twenty more beige tiles, custom linen closet shelving, fixtures, and hardware from HD: $60.19, 7/14/05 9 stepping-stones, shelving liner, doormat, air-filter, organizer, Lowes, $53.88
Doormat and duct tape from Target: $12.99,
8/19/05 Drain stopper, Thermometer, wireless chime, 25� net cable, K Mart $34.00
8/13/05 screw eye for locking bike, HD $0.91
8/12/05 hooks for hanging bike, HD, $1.27
7/11/05 wall brackets for linen closet, HD, $2.46
7/18/05 White plastic toilet seat, Lowes, 3.15
8/04/05 Key for roommate, Lowes, $1.33
7/11/05 more wall brackets for linen closet, HD, $2.46
8/04/05 my first tub mat, Target, $9.62
8/22/05 dawn to dusk socket, my first toilet auger, Lowes, $12.79
8/17/05 caulking, HD, $2.19

Bed, dresser, night table, rugs, lamps, bedding, linins, pillow, towels, telephone, clock-radios, dry rack, iron, iron board, chair, snack table, laundry basket, wall hangings, trash pails, shower curtain, computer desk, Television, hygiene set, and mother’s scale from Sister: $00.00,

Making my best home ever, perfect: PRICELESS.

$9,622.94 is the final approximate cost. I originally estimated renovation of this condo to be about $10,000.00. It was accurate. It has been for necessary repairs, maintenance, and health. I saved 10% on both my Lowes, and my last large HD purchase, by using certificates that I received for moving! I have been enjoying using my first and new power driver. My time and energy performed the repairs, maintenance, and installations. A few unknown purchases have lost receipts and or forgotten costs.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Winter Park, age mid twenties, Full Sail and Goldenrod is near by, describes both my niece and someone I have been spending time with lately. He lives and works in Winter Park. That's about thirty minutes from me. I have had dinner with him or with his girlfriend twice. We have visited each other’s homes twice. We have spent days and hours together including bowling. My niece and her husband also live and work in Winter Park. They have visited my first home in Altamonte Springs Florida, two times for a period of about five minutes. My niece visited my condo in Lake Mary for about five minutes. I otherwise met with them briefly for two family gatherings. Most of the people I have spent time with over the years are in their twenties. I am interested in Web design and E-commerce. That is what my niece and her spouse do for a living. I have lived in NY until January 2005, am new to Florida, and have not really had anyone to help acclimate me here. My Sister and Father live about two hours from me. The rest of my family is in the Greater NY area. It has been lonely here without a friend, an employer, or a roommate. During last week, I have found all three. It's interesting how more time has been spent with these three during the past week, than with my closest relatives. I know that I was never interested in spending time with my Uncle, nor he, me. I am not sure if I did anything to alienate them. I apologize for anything inappropriate I may have unintentionally done to them. I am grateful to my niece and her groom, when they were married in June 2005, for inviting my best friend and I to her wedding, and especially to allow me to live in their home while I found my own first home. Many photographs were taken at the wedding, and of us. I am still looking forward to seeing them.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

This is my family in Florida, 2005
(The picture has been removed out of respect to the owner)

Friday, August 19, 2005

943 Bakewell Court 101 Ph: 321-214-9855
Lake Mary, FL 32746-3388

I am an information specialist with over twelve years of diversified retail and information processing experience. I am available for an executive technology marketing position preferably utilizing my extensive human resources and product presentation skills.

Associates in Applied Science Degree
LaGuardia Community College, Computer Programming, Long Island City, NY
Institute For Applied Medical Technology, Pharmacy Technician, New York, NY
Diploma, PSI Institute, Computer Programming, New York, NY


GMR MARKETING, LLC, Bayshore, NY 2004 – 2005
Counselor, Educator
· Oversaw the development and maintenance of product presentation materials
· Advised clients on multiple platforms and was responsible for marketing and distribution efforts
· Managed technology rollouts and was directly responsible for client education sales efforts
· Facilitated monthly sales campaigns resulting in dramatic increases in month over month revenues

DSW SHOE WAREHOUSE, Huntington, NY 2004- 2004
Executive Sales Associate
· Handled Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable information and was responsible for inventory monitoring
· Monitored current market trends and responded accordingly by adjusting product presentations and overall product marketing
· Consistently set the benchmark for sales expectations and achieved leading status amongst my peers due to my efforts

MICRO CENTER, Westbury, NY 2002 – 2003
Executive Technology Sales Advisor
· Administered small business technical solutions for small to medium sized networks and facilitated in their installation and maintenance
· Acted as a personal liaison to small to medium sized business owners in relation to commercial computer solutions and maintained related relationships in order to facilitate future needs

THE WIZ, CABLEVISION SYSTEMS INC., Carle Place, NY 2001 – 2002
Sales Counselor, Computers
I did not leave my bike hanging today. I used it to bike over to WAMU a mile away to deposit my weekly NY UI check. Then I stopped at K-Mart on my way home. When I lock my bike, I am not locking both tires, since I have a spare at home in case it is stolen. However, since I no longer live in G-NY, I dont expect my tire to be stolen. I have that extra security tire from when I purchased a new one for $50 in Elmont. Laurie had broken into my apartment stairway room, and took my old tire. I failed to report this in the police report, so I was out the $50. When I regained possession of my Bellerose home, I found the tire in the closet.

I regret not having gone to K-Mart first to purchase most of the things I have been needing and buying elsewhere for my condo since May. K-Mart is the closest major store to me, blocks away. It has everything that I had needed, in the quality, style and price I wanted. Many items would have been better purchased at K-Mart and or cheaper! Instead of one item, today, I ended up buying all of the last little things that have been accumulating on my pocket/handheld list, plus things I gave up not being able to find weeks ago! I even got the 25 network cable I needed, and it was only $11! I bought and installed today from K-Mart a 30/70/100 bulb, outdoor thermometer, wireless door chime system, and drain cover. I also got tape, my first sharpies purchase and tacks. There is no need to go across the street to Home Depot, or one mile away to Target or Staples.

I made my first purchase of furniture polish, bathroom cleaner and scrub pads the other week. I finally dusted and polished my furniture today. I had not had furniture to polish in decades. I finally cleaned the bath and shower walls yesterday. It is so much easier with that spray and pad, that it’s a pleasure! I got started to late yesterday to bike and or swim yesterday. Just as I was getting my bike down, it was starting to rain. Because of these frequent lightening storms, there is occasionally dirty power, or outages for a few moments or seconds. I am therefore so glad my PC system is finally on a UPC!

I hope I made up for not biking or swimming, by bowling 3 games with Karl last night. It was the first time I bowled in Florida. It was also the first time I bowled in the dark, with UV light, with my favorite music playing, synchronized with a laser light show. I doubt Tiger Woods would want Guns and Roses playing on the green while he is putting. If shades have UV protection, then is that UV light at the alley bad for ones eyes? I regret letting the counter people and Karl influence me to pay $12 for3 games, instead of using my coupon to bowl 2 games for $4. That coupon was the incentive to go there in the first place. I paid for our proceeding dinner a Macaroni Grill with the $50 gift card given to my by Valerie and Linda. We had a great time yesterday. We worked on my resume. He like other people has said that I am way too over-qualified to be earning $8/hour at my age.

The two major burdens, of my time, thought, and energy, for so long, are now finally gone. I finally have someone to share my home, and full time regular employment with all the benefits, starting on 9/15 and 9/2 respectively. Now I better get back to finishing all of the renovation projects and home maintenance chores. My employment with Teleservices Inc. will start with orientation on 9/2/05. I will be earning weekly by working 40 hours, the same amount that I have been receiving weekly from NYS UI. I am so depressed. I no longer receive any emails or telephone calls for roommates, or jobs. My mailbox is now frequently empty. I need telephone calls from friends and family.

Earlier this week, Debbie, my Cashier at Publix, recommended I attend Meet the Managers day Thursday 8/18/05. When I got home, I realized the tremendous opportunity it would be to go, since I applied for employment there the other week. However, since I already have all I want in a job starting 9/2, I did not attend. I regret that somewhat. I WILL NO LONGER BE WORKING IN RETAIL! I have been there since 1992! I regret sleeping through the HOA meeting on Wednesday 8/17. I wanted to talk about my hot air exhaust issue.

I lost my most favorite eyeglasses ever. I wore them for years. I am very sad. Having to change spectacles all the time is ridiculous. I wish I had purchased Transitions in the first place. It would have avoided purchasing lenses and frames two extra times! I have not told you about the microwave installation story yet. Although it has been a tremendous loss these past three years loosing or leaving my job, wife, Mother, dog, belongings, and home, life for me in many ways has become much easier, more efficient, and productive. However, I still painfully morn parting from Cathy, the best friend I ever had. Life without her is not as wonderful.
The End is Here

What will the future bring for Brenda, Claire, Ruth, David, Keith, Rico and the rest of the extended Fisher family? Prepare yourself for one, final, gripping and unpredictable episode of the show critics have called "the best drama ever on television"--written and directed by series creator Alan Ball. And tune in just before the episode for the second part of the retrospective Six Feet Under 2001-2005, with cast and crew interviews and memorable clips from the series' remarkable run. Sunday, August 21, beginning at 8PM!

This is Hidden Springs in Lake Mary Florida
When I was sleeping:

8/19/05: 12am - 3am, 6-11:45am
8/18/05: 6am? to 11:45am?
8/17/05: 12am - 12pm, 5:30 - 8:30

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I lost a pair of my prescription spectacles again. Three months ago, I purchased my first pair of Prescription shades for $188. I loose them soon after. One month later, I purchase a new pair for $150. I put my telephone number and reward on them. Today, I loose my favorite designer pair of platinum eye frames! Fortunately, They were in my optics case that had a sticker with my phone number and “$75 reward�. I am now using my larger older pair of gold and silver ones that I have not worn in years. They work fine, are not as scratched, but are not as stylish. These are the ones I was planning to make bi-focal with my newest prescription used in my shades. I now again plan to get transitions lenses. Although they don’t offer as much protection, I will less likely loose them. Unless my vision insurance with my new employer will cover them in September, I plan to pay out of pocket to prevent further losses. I may wait for coverage as far as bifocals.

Monday, August 15, 2005

8/15/05 was the 5th step in this long tedious grueling exhausting process...testing and another interview, this time in Daytona Beach FL. TEST RESULTS: 28 WPM typing, 76% spelling, 98% listening. 15, 50,70 each respectively were required for passing tests. I accepted a formal offer for full time employment with many excellent benefits. Step 6 and 7 is a huge amount of paper work, and a drug test. If all goes well, Step 8 orientation is 9/2/05, and training (Step 9) starts 9/6/05. Then I will become a 0 (zero) (Operator). Zero (0) is for Operator.

8/15/05, I will be employed 8/15/05, I accepted $800 in cash and signed Rental and Roommate agreements. Both situations will start September 2005. I will have health, dental, vision, and other insurance and benefits. This employment has required more work and time to apply for, has more benefits, and is furthest away from home, than any employment(38 miles) I have had in my life! I will also have the fringe benefit of earning an hourly wage in addition to all the benefits. Maybe I will rent out my bedroom, and find a roommate in Daytona Beach to live with. I will be the only employed member of my nuclear family. An estimate of eight hours of my time of unpaid work was used to apply for my employment position. It will be my first full time regular (permanent or indefinite) employment since 10/31/03! My COBRA ended 4/31/05. I have zero health insurance. The room goes to Michael of NY, NY and Germany 9/15/05 as of 8/15/05. Sunday 8/21/05 is the last episode of 6’ Under. I am very sad. After that is viewed, I will have HBO disconnected, and stop watching all TV indefinitely.