Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I lost a pair of my prescription spectacles again. Three months ago, I purchased my first pair of Prescription shades for $188. I loose them soon after. One month later, I purchase a new pair for $150. I put my telephone number and reward on them. Today, I loose my favorite designer pair of platinum eye frames! Fortunately, They were in my optics case that had a sticker with my phone number and “$75 reward�. I am now using my larger older pair of gold and silver ones that I have not worn in years. They work fine, are not as scratched, but are not as stylish. These are the ones I was planning to make bi-focal with my newest prescription used in my shades. I now again plan to get transitions lenses. Although they don’t offer as much protection, I will less likely loose them. Unless my vision insurance with my new employer will cover them in September, I plan to pay out of pocket to prevent further losses. I may wait for coverage as far as bifocals.

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