Friday, August 26, 2005

Renovation Continues

Although I got up early at 7am after 8 hours of 75% sleep, and it did not rain, I did not feel well enough to bike drive today. Instead, I uninstalled a kitchen unit, painted, installed a shelf, and did my laundry. Was this a good substitute for the exercise? My questions are not rhetorical. I look forward to your reply to my questions.

I removed the permanently installed integrated microwave, fan, light unit, which was custom fit into the cabinetry when this condo was built in 1985. I cleaned, spackled, sealed, primed, and painted the exposed alcove area, and the shelf that I installed in its place. I put the microwave I brought with me from West Hempstead and Elmont NY onto the new shelf. Please compare these sensational statistics:

GE: 100lbs, made 7/85
Cabinet: 30"W 17-19"H 14"D
Cavity: 16"W 8"H 11"D

Sharp: 30lbs, made 6/01
Cabinet: 18"W 11.5"H 14.5"D
Cavity: 12.5"W 8.5"H 13"D

Notice how huge and heavy the old one is. The three bulbs were out. The fan barely worked, and the charcoal filter was dirty. It looked like none of these were replaced since 1985. That was typical of the maintenance of this condo in general until I got to work here. The oven was cooking unevenly, and also needed more time to cook food besides. The controls were analogue, and not digital. That is ok, but I found them inconvenient, and not what I am accustomed to. It appears that one-year later, in 1986, when I bought my first microwave, was a dramatic improvement. It is touch pad digital, and a better cabinet to cavity size ratio. Otherwise, it was also a GE with the same features and style as this one! My Sharp is also touch pad digital, but also has a turntable! That is a vast improvement alone.

Should I have replaced the oven? Do you think anyone in this condo development would want it? Should I put an ad up on the bulletin board since all of the units here have the same ovens? My questions are not rhetorical. I look forward to your reply to my questions. I used up the masking tape that Laurie acquired 10/90, taping the screws to the old unit. My first Microwave cost me about $200. That’s $500 in today’s money. My Sharp, on 8/24/02, cost me $50! That was when I was separated from my other one in Queens. I hated leaving the GE installed when I sold the Co-op. I also left the temperature probe, instructions, and so on for the new owner. They were not left for me here with this GE one. That story I never told you about should be called “toaster screws�. I was able to post the Syosset picture with Michael’s help with my scanner! What are your comments on todays story?

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