Friday, August 19, 2005

I did not leave my bike hanging today. I used it to bike over to WAMU a mile away to deposit my weekly NY UI check. Then I stopped at K-Mart on my way home. When I lock my bike, I am not locking both tires, since I have a spare at home in case it is stolen. However, since I no longer live in G-NY, I dont expect my tire to be stolen. I have that extra security tire from when I purchased a new one for $50 in Elmont. Laurie had broken into my apartment stairway room, and took my old tire. I failed to report this in the police report, so I was out the $50. When I regained possession of my Bellerose home, I found the tire in the closet.

I regret not having gone to K-Mart first to purchase most of the things I have been needing and buying elsewhere for my condo since May. K-Mart is the closest major store to me, blocks away. It has everything that I had needed, in the quality, style and price I wanted. Many items would have been better purchased at K-Mart and or cheaper! Instead of one item, today, I ended up buying all of the last little things that have been accumulating on my pocket/handheld list, plus things I gave up not being able to find weeks ago! I even got the 25 network cable I needed, and it was only $11! I bought and installed today from K-Mart a 30/70/100 bulb, outdoor thermometer, wireless door chime system, and drain cover. I also got tape, my first sharpies purchase and tacks. There is no need to go across the street to Home Depot, or one mile away to Target or Staples.

I made my first purchase of furniture polish, bathroom cleaner and scrub pads the other week. I finally dusted and polished my furniture today. I had not had furniture to polish in decades. I finally cleaned the bath and shower walls yesterday. It is so much easier with that spray and pad, that it̢۪s a pleasure! I got started to late yesterday to bike and or swim yesterday. Just as I was getting my bike down, it was starting to rain. Because of these frequent lightening storms, there is occasionally dirty power, or outages for a few moments or seconds. I am therefore so glad my PC system is finally on a UPC!

I hope I made up for not biking or swimming, by bowling 3 games with Karl last night. It was the first time I bowled in Florida. It was also the first time I bowled in the dark, with UV light, with my favorite music playing, synchronized with a laser light show. I doubt Tiger Woods would want Guns and Roses playing on the green while he is putting. If shades have UV protection, then is that UV light at the alley bad for ones eyes? I regret letting the counter people and Karl influence me to pay $12 for3 games, instead of using my coupon to bowl 2 games for $4. That coupon was the incentive to go there in the first place. I paid for our proceeding dinner a Macaroni Grill with the $50 gift card given to my by Valerie and Linda. We had a great time yesterday. We worked on my resume. He like other people has said that I am way too over-qualified to be earning $8/hour at my age.

The two major burdens, of my time, thought, and energy, for so long, are now finally gone. I finally have someone to share my home, and full time regular employment with all the benefits, starting on 9/15 and 9/2 respectively. Now I better get back to finishing all of the renovation projects and home maintenance chores. My employment with Teleservices Inc. will start with orientation on 9/2/05. I will be earning weekly by working 40 hours, the same amount that I have been receiving weekly from NYS UI. I am so depressed. I no longer receive any emails or telephone calls for roommates, or jobs. My mailbox is now frequently empty. I need telephone calls from friends and family.

Earlier this week, Debbie, my Cashier at Publix, recommended I attend Meet the Managers day Thursday 8/18/05. When I got home, I realized the tremendous opportunity it would be to go, since I applied for employment there the other week. However, since I already have all I want in a job starting 9/2, I did not attend. I regret that somewhat. I WILL NO LONGER BE WORKING IN RETAIL! I have been there since 1992! I regret sleeping through the HOA meeting on Wednesday 8/17. I wanted to talk about my hot air exhaust issue.

I lost my most favorite eyeglasses ever. I wore them for years. I am very sad. Having to change spectacles all the time is ridiculous. I wish I had purchased Transitions in the first place. It would have avoided purchasing lenses and frames two extra times! I have not told you about the microwave installation story yet. Although it has been a tremendous loss these past three years loosing or leaving my job, wife, Mother, dog, belongings, and home, life for me in many ways has become much easier, more efficient, and productive. However, I still painfully morn parting from Cathy, the best friend I ever had. Life without her is not as wonderful.

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