Tuesday, June 08, 2010

ALtERNativE Reasoning

Andrew Irving Lerner (1958 to present) was born in Roslyn, Long Island*, New York, U.S.A. On February 21, 1958, the peace sign was also born. Father Bert was a CPA IRS Agent, born in 1915, in a Jewish Ghetto, technically part of Poland. Mother Edith was born in 1918, in The Bronx, in NYC. Her Father was a Journalist from Lithuania, and her mother, a Registered Nurse from Hungary. I lived in *Syosset, also a town in Nassau County, until 1977. The first schools attended were Alice P. Willits, Midway Jewish Center, and Harry B. Thompson. I was Bar-Mitzvah, and Best Man at my brother’s wedding, in 1971. 1976 is the year graduated from Syosset High School.

I had a very difficult lonely life socially, emotionally, and academically. I was not diagnosed as being Autistic until 2006. Most influence and education in my life is credited to the media, and my Brother Richard. His interests included The Beatles, Star Trek, and politics. Since a little boy, my interests have been in communication, Science, Advertising art and design. I completed a 675 hour course in Computer Programming on 9/11/81. Colleges attended, were S.U.N.Y. @ Farmingdale, and Borough of Manhattan C. C. I Graduated from Fiorello H. LaGuardia C. C. of C.U.N.Y. in 1987. I earned an A.A.S. in Computer Information systems. Odie Zephron was a Whippet/Sheppard mix, adopted in 1987. Marriage was to Laurie Neil Vaiana, via the Star Trek Fan club, on 7/18/92. Richard was Best Man.

I was living in Queens since John Lennon’s death on 12/7/1979. I worked at Fortunoff* and Hoffritz for Cutlery (defunct). I purchased 2 cooperative apartments. The first was a 2.5 room studio in Rego Park in 1986. The second, in 1992, was a 3.5 room in Bellerose with Laurie and Odie. After renting out my former home to problem tenants a few years, I sold my shares, to instead own one home free and clear.

Jobs included Computer Operations Clerk, Driving Instructor, Bank Teller, Cashier, Pizza delivery, and Retail Counselor. Longest employers of 2-3 years included Manufacturers Hanover Bank, Bed Bath, & Beyond, and Circuit City*. I purchased my first brand new car, 1999 Escort. I resigned these 2 jobs to work at Gateway* and The Wiz*, who closed their stores within two years. He missed his last day at The Wiz, flying to Florida. Mother died days later on 9/19/2002. This was during my separation (divorced 5/9/03). I brought Odie to die on 6/3/04 with Richard. A buyer for the one-B.R. was found at the end of 2004. The losses of these three, once-greatest friends, jobs, & leaving NY, provided great empowerment & relief. I started www.andrewlerner.blogspot.com.

On 01/05/05, I sold my only home, and drove to Florida near Orlando. My current two-bedroom, two-bath condominium in Lake Mary, was purchased in cash, on 5/31/05. The second bedroom was rented out during my longest employer, at a call center one mile away. During that time, I was empowered by finding my Aspie identity. I am now pursuing my 35 year interest in Graphic Design. On 12/01/08 my nemesis father, and greatest economic benefactor, died alone near my sister in Florida. “I met my last Roommate, the previous month, from Craigs-List and Convergys. After 3.5 years, I was laid off from Convergys on 02/23/09. *Fortunoff and Circuit City close during this time.

I continue to receive Unemployment benefits. I am further taking advantage of the Stimulus bill, Pell Grant and inheritance. I replaced with brand new, the following: my furniture, refrigerator, wardrobe, 2010 RAV4, added 2 PCs, 3HDs, Colbert Cat, joined gym, + hired personal trainer. I have found LOVE in FLOrida, and also by adding a _VE below FL. I married my Roommate on 02/02/10. Richard was the only non-Floridian to attend our wedding.

I am currently in college towards a Bachelors degree, to pursue my first career. 56 jobs at age 52 is too much. This is also due to the persecution, discrimination, and intolerance suffered throughout life, due to Asperger’s Syndrome. I have never felt so secure and confident, and had as many good friends, as I do now. Ironically, Convergys continues to provide me money, insurance, and my best friends. My wife was released from Convergys 6/4/10.

My name is in, and I use, “A.LtERNativE Reasoning.” (alternative reasoning) Being AutiStic, I ASPIrE to LeArn the fundamentals, that Neuro-Typical people ASsume known. My interaction is not like YOU THINK. Help keep A in Lerner. I am not an Alien SPecIEs. LeArner is Fitting in and standing out. AS an Aspie, I have a unique perspective, and am A LERNER different

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