Sunday, June 06, 2010

Publix Lays Watermelon for a Black Farmer

During the past two weeks, I have seen a display at my Lake Mary Publix. It had a poster, showing a black potato Farmer. The text quoted him as stating how he is proud to be a Florida Potato farmer for Lays' potato chips. There was a display of Lays potato chip bags. Each bag had a coupon taped to it. Each stated that if you purchase two bags of Lays chips, that you would get a free Publix watermelon. The watermelons were stacked up on a display facing that display. Please click each picture to see an enlargement. Click title for the trade website on the promotion. What say you? Click comment below on my blog to comment. 6/12/10 Update: Cantaloupe has replaced Watermelon.

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Keep it going my brother