Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gulf Gusher to cause Quake & Tsunamis

With the breaking of the floor of the Gulf with maybe magma to come, the Hurricane season & what will pour down, consider the New Madrid fault. The US become 2 land masses along the Mississippi River. "As the Great Lakes, at ... 600 feet above sea level, rushes down the Mississippi River, at least 50 miles on each side, the 600 foot wave will destroy much of America, right down the middle. All due to the Gulf oil gusher event. After the oil dumps billions of gallons of oil, then the ice cold water will enter the crevice. This is down where it is 400 degrees, and cause an explosion. Then tsunami waves, will wipe out the Gulf States, including Florida. This would trigger the Madrid fault-line, and an earthquake will create a crevice. Chicago and Saint Louis, and all the other cities are in its path. There will be no time to evacuate, and it will be impossible to try to outrun the rushing water from the TWO catastrophes. The southern portions of Carolina, Georgia will disappear. The waters of the Great Lakes will empty into the Gulf of Mexico. Another earthquake along the New Madrid fault could cause a tsunami-like flood that would devastate the cities along the Mississippi River. Edgar Cayce actually prophesied a two-stage Midwest flood in which the Great Lakes would overflow into the Mississippi and a great watery divide would split the USA down the middle. The Mississippi River would then become the Great Midwest Strait...

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