Monday, October 17, 2011

Slander and other stories

This agenda is for the Wednesday 10/19/11 meeting of Hidden Village Condo. Association. It includes a proposal to shut down the website posted below. The only reason given is that the President does not like the person who created and maintains it at no charge for the Association. The "" sign by the entrance, was already removed without warning.

The latest slander against me: I called someone who posted their apt. for rent on the bulletin board. I left a message asking why she had not posted on the Condo website. I wanted to know if there was a problem. She said that she tried the website, but that the request was never answered. I gave her my direct personal email address, and also put another address on the website to avoid that forwarding problem, again. She thought she did something wrong with by posting on the board. I assured her three times, that she did nothing wrong, and thanked her for contacting me. She said she would email me before the end of the month (3 days of Sept.) My wife, who is a board member, forwarded this email to me from the President of the board to the management company for the next meeting: "Agenda Item: Shutting down the website. We apparently have a new problem dealing with Mr. Lerner. My understanding is an owner who wants to rent their unit put their notice & phone number on the bulletin board. It is further my understanding that Mr. Lerner obtained the number contacted this lady and advised her she couldn’t post to the public bulletin board and that it had to be posted on the we
bsite. The term being used is that he harassed her to place the notice on the website. This lady apparently advised Juan about this after Mr. Lerner’s phone call to her. Obviously, other board members are not at all happy about this. Please have this on the agenda for the next meeting."

I was peeking inside the new old-fashioned Barber-Shop here in Lake Mary, Florida today. The barbers by the pool table were waving for me to come in. I took off my hat to show my bald head. They started laughing.

To all the people who can't read this because they are not on Face-Book: Face to face, face news, face TV, face telephone, face VCRs, face microwave ovens, face the Internet, face DVRs, face smart phones, Face life, FaceBook. Face it, FaceBook is being able to come home again and face your life.

I received a current Wendy's advertisement in my postal mail box. It has a picture of Dave Thomas, when he was alive many years ago. It stated that Dave is introducing a new sandwich. Does this sound Kosher?

I went to the bank today, and then discovered that they are Italian, and not open today due to Columbus.

I have been planting the many cactus petals that have been wacked or run over by the landscapers the past weeks from Elanor cactus.

My sugar and cream drink is so yummy when I flavor it with fresh brewed coffee!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Hidden Village FaceBook page

I have claimed and developed the FaceBook page for HiddenVillage. I now am the administrator to Syosset, Syosset2Florida, AndrewILerner, and HiddenVillage. Please go to