Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Clockwork Orange Day

You will have an extra hour that day to work on your clocks. 11/7/10 is clockwork day. You experience one whole hour twice. After 1:59am daylight savings time, it will be 1am standard time! I created this artwork during October 2003, for display in my window every 10/31 since then. It is usually on or near this date, that there is clockwork to do. This could give an hour sooner of darkness, which is appropriate in celebration of the scary holiday.

It is Orange day on Sunday 10/31/10. Orange is the popular color for the Halloween holiday, and the color of pumpkins. I superimposed a clock over a pumpkin. This represents two events. Since the clockwork is on something orange, it also implies the name of a motion picture.

There are many parallels of commonalities of both this holiday, and the movie titled A Clockwork Orange. One similarity of the two subjects is the doorbell. In both, the doorbell warns of scary monsters capable of doing evil heinous terrifying crimes. In both, the goblins wore costumes and cosmetics. In the movie, there was a strict policy not to answer the doorbell so as to avoid any criminal perpetrators. The door was opened, not knowing of the monsters and horror and terror to greet them. On the holiday, there is a policy to instead frequently open the door. Instead, it is expected to see goblins and monsters at the door.

Notice, that in the movie, all of the victims were wearing orange. In my home, I have a strict no-answer doorbell policy. This sign I put in the window, may scare people. That is what this holiday is all about. By this posted sign, I am warning people to go away. I will not answer the door. To me, children are monsters, and I want them to stay away from me. I dread this holiday, and want it to go away.

I do keep an orange lava lamp in my window. It goes on at dusk. The Artist to the left or above, is Brian Warner. I enjoy his songs, specifically Beautiful People and Sweet Dreams. His stage name is Marilyn Manson.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

College project.

I modified the one below, drawn by Jennifer Jones

Bike Missing

We miss our Bike. Woman's teal Mountain. RoadMaster Mt. Fury. 943 Bakewell Ct. Please come home.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ass Burger

People with Asperger's Syndrome only see the cleverness of this picture. This might only be after they struggle to see the big picture: A woman, whose "Ass" has a "Burger" in it. Your emotional reaction of humor, excitement, nausea, offense or appropriateness does not concern the Aspie. It is just a Yummy way to remember "Asperger's". It also helps clarify the Aspie's understanding the dual use of the word "buns". At first glance, this only looks like a "big ass" burger! Did you laugh your ass off? This picture helps me aspire to replace the burger with a pie with Photo-Shop. What will that be called?

7/23/11: On this date, a shop I created of the same name and picture, was removed. Under the picture was The phrase "Asperger Syndrome" beneath that was the phrase ALtERNativE Reasoning." The shop description read as follows: This store uses Tasty mnemonic pictures and phrases to bring awareness to Asperger Syndrome and Aspies. It may be AS PIzza PIE, or AS  burger between two buns. An Aspie uses alternative reasoning, and a learner is inside. People with Asperger's Syndrome only see the cleverness of this picture. This might only be after they struggle to see the big picture: A woman, whose "Ass" has a "Burger" in it. It was the idea of A Lerner to use the picture in this way, and to use his slogan of ALtERNative Reasoning. Each merchandise description said "A tasty way to remember ASperger Syndrome with buns and burger. This and Aspies use ALtERNativE Reasoning. A learner is inside."

For misinformation on Ass-Burger syndrome, click here.

Friday, October 01, 2010

10-01-10 Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is shown at left. He is a Jewish Atheist who has Aspie traits, and grew up in a NYC suburb. I share these facts, except I am an Agnostic Aspie. My Facebook profile page says: Agnositic: The pursuit of knowledge for the sake of knowing. FaceBook is a very powerful and wonderful tool which I embrace wholeheartedly. I consider it the greatest invention since The Internet, in 1958.

What could possibly be next for a website that was created in a Harvard dorm room six years ago? Try a Hollywood film, "The Social Network," that opens nationally on Friday and is already prompting discussion of Academy Awards.

Many of the film's details are contested. But the very notion that average moviegoers will go to a film built around the history of a tech company underscores the extent to which Facebook has become a cultural mainstay.

"Facebook is more than just a geek phenomenon. It's very mainstream," said Dave McClure, a former executive at Web payment company PayPal and now an investor in tech start-ups.

The world's largest social network, Facebook allows people to connect with their real-world friends and acquaintances online and do everything from sharing baby photos and personal news to playing electronic versions of Scrabble.

Grandmothers, politicians and rock stars are among the more than 500 million people using the service worldwide. That helped it surpass Google Inc as the website on which Americans spend the most time every month.

Facebook taps into a basic need that people have to connect with each other, said David Weinberger, a researcher at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

"Humans are an innately social species," said Weinberger. "We flock to social networking sites as it if was natural, because it is natural."

Under the direction of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's 26-year-old co-founder, the company has grown from a service available only to college students into a Web powerhouse, navigating a series of sticky privacy issues along the way.

It has become so big and popular, say industry analysts, that it poses a financial threat to established Internet businesses like Google and Yahoo Inc.

Still privately held, the company will not sell stock to the public any sooner than 2012, Facebook board member Peter Thiel said recently. A brisk market in private shares of Facebook already exists, with the company valued at more than $30 billion, according to recent trades on Sharespost, one such secondary market.

Thiel believes the new movie -- which he said "contains a lot of inaccuracies and petty lies and distortions" -- will nonetheless add to Facebook's influence.

"It is actually going to encourage young Americans to move to Silicon Valley and to try to start great new companies. So I think the movie will do a lot more good than evil," he said.

(Reporting by Alexei Oreskovic; Editing by Paul Thomasch and Peter Cooney)