Friday, November 11, 2011


With contenders like Cain and Perry, Romney need not take his mitts off.
Neither Cain or Perry can remember very well. They are both toast.
I drove Andy Rooney from Grand Central Station to CBS news on West 57th Street.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Black Man Monday

Monday was a bad day for the black man:
Herman Cain: A victim comes forward.
Dr. Conrad Murray: Guilty of Michael Jackson's death.
Joe Frazier: Lost his fight to cancer, and died.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Slander and other stories

This agenda is for the Wednesday 10/19/11 meeting of Hidden Village Condo. Association. It includes a proposal to shut down the website posted below. The only reason given is that the President does not like the person who created and maintains it at no charge for the Association. The "" sign by the entrance, was already removed without warning.

The latest slander against me: I called someone who posted their apt. for rent on the bulletin board. I left a message asking why she had not posted on the Condo website. I wanted to know if there was a problem. She said that she tried the website, but that the request was never answered. I gave her my direct personal email address, and also put another address on the website to avoid that forwarding problem, again. She thought she did something wrong with by posting on the board. I assured her three times, that she did nothing wrong, and thanked her for contacting me. She said she would email me before the end of the month (3 days of Sept.) My wife, who is a board member, forwarded this email to me from the President of the board to the management company for the next meeting: "Agenda Item: Shutting down the website. We apparently have a new problem dealing with Mr. Lerner. My understanding is an owner who wants to rent their unit put their notice & phone number on the bulletin board. It is further my understanding that Mr. Lerner obtained the number contacted this lady and advised her she couldn’t post to the public bulletin board and that it had to be posted on the we
bsite. The term being used is that he harassed her to place the notice on the website. This lady apparently advised Juan about this after Mr. Lerner’s phone call to her. Obviously, other board members are not at all happy about this. Please have this on the agenda for the next meeting."

I was peeking inside the new old-fashioned Barber-Shop here in Lake Mary, Florida today. The barbers by the pool table were waving for me to come in. I took off my hat to show my bald head. They started laughing.

To all the people who can't read this because they are not on Face-Book: Face to face, face news, face TV, face telephone, face VCRs, face microwave ovens, face the Internet, face DVRs, face smart phones, Face life, FaceBook. Face it, FaceBook is being able to come home again and face your life.

I received a current Wendy's advertisement in my postal mail box. It has a picture of Dave Thomas, when he was alive many years ago. It stated that Dave is introducing a new sandwich. Does this sound Kosher?

I went to the bank today, and then discovered that they are Italian, and not open today due to Columbus.

I have been planting the many cactus petals that have been wacked or run over by the landscapers the past weeks from Elanor cactus.

My sugar and cream drink is so yummy when I flavor it with fresh brewed coffee!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Hidden Village FaceBook page

I have claimed and developed the FaceBook page for HiddenVillage. I now am the administrator to Syosset, Syosset2Florida, AndrewILerner, and HiddenVillage. Please go to

Sunday, September 25, 2011

37 Roberta Lane, Syosset, NY 11791


Friday, September 23, 2011

Asparagus Burger recipe

Ingredients    (Serves 4-6)
8 cloves garlic
12 oz. fresh asparagus
1 tablespoon dry basil
1 tablespoon dry parsley
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon black pepper
1/3 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
1/3 cup freshly grated Pecorino Romano cheese
1 cup bread crumbs (unseasoned)
1 large egg
2-3 tablespoons lightly flavored oil  (olive oil or grape seed oil)
Roughly chop and dice the garlic. Remove the woody stems off of the base of the asparagus. Chop the rest of the asparagus into ½ in. pieces.
In large stockpot or deep dish, boil the cut asparagus in enough water to cover, about 12-15 minutes.
Meanwhile, combine the garlic and all the seasonings and cheese in a large mixing bowl.
When the asparagus is done, drain it and allow to cool. Once cooled, add it to the mixing bowl and then add the egg.
Using your hands, mix and squeeze the asparagus into the eggs, bread crumbs and other ingredients. Shape into patties.
In a large sauté pan, heat the oil. Once it is hot, add the patties but do not crowd the pan. If you don’t have enough space, do the frying in two batches.
Fry on each side for about 3-4 minutes or until very brown on each side. Do not turn more than once on each side.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aspiritech is a company that hires Aspies!

By CARLA K. JOHNSON - AP Medical Writer
HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. (AP) — The software testers at Aspiritech are a collection of characters. Katie Levin talks nonstop. Brian Tozzo hates driving. Jamie Specht is bothered by bright lights, vacuum cleaners and the feel of carpeting against her skin. Rider Hallenstein draws cartoons of himself as a DeLorean sports car. Rick Alexander finds it unnerving to sit near other people.
This is the unusual workforce of a U.S. startup that specializes in finding software bugs by harnessing the talents of young adults with autism.
Traits that make great software testers — intense focus, comfort with repetition, memory for detail — also happen to be characteristics of autism. People with Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism, have normal to high intelligence and often are highly skilled with computers.
Aspiritech, a nonprofit in Highland Park, Ill., nurtures these skills while forgiving the quirks that can make adults with autism unemployable: social awkwardness, poor eye contact, being easily overwhelmed. The company's name plays on the words "Asperger's," ''spirit" and "technology."
Clients, nine companies in Aspiritech's first two years, have been pleased.
"They exceeded my expectations," said Dan Tedesco of Shelton, Conn.-based HandHold Adaptive, which took a chance on Aspiritech to test an iPhone application. "There is a pride in their product you don't usually see in this type of work."
Aspiritech was founded by Moshe and Brenda Weitzberg after their son, Oran, now 32, was fired from a job bagging groceries. Oran was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when he was 14. He now works at Aspiritech.
"He went from failing at bagging groceries to being one of the best software testers on our team," said Brenda Weitzberg.
The Weitzbergs modeled Aspiritech on a successful Danish company called Specialisterne, or "the Specialists." Specialisterne also employs software testers with autism. Its satisfied clients include Oracle and Microsoft.
Other companies in Belgium, Japan and Israel are either hiring or training adults with autism as software testers.
This year, Aspiritech projects $120,000 in revenue, with 60 percent coming from donations and 40 percent from clients. The Weitzbergs hope to raise the client revenue to 50 percent next year.
"There have been a couple of attempts in the U.S. and Aspiritech is the one that's making it," said Scott Standifer of the University of Missouri's Disability Policy and Studies office and the organizer of a national conference on adults with autism and employment.
The exact unemployment rate for adults with autism is unknown, but it's thought to be high, Standifer said.
"We don't know how many adults have autism and, because of that, we don't know their rate of unemployment," he said. "We do know from tracking adults just emerging from high school that they are having great difficulty finding jobs."
A 2009 U.S. Department of Education survey found the employment rate for young adults with autism was on par with that for deaf-and-blind young adults, and well below the rate of those with blindness alone or learning disabilities or traumatic brain injuries, Standifer said.
Since Asperger's syndrome didn't become a standard diagnosis until the early 1990s, many of Aspiritech's software testers were adults when they first learned they were on the autism spectrum. They are pioneers, the first generation of adults with Asperger's.
Katie Levin, 35, was diagnosed in her late 20s with Asperger's. As a child, she'd been labeled as mentally ill.
"Asperger's is not a mental illness," she said. "I definitely feel like I identify with the Asperger's community more than I did with the mental illness community." She tests software and runs Aspiritech's Facebook page and Twitter feed.
Rick Alexander, 24, another tester, has a degree in computer science from the Illinois Institute of Technology and completed an internship developing software for the city of Chicago.
"I have a lot of social anxiety. I don't like meeting new people," said Alexander, who was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome as a teenager. Like many of the other testers, he lives with his parents.
He'd rather be a software developer than a tester, he said. But selling himself in a job interview is "very difficult for me."
"When you're a child, the school is very concerned with you, the state is very concerned with you," Alexander said. Organizations help adults with autism, he said, but "you need to approach them and for somebody with Asperger's syndrome, it's very difficult to do the approaching."
Most research dollars have gone toward studying children with autism while adults have been neglected, said Molly Losh, an autism researcher at Northwestern University.
"Our vocational structure really isn't suited to funnel people with autism into the workforce," Losh said. Aspiritech "is a magnificent and innovative venture," she said.
Many businesses hire offshore companies to test software. Mike Mestemaker, director of engineering for Schaumburg, Ill.-based ISI Telemanagement Solutions, chose Aspiritech because it offered competitive rates but was based in the United States.
"They dove right in and worked very quickly," Mestemaker said. "They were very detail-oriented people. They really got the job done."
ISI was happy with the work and has hired Aspiritech for a second project, he said.
Aspiritech provides meaningful work (pay is $12 to $15 an hour) in a relaxed environment where bosses never yell if you're late and nobody minds if you need to be alone for a while. What's more, the company is building social skills. The software testers, who are in their 20s and 30s, are trained to work together and they take part in organized outings: miniature golf, bowling, eating at a restaurant.
"We want to improve social skills among people who tend to be socially isolated," said Marc Lazar, Aspiritech's autism specialist. For many of them, software testing is not going to be their lifelong career, Lazar said, "but while they're here they're going to improve their job skills and they're going to learn what kind of behavior is expected on the job and they're going to have more to put on their resumes."

Monday, September 19, 2011

Syosset and Aspie Friends

I have been cleansing my Face-Book friends list of those whom I do not regularly interact with or who show lack of respect. If they can read this, then they were probably not "de-friended." I value you! Patricia Caplan, Chantri Waddoups, Sharon Tanzer Kirschner, Sharla Kogel Hearne, Teresa Clementi, Robert Lemenze, Stephanie Bayer Franz, John Holliday, Robin Matheson, Wendy Weatherington, Ryan Collin, Margo Vacca Kemp, Shelly Betancourt, Brit M Dauzat, Alan Da Costa, and Brianne Fulton value me.

Although I have been in Florida since 2005, I have finally been in a Bealls and Tuesday-Morning for the first time. The first is a discount store reminiscent of Alexanders. The later is Home Furnishings close-out store. They are part of my big-box brisk-walk-daily program. I purchased a 6' HDMI cable for $4! and a GE 4-LED light strip for $5!

Frustration is maintaining a brisk walk in Bed Bath & Beyond. This would include Home Depot and Staples.

NT is neuro-typical like you and most people are. (not Aspie) Aspies are accustomed and more comfortable doing things in solitary. Social interaction is what we are greatly challenged with, and therefore are uncomfortable in inter-personal relations. (they are LESS "fun") Aspies do not get "Clued in" It is the difference and advantage of not doing something in solitary that Aspies wonder about all the time. You NTs accept it as a paradym.

I greatly enjoy, appreciate, and seek out friends, like you or SG. Unfortunately, people often misunderstand me. They often leave me, or I must leave them (such as in the case with SG). I have therefore led a very lonely life (until FB) My wife loves me, and wanted us to get married. I personalty did not understand the logic. It feels good to have someone who cares about me, around. This is one person we can develop a relationship with, that is so hard to do with others. She has the empathy that is necessary. I am seeking to understand how she understands the value of marriage.

LMH: "It fascinates me to think that neurotypical people can't all just take a step back and think to themselves, yes, to most people that might seem like a strange question but it is NOT for an Aspie. And in the world of spectrum disorders, many of the people I work with (who are in their early 20s), have a difficult enough time connecting with a person in conversation let alone maintaining friendships or intimate relationships (and intimacy is more than sex, Stephen). Many Aspies have so much difficulty in interpersonal relationships that even having a friend is challenging. Think of having challenges with even having friends and then think how much of you goes into an intimate relationship. And when so much of the life of an Aspie is trying to navigate a neurotypical world in what others feel is "socially appropriate", the fact that Andrew even asks these questions to get an honest opinion is something I look up to." When you've met a person on the spectrum, that's all you've done, met ONE person on the spectrum.

AIL: Exceptionally insightful and articulate LMH! Thank you! You even helped me see things from an NT view point!

Stephen Gyetko: "Andrew, you totally nailed it. You're so lucky to have someone like your wife, as I'm lucky to have found someone. It must be tough to figure it all out, but suffice to say, she loves you and 'it's a groove'. Be good to each other and only good can come of it. As you said previously, the world is a noisy, complicated and conflicting place for you. It must be like trying to make tactile sense of something while wearing oven mitts. Best of luck always and thanks for the Syosset site. It's made me appreciate all over again how lucky I was and how much that great little town gave me."

AIL I very much look forward to future communication from you Stephen Gyetko

LMH: Stephen, that is awesome that you understand a little bit more about the Aspie perspective. And yes, it's hard for ANY of us to find someone and be lucky enough to be loved. Temple Grandin describes autism and spectrum disorders as feeling like an "anthropologist on Mars" which is so close to your oven mitt comment that I love it.

AIL Yes LMH, Stephen Gyetko's oven mit analogy was excellent. He comes up with good ones.

LMH I'm more than impressed. I think he nailed it as well. We seem to have smart people who comment on your threads and there's nothing I enjoy more than discussing what I feel so passionate about.

AIL Ditto. I enjoy collecting smart people, and keeping them around. I am thrilled to have you as a friend.

I drive to a big box stores or mall to walk briskly for about 45 minutes. I try to do this daily because I believe the exercise is beneficial to my health. It is always too hot and humid outside here in Florida. I do not have money for a Health club, or insurance. I am indefinitely unemployed. I am otherwise at home 24/7 except when I grocery shop. My entertainment is seeing the change of retail entities and products.

You know you are an Aspie if you do this...

9/11/11: I hung my 9.3+ foot flag outside in front of 2 of my four living room bay windows, hiding them both. This is to honor our heroes of 9/11/01. 9/11/11 My Community Association and Management are controlled by a few oppressive cowardly bullies who have been making slanderous statements against my wife, me, and my website. At the request of my wife, a Director on the Board, I have removed the following from the above site: "This website will not be ruled by terrorists. "All are welcome" on 9/21/11 at 7pm to open that cockpit (veranda) door and take control of our Hidden Village community. "Let's Roll"

I am so happy that my Condo Owners Association has approved paid for and hung up in front of our community, a custom-made large metal sign for the website and newsletter that I created. It says ""

LMH: Hey Andrew- I wanted to actually thank you for helping to open my eyes to so many new things in the Aspie community.... I will be continuing to read your blog as it is such an excellent resource and SO brilliantly done! Thank you for it!

My biggest frustration I find with people and society: The inability to identify, understand and explain one's feelings, and the unwillingness to express them honestly and openly.

This message was found on "I'm blown away by the magnitude of your talent & the way you incorporate so many pieces of information into your creative and clever design aesthetic. Cannot wait to delve further in :)" Thank you Christine-Marie Licato Olds! Renee Zamow Bevard, Christine-Marie Licato Olds and Robin Matheson like this.

9/3/11 Thank you Stephen Gyetko for this: "I've learned so much about the whole aspie thing since getting on the "You know you're from Syosset if..." site. You've done a tremendous job educating people in general about the whole thing. If there's an organization focused on aspie issues, they would do well to use your talents to further the cause of aspie acceptance." Shelly Betancourt, Francine Ahrenstein Kass and LMH like this.

Aspie eyes are wired differently, and appear different than assumed. Christine-Marie Licato Olds likes this.

LMH It's fascinating to me that I didn't know what an "Aspie" was until I looked it up. I have a master's degree in Special Education and I do 1:1 community coaching (habilitation and socialization) with young adults with ASD's. Is this a new or recent term? AIL Aspie, as you may have found out is an affectionate name for an individual with Asperger's Syndrome. You many find much information on it at Thank you for your interest!

LMH: Definitely interested, I'm going to check out your blog, they aren't even teaching the term in education classes yet, and they should. It takes a condition some find stigmatizing or scary (from all the unknowns) and makes it relatable. I like it a LOT. I love the blog! I love the way you are able to demonstrate that there are different ways to think about ANYTHING just by being who you are! So inspiring!

AIL I very much appreciate you interest. There are many ways to bring up only the posts regarding A.S. you can click on Aspie in the LABELs list on the lower left, type aspie in one of the search boxes, etc.

I will be exploring in more detail, definitely. But you have piqued my interest and I look forward to learning more.

CMLO: I'm surprised they aren't teaching AS...been years since I did undergrad (initially Special Ed, but then switched) I'm guessing some programs lump all Autism Spectrum diaga into one pile which is unfortunate. Andrew provides copious amounts of info; his interesting & unique take on life @ people & most important, a window into the Aspie world for NTs. I'm blown away by his observations, honesty & endless creativity.

LMH: I just meant they never teach the term "Aspie". However, since much of my work is with the ASD population, I find AIL's information to be extremely helpful. Currently I'm providing 1:1 habilitation for individuals on the spectrum and his blog is an incredible resource to me!

CMLO The more I see of your designs the more I want to see (and the symbolism etc=incredible) Hoping for opportunity to hire you to create cool new materials for my org.

9/2/11 For the first time ever, my wife's cat jumped, and lied on my lap, and did so for four hours! "Aww Colbert ♥ ' s you :)"

My favorite working book title for growing up with Asperger's Syndrome: "If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you". 8/29/11 Aspies are not common and therefore lack that sense.

CMLO Andrew I really enjoy your graphic work and the interesting you facts you connect regarding Syosset & the vernacular of today etc. By far, the photo of the Theatre is my favorite nostalgia. Though I don't qualify for your Sy-Fl page...

 8/14/11 It just occurred to me that "The Christian Science Monitor" is an oxymoron. Are Atheists covered by their insurance company for acts of God?

8/6/11: I walked to my pool today. It was hot out. When I got to my Cabana, I was hot, so I took off my T-shirt. I was hot. I walked along my veranda,and jumped into the pool. It was hot. After a while, I walked out of the pool for a while. I was hot. Later, after I walked home, and walked inside, it was delightful!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gay Syosset

Click on the picture at the left or on "Gay Syosset" above to enlarge.

Words change meaning over time. Seeing someone on line at the Syosset Theater, or SYOS: See You Online Soon in FaceBook. Having a gay time at Lollipop Farm, or at "SYOS", an all-male club? Either way, like the Flintstones USED to say: Have a gay old time here in Cyber Syosset!

To my statement in the Syosset 1970s Facebook group of "Wow, even Apple has lost Jobs!" Hal Berenson: 
I'll bring this to some measure of relevance to Syosset. SHS was one of the first high schools in the country to give students access to computers. While my friends and I were playing around on ASR33 teletypes connected to BOCES LIRICS' DECsystem-10, Bill Gates and Paul Allen were doing the same (the Lakeside School in Seattle had its own DECsystem-10). That is what got us all hooked on computers. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak followed a slightly different route but ended up in a similar place. Many SHS alumni went on to careers in computing, and we've made some major contributions (although obviously nothing on the same scale as these other guys). In particular Jobs and Gates became the two key leaders of the computer industry as we transitioned to "personal computing", and just as importantly the two most important industrialists of the baby boom generation. I went to work for Bill, but have no less respect for Steve's importance to our industry and our generation. When Bill decided to move his full-time focus from Microsoft to charity work I was saddened that I wouldn't be working with him but happy for what it meant for the world overall. But Steve being forced from his CEO role at Apple over health reasons saddens me tremendously. It is, as Stephen Gyetko points out, pretty ominous and I am taking it quite personally. And so in the spirit of this group, you really know you're from Syosset if you used the ASR33s when there was one each in adjoining closets on the second floor of the E wing (around the corner from Mr. T's) when the teachers were clueless (or even scared) about what to do with them and everyone else in the school thought you were nuts; And you can trace that experience to the news of the day. 

Outstanding Hal Berenson I could not have wrote better. I spent much time at the computer lab at Syosset, and went on for a college degree in programming. I still have the punch tapes to prove it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The Hopi tribe, I Ching, Edgar Cayce, Michel de Nostredame, The Maya, Web Bot, computer algorithms, Bible code, New Testament, Lady of Fatima, etc... all have prophecies of an eventful time of change that has been happening and will continue through 2/21/2012.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Lerner is a common German family name. Its literal meaning can be either "student" or "scholar". It may refer to:




Monday, August 15, 2011

Syosset People in Florida

I have created my first FaceBook group. It is called SyoFLo. SYOS = See You Online Soon. SyoFLo Set is your Cyber Syosset home if you flowed here to Florida. Lines change with time. Once, "See You On line" was on line at one of the Exclusive Syosset Theaters. Time has changed. Both theaters are gone. Now the line is "See you online" as in right here in this virtual Syosset world. Welcome to the SyoFLo Set. See You Online Soon.

Also, here is an excellent video for a mental health hotline.

Friday, August 12, 2011 is now my newest email address!

Below are postings I made on Facebook as my status.

My employer has usually been the US government, and it was for not working. Many several times it was temporary. Now it is indefinitely.

My parents were TV and the public school system.

I wonder if an atheist get compensated by his insurance company for an act of God.

If you are not on Facebook, life is passing you by.

Every day for weeks now, I keep getting notified of my friends meeting my other friends, or being re-united since the 1970's due to my suggestions.

Give Obama the Democrats he needs. Take out the pesky evil Republicans.

I am surprised and puzzled by my sister. She never replied to my emails and messages for months, joins Facebook for the first time ever in July 2011, only has 3 friends, and it does not include me or accept my FB friend request. Then I am told by someone else that she's not on anymore. She decided it was too much and didn't want to be on.

I enjoy my daily sugar-cream water flavored with coffee.

I walked to my pool today. It was hot out. When I got to my Cabana, I was hot, so I took off my T-shirt. I was hot. I walked along my veranda,and jumped into the pool. It was hot. After a while, I walked out of the pool for a while. I was hot. Later, after I walked home, and walked inside, it was delightful.

Never thought I would end up Marrying at 52, and even less, then us both retiring in Florida at age 53. Fantasies of winning lots of money to do that - maybe.

Do not let that small phrase "History International" on the bottom of the "HI" logo fool you. It is the HITLER channel. All they show are programs about WW2.

I never dreamed I would have over 200 friends on Facebook. I was often thrilled if I had one friend anywhere.

It just occurred to me that "The Christian Science Monitor" is an oxymoron.

8/17/11 The first person ever, came up to me, to compliment my Newsletter and Website that was started around June 2011. This happened after tonight's Hidden Village Board Meeting. My wife is on the Board. I was given absolutely no recognition whatsoever, as usual. People do not even make eye contact, say hi, or know that Margaret is my wife. I have experienced this treatment for most of my life, not that I'm happy with it.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

1970 My favorite class of people.

Alice P. Willits Elementary School, April 1970, grade 6, Mrs. Schorr
I love all of the people in this photograph. I plan to photo-shop me in. Donald Fried-Tanzer sent this to me 7/29/2011, the only copy I never had before, always wanted, and always regret not being in. Click picture for enlargement. Click again for full size.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hidden Village View

On 2/15/2012, I cut the link that would foward you from Now see the direct address below, or click here for Hidden Village View. It is now ( )was the domain that I created for my Condominium. Posted here, is the newsletter that I created for my condominium association and community. This was just released. The name of my condo community is Hidden Village. I wrote some of this newsletter, sent it for printing, mailing, and distribution to all of the owners and occupants of my community. I created, and posted the newsletter into it. If you had clicked on the domain name of " " you could see the web-sight and the newsletter that I created. This is the first "issue" I have released. My issue with it, is that it is my first newsletter, and my first web-page for besides myself. I am proud and happy to have created a newsletter, and the first web-site or my condo complex. I am sharing my work with you. What is your reaction to it? I would like to know. Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greatest Event of My Life!

I have received one of the most fantastic long-awaited news items of my life! I am extremely happy and exited! I have been jumping, yelling, running around, and waving my hands. Fluffy is traumatized.  I can not explain publicly here what this news is. Please just be happy for me. This day was possibly the best and most important day of my life. This life changing event is vindication and empowerment of my life-long struggle.
I am not going to Disney world (it is $85 admission + $14 parking.) This is my 1/3 birthday, the summer solstice, longest day of the year, and the first day of Summer. My mid-term exam is tonight. My three new websites are  Please buy one of my designed products to help celebrate with me. Charlie Brown is an Aspie.
Below, listed in reverse chronological order, numbered for longest and highest earning, are 5 of my 56 jobs from 1974 through 2009. Cumulatively, my longest employer, has been the U.S. Government, as an un-worker. This has been Unemployment Insurance Compensation.
#1) Convergys 11/21/05 - 02/23/09 3 years, 3 months, 2days
#5) The Wiz, Cablevision Systems Inc. 04/28/01 - 09/13/02 1 year, 4 months, 19 days

#4) Circuit City Stores Inc. 10/22/98 - 06/09/00 1 year, 8 months, 13 days 
#2) Bed Bath + Beyond 02/26/96 -10/01/98 2 years, 7 months, 3 days 
#3) Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co, Inc. / Chemical Bank  09/14/90 - 04/13/93 2 years, 7 months    (JPM Chase)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My mother was born on this date in 1918. Lerner Shops was founded in 1918 by Samuel A. Lerner and Harold M Lane in NYC. Also born in 1918 was Alan Jay Lerner, Rose Kennedy, Betty Ford, Pearl Bailey, William Holden, Ted Williams, Chaim Herzog, Art Carney, Spiro Agnew, Anwar Sadat, Joey Bishop, Howard Cosell, Shlom Goren, Sam Walton, Jack Parr, Robert S. Strauss, Rita Hayworth, Helmut Schmidt, and Donald Regan. There was the Flu Pandemic and WW1. Established was Daylight Daving Time, and regular airmail service. On September 11, The Boston Red Sox defeat the Chicago Cubs for the 1918 World Series championship, their last World Series win until 2004. The Hungarian Democratic Republic is declared. Please put 1918 in my "Search and Sight" box on the left for more information.

Friday, June 10, 2011

1958 Generation Jones

This Jones Generation year of 1958, was a milestone for the infrastructure and entertainment we depend upon today. 2/21/58 was when the symbol for Nuclear Disarmament and I were established. So too was NASA, FAA, AARP, and Credit Cards. The Internet, and the integrated circuit (micro-chip) were created. DNA was discovered. It was the first year after the Baby Boom, and The new Jones Generation, born into a recession. They include Today's legendary artists. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery.

Within my logo to the right, The mouth and bottom ^ shapes an A. The "nd" in the middle of ^ stands for nuclear disarmament, the original purpose of the peace symbol by Gerald Holton.

Generation Jones 

LernerDesign is now

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Choose My Plate

My version of the USDA's food pyramid replacement. Which one do you choose? Which one can you be at peace with? Do you want a piece of the pie? Do you think it is a mickey mouse idea? Choose My Pieces. Choose .love over .gov myplate my plate

Here is an article about this topic that you might appreciate:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

WWW = Where When, and Why I am.!/AndrewLerner

Acronyms in my ASpienyms shop were created from odd words to give them meaning.
This creates greater awareness and communication. ASPIE = A Special Person Intellectualizes Everything. Therefore there is the emotionless face. REST is better identified as a RElief STation. MAIL is Messages and Information Letters. Communicate communication. Me: Andrew I. Lerner.6/2/11 Please read the column at the left, left click on all of the posting titles, pictures, and underlined blue words. Please click below, on "Comments, Reactions, & Feedback", below, to read reviews, and or write your own reply. This means a great deal to me. Each box, below the date below, corresponds to the letter of your choice: A = Funny. B = Informative. C = Clever. D = Disagree. E = Excellent. F = Frivolous. 1) Please place your cursor arrow onto the little white box, next to the letter, that represents your selection. 2) press down to click. 3) A check mark will then appear, showing that you have voted. The counter for that box, will increment by your one rating (#).

Monday, May 16, 2011

New designs and new shop: A_Lerner

 These are three new designs by me today. I also opened up a new shop called A_Lerner. Please also click on the Title of this page to see many of my designs. Please, as always, click on the images for enlargements.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

ASPIE acronym
ASPIE: A Special Person Intellectualizes Everything
The I in my name stands for iconoclast

Monday, May 09, 2011

My newest logo explained.

I am the Graphic Designer formally known as &rew. This is my logo as of 5/9/11. My name of A. Lerner is incorporated into the phrase "Alternative Reasoning". This phrase also defines how an ASpie mind functions. I am an ASpie. We try to put pieces of different information together to reason out a puzzle. This is represented by the alternative upper and lower case letters. The colors or divisions represent pieces, and how they are different, but still fit in together to solve the pie chart. These ASPIE PIE PIEces, because of their differences, create a peace sign.  AS PIEces of a PIE, all of these PIEces of information fit in together. We strive to get along with others who operate differently. Understanding and tolerating each-others differences, are AS PIEces of a PIE, coming together in PEACE. Notice that that the name ASpie is incorporated into the phrase "AS PIEces". Both the peace sign and Andrew Lerner were established on 2/21/58. Piece and peace are Homophones. Many ASpies love playing with letters and words, which is hyperlexic. They are best suited as as a Graphic Designer. As you can see, that is stated in my logo. Aspies are emotionally challenged. This is represented by the two dots and a horizontal line. It represents an ASpie face. My name has been put together to show how I try to fit in and learn in this society of mostly NTs. By fitting in the "A", that represents me (Andrew), into the bigger family of society (Lerner), I become a learner. This also incorporates my first initial and last name into the phrase "A Learner". By fitting in, I create "learner" from "Lerner." I end up standing out. This is just as pieces of a pie fitting in to create a peace sign. These represent how ASpies make valuable contributions to society if we all come together. We can all fit in to make a pie in peace, and each share a piece of it. The mouth and bottom ^ shapes an A. The nd in the middle stands for nuclear disarmament, the original purpose of the peace symbol.

A. Lerner is the Graphic Designer formally known as &rew. A. Lerner is inside "Alternative Reasoning". It defines how the ASpie mind. A trys to fit in to learn. We piece together different facts to solve peacefully. Peace and I were created 2/21/58. Come together AS PIEces in a pie. 
A. Lerner is inside "Alternative Reasoning defining an ASpie. A trys to fit in to learn. We piece together different facts to solve peacefully. Peace and I created 2/21/58. AS PIEces in a pie together

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Products are now for sale!

Click here or on the title above, that says "My Products are now for sale". This page shows my "Love FLorida", "ASpie PIEce", and other designs on drink-ware, shirts, stickers, pins, and more. Use this page to navigate to other merchandise and designs. You can change "Andrew-Lerner" to either Love_FLorida, ASpiece, OsaMay11, or any of my future shop names.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"ASpiece" is a means to promote autistic awareness, specifically "ASpies", who have ASperger Syndrome. These ASpie pieces are now available for purchase.  Please click here.

My original phrase of ALtERNativE Reasoning helps define who I am, and how ASpies function. ASpies try to put pieces of different information together to reason out a puzzle PIE. They also strive to get along with others who operate differently. Understanding and tolerating each-others differences, are AS PIEces of a PIE, coming together in PEACE. The blue, gold, red, and green represent different ASPIE PIEces of a PIE chart, that come together for a solution, make peace and it's symbol. Both the pie-shaped PEACE sign, and myself were established on 2/21/1958. 

AS PIEces in a PIE, an Aspie learns to make it come together in Peace via Alternative reasoning. 6/22/11

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is technically a type of depression, but is quite different than the mental image you may have of typical depressive symptoms. Bipolar depression, as the name suggests, consists of two opposite behaviors that somehow co-exist in the same person. There is no cure for this condition, but it does respond well to treatment. It will require management throughout a person's life, much like heart disease or diabetes.
The key feature of bipolar disorder is severe mood swings from deep depression to mania. The lows experienced are very similar to major depression. Depressive episodes commonly last about 14 days. A quick upward shift in mood marks the beginning of a manic episode. Along with this improvement in mood comes increased energy, decreased need for sleep and a burst of productivity. This may be accompanied by a feeling of euphoria. Sufferers of bipolar disorder rarely seek treatment during manic episodes.
However, while the patient may sense productivity and energetic activity, others view it as being dangerous and out of control. Manic episodes usually include becoming very talkative, extremely excitable and active to the point of exhaustion. There is also a tendency to engage in risky behaviors.
Bipolar disorder is a complex condition that is remarkably difficult to diagnose. People often endure this condition for years before being properly diagnosed. Although the cause is related to brain chemistry, the disorder tends to run in families, indicating a genetic link. The disorder is recurrent--meaning that once a person experiences a manic episode, there's a 90 percent chance they will experience another one.
The primary treatment for bipolar disorder is medication. A combination of medications seems to be the most effective treatment. Antidepressants, anti-psychotics, mood stabilizing agents and anti-convulsants are commonly prescribed to stop the wide mood swings that characterize this disorder. During a lifetime of treatment, it is expected that medications will need to be adjusted or changed altogether. One single prescription is unlikely to work the same way all the time. Psychotherapy is used in some cases, but is rarely effective without medication.
If left untreated, bipolar disorder can be particularly dangerous. From 15 to 17 percent of untreated cases end in suicide (compared to about 10 percent of untreated major depression sufferers).
Like most forms of depression, there is nothing that the individual sufferer did to deserve or cause bipolar disorder. There should be no stigma or embarrassment attached to having the condition. The most important thing is to seek treatment and begin managing the disorder as soon as possible.
Written by Jan Howard

Friday, April 08, 2011

Asperger Relief

By Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D.
The following are criteria for Aspergers that have been excerpted from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV):
  1. Qualitative impairment in social interaction, as manifested by at least two of the following:
    • Marked impairments in the use of multiple nonverbal behaviors such as eye-to-eye gaze, facial expression, body posture, and gestures to regulate social interaction
    • Failure to develop peer relationships appropriate to developmental level
    • A lack of spontaneous seeking to share enjoyment, interest or achievements with other people, (e.g., by a lack of showing, bringing, or pointing out objects of interest to other people)
    • lack of social or emotional reciprocity
  2. Restricted repetitive & stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests and activities
  3. The disturbance causes clinically significant impairments in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.
  4. There is no clinically significant general delay in language
  5. There is no clinically significant delay in cognitive development or in the development of age-appropriate self-help skills, adaptive behavior (other than in social interaction) and curiosity about the environment in childhood.
They are often physically awkward and socially tactless.
You’ve probably known quite a few. Maybe they are even in your family. There’s that brilliant professor you had in college who looked at his desk the entire time he was talking to you and whose office was so overflowing with stuff there was nowhere for a visitor to sit. How about your brother-in-law the mechanic, whose work is superb but who insists on describing in minute detail exactly what he did to fix your car — and doesn’t seem to notice all your hints that you’re trying to leave already! What about your uncle or cousin or the sister of your best friend who is so socially awkward that you squirm with discomfort whenever they show up at an event, wondering what they’ll do next to embarrass themselves?
They are often physically awkward and socially tactless. They seem to be perfectionists but often live in chaos. They know more about some obscure or highly technical subject than seems possible — and go on and on about it. They may seem to lack empathy, and are often accused of being stubborn, selfish, or even mean. They can also be extremely loyal, sometimes painfully honest, highly disciplined and productive in their chosen field, and expert at whatever they decide to be expert at. They are the Aspies, adults with Asperger’s Syndrome.
The number of adults with Aspergers is still difficult to determine. The syndrome wasn’t even officially acknowledged in the DSM until 1994, even though it was described by Hans Asperger in 1944. The result? Many older adults weren’t diagnosed — or helped — as children. Teachers found them exasperating because they were so disorganized and uneven in their academic performance despite often being clearly bright. Other kids considered them weird and either bullied them or ignored them. As adults, they are only now discovering that there is a reason they’ve had difficulties with relationships their entire lives.
For many, having a diagnosis is a relief.
“I never could figure out what other people want,” says Jerome, one of my Aspie clients. “People seem to have some kind of code for getting along that is a mystery to me.”
Jerome is a brilliant chemist. He has the respect of his colleagues but he knows that he’s not well-liked. The finely tuned intuition he uses to do research breaks down completely in relationships.
“I know I’m well-regarded in my work. As long as we’re talking about a research problem, everything is fine. But as soon as people start doing that small talk stuff, I’m lost. It’s good to have a name for it. At least I know there’s a reason.”
Jerome is now starting to put the same intelligence he uses in his lab to learning better social skills. For him, it’s an academic problem to solve. Like many other Aspies, he wants to get along and have friends. He’s highly motivated to learn the “rules” most people take for granted. He just never understood what those rules were. Having the diagnosis has given him new energy for the project.
The press coverage of the syndrome of the last several years has been very helpful as well.
“I was working on a highly technical engineering project with a new guy last week. In the middle the morning, he put down his pencil, looked at me and said, “You have Aspergers, don’t you.”
Ted was explaining a recent encounter to me. “I got real nervous, thinking he was going to leave.”
“What did you say?” I asked.
“Well. I know now that’s my problem so I just said he was right. And you know what he said? He said, ‘I thought so’ and told me I could relax because he works with another guy who has the same thing. We had a great morning solving the problem. That wouldn’t have happened even a few years ago. I would have upset him somehow without understanding why. He would have gone back to his company thinking I was some kind of jerk. Things are just better now that there’s some understanding out there.”
Having the diagnosis has also saved more than a few marriages. Now that the kids are grown, Judy was ready to separate from her husband of 27 years when she first came to therapy.
“If Al and Tipper Gore could do it after 40 years of marriage, I figured I could manage it too. I don’t know what their problems were but I was just exhausted. I felt like I’d been single-parenting our two kids forever. Actually, I felt like I had three kids. Most of my friends couldn’t figure out what I saw in a guy who could only talk about one thing and who would rudely disappear in the middle of a social evening. He never seemed to be able to understand any of our feelings. Our finances were always a mess because he would lose track of bills. Yes, he was really sweet to me in our private life and he’s always been great about doing things like building the kids a tree house — that was really, really cool. But it became harder and harder to see that as a fair exchange for all the times I had to smooth things over because of something he did or didn’t do that bothered someone.
Then my daughter emailed me an article about Aspergers. It changed everything. I realized he wasn’t deliberately making life so hard. He couldn’t help it. As soon as he took an Aspie quiz online, he saw it was true. He does love us. He didn’t want the family to fall apart. He went right out and found a therapist who works with adults with Aspergers. He’s far from perfect but he’s honestly trying. He’s even apologized to the kids for not being more involved while they were growing up. I can’t ask for more than that.”
A diagnosis is primarily used to drive treatment decisions and to make it easier for clinical people to communicate with each other. But in cases like these, it can also be an enormous comfort to the individual and their families. As long as someone with Aspergers feels like they are being blamed or criticized for something they don’t even understand, they can only be defensive or bewildered. When the people around them feel offended or disrespected, they can only get exasperated, argue, or write them off. But when the thing that makes a relationship difficult is named and understood, it becomes a problem that can be worked on together. That shift can change everything.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Persecution Complex Symptoms

"Persecution complex has symptoms that show a person believes that others are out to get or hurt them in some way. It is utterly ungrounded in reality and at times exaggerated paranoia, but it reflects a belief that everyone has it in for them. It may be seen when the person interacts in normal ways and then over-reacts to perceived wrongs. For example, one person might see the affected individual as going to a restaurant, eating lunch and leaving and going to a library, checking out a book and then going to the dry cleaners to pick up some clothing. What the person with the complex sees is entirely different. They might see a waitress out to get their money by enticing them to get more of the expensive food on the menu and that the waitress purposely delivered their meal late and got the order wrong just to irritate them. Then they may feel that when they went to the library, the library personnel purposely did not offer to help them while they were perusing the shelves and that they chose to check out other patrons before them. After leaving there they may feel people who parked in the handicap spots at the dry cleaners are not really handicapped and they have it in for handicapped people and that's why they took all the spaces and it upsets the person because they have to park far away. After going in to pick up the dry cleaning, and being told it isn't ready yet, they assume it is because the workers did not like them and purposely delayed cleaning their garments and did others first. Of course in 99% of the examples above, nothing could be further from the truth, but the person persists in the belief that everyone does not like them and wants to make their life miserable. Persecution complex is not a recognized disease, but more of a set of symptoms akin to paranoia."

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


This year we are going to experience four unusual dates: * 1/1/11 * 1/11/11 * 11/1/11 * 11/11/11   Take the last two digits of your birth year. Now add the age you will be this year. And the result will be 111 for everyone. This year October will have 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays and 5 Saturdays. This happens only every 823 years.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Do you think the poor are lazy?

Oakland, Calif. – Americans are in deep denial about our wealth inequality. In the US, the richest fifth have 84 percent of the wealth – and most of us don’t consider this to be a problem. In fact, we don’t even guess at the distribution close to correctly. In a recent poll by Duke’s Dan Ariely and Harvard’s Michael Norton, respondents thought that lucky fifth has more like 59 percent of all US wealth and favor them owning just 32 percent of it.
But our blindness to the amount of inequality and its effects on our society isn’t pure ignorance or apathy. It’s at least partly a function of how we talk about the issue. We say things like “the wealth gap” and “bridge the gulf” – phrases that obscure some basic truths about inequality.
It’s automatic and necessary to explain the world in metaphors – to describe abstractions by comparing them to concrete things. In the case of inequality, we’re characterizing the differences between the rich and the poor as though they’re objects affixed on opposite sides of a chasm. But viewing inequality as an economic canyon makes it hard to argue for policies that might actually diminish it. A canyon, after all, is a natural formation.
“Gap” isn’t a stirring call to action; it’s a clothing store. It may provide a ready image of where we are, but it says nothing about how we got here. Studies of cognition and decades of experience tell us that when we don’t provide an explanation, our audiences will fill one in themselves.
Poor is "bad," wealthy is "good"In this case, the cause-effect narrative for our “gap” seems to go like this: Those who are poor have chosen this condition. Whether it’s character flaw (lazy bum), moral failure (welfare queen), inherent defect (the bell curve), or all of the above, this story tells us what have-nots have not is ambition or intelligence.
It’s no accident that we routinely refer to the wealthiest as the “top” and the rest as the “bottom.” In English, good is up and bad is down. That’s why we say, “things are looking up” and “she’s down in the dumps.” No wonder we pull ourselves up (not forward or along) by our bootstraps. Calling certain folks upper class implies they are worth more not just materially but also morally.
Inequality isn't an individual choiceIf being rich or poor is understood as the result of differential effort, then we can conclude each category is simply a lifestyle choice. Inequality is then a sign that our economy is doing exactly what it should – rewarding the deserving and motivating the lazy. And the line of reasoning continues: Since there’s nothing wrong with this, there's nothing anybody should do about it.
We use this “gap” language all the time. And then we wonder why the statistics we cite, the graphs we generate, and the examples we offer of widening inequality don’t raise the eyebrows, let alone the ire, of many in our audiences. Using this language tacitly degrades individuals and makes current conditions seem natural. By employing it, we blind the public to the fact that inequality isn't an individual choice. Rather, it’s the direct result of the rules financial and political elites have crafted for their own enrichment.
In one economy, inequality hurts allA wealth divide further implies we have two separate economies, with the rich on one side of the gap and everyone else on the other. If we believe the wealth of a few has absolutely no relationship to the deprivation of others, then there is no solution for inequality. Because there’s no problem.
This is not just a false assumption but also a dangerous one. All of us engage with one another, producing, consuming, saving, and investing in our one economy. But the wealthy have managed to make off with the lion’s share. When wealth connotes moral goodness, it’s easy to believe that these riches are just desserts. As Dan Quayle argued against progressive taxation, “Why should the best people be punished?” Yet history shows that some people are unfathomably rich because others are inexcusably poor.
So how do we get the word out about economic inequality? Not just how much of it exists, but also where it comes from, and why it’s destroying the long-term stability of American society and the proper functioning of our economy?
Make no mistake: Impoverishing certain populations is, in fact, derailing our entire economy. As we suppress real wages for the majority, we shrink purchasing power and with it consumption and then available employment. Without money to maintain our homes and care for our families, we have less and less reason to follow the tacit agreements of civil society.
Not a 'gap,' but a 'barrier'Instead of a “gap between rich and poor,” we’re far better served calling it a “barrier.” A barrier connotes a big, imposing wall behind which a few can hoard the goodies, while those on the other side are left wanting. When you barricade yourself in, you keep others out. Instead of asking to “bridge the divide,” let’s insist on dismantling the obstacles that keep too many from the gains produced of their own hard work.
The metaphor of inequality as a barrier, wall, or other obstruction highlights several critical truths about our economy. It tells us these objects are man-made. This conveys that inequality is not some God-given, inevitable, natural wonder. We have built these barriers, and we can bring them down. In other words, there’s another way our economy can be structured if we elect and work for it.
Deconstructing barriersWe can start by deconstructing the foundations of these barriers – spotty prenatal care, no universal preschool, lead-painted walls, and cheap, accessible junk food. We can continue by combating overcrowded classrooms managed by a revolving cast of untrained teachers. We can improve the recreational and after-school choices for children. And we can work to eliminate the neighborhood violence, dirty air, and contaminated water that form the perfect blockade to adult success.
Crafting our inequality narrative from this metaphor, we would use phrases like this: Inequality holds people back from contributing to our nation. It sets in place obstacles not only to success, but survival. Trapping some Americans in poverty, policies that promote inequality exclude certain groups from making a living, no matter how much they work. The rules we’ve crafted block access to resources and opportunities, and prevent huge numbers of us from participating meaningfully in our economy.
Let’s have our language lay the blame where it belongs – on the obstructions erected by decades of greed and concentrated wealth and power, not on the people who find themselves trapped on the wrong side of them. This is America. Don’t fence me in.
Anat Shenker-Osorio, founder and principal of ASO Communications, is a communications consultant.