Tuesday, September 30, 2008

5769 = When era replaces error.

01/20/09 =
A new era
end of an error.

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Barack Obama.

For this new year of 5679, The following have been updated on the left of this site: "A Sight" (picture of my logo), my &rew-card, the view of &rew, and my profile.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kyle Broflovski

Kyle Broflovski, is a character in the animated series South Park.
Voiced by series co-creator
Matt Stone, Kyle is one of the four central characters, all of whom are eight or nine year old boys. Stone has claimed that Kyle was loosely based on himself when he was younger. His most notable catch phrases are "You bastard(s)!" (following Stan's "Oh my God, you/they/we killed Kenny!"), and "I've learned something today" (usually before the end of an episode), or "No we haven't, dude. No we haven't" after Stan's "Well, I guess we've learned our lesson." Kyle is mostly known for being Jewish,

He also regularly shows his disdain for
Eric Cartman, calling him names such as "Fatass" and the like. This, in return, only fuels Cartman's need to call Kyle out as well, taunting him about Kyle's religion.
Kyle typically displays higher moral standards than the other boys. Kyle also usually gets higher grades than his associates, and is the member of the group who often provides the sober thought to plans or ideas made by the other boys. Since Kyle is the more rational of his peers, he usually put in the shoes of the protagonist to Eric Cartman's antagonist. Kyle is on better terms with Stan Marsh, often to Eric's chagrin. He is the most caring and compassionate of the boys. His friendship with Stan has probably got deeper due to the many times Stan has saved his life (Cherokee Hair Tampons, Super Best Friends and Cartmanland). This is shown in Smug Alert! when the two are seen hugging at the end. Andrew Lerner originally posted this on Saturday, August 11, 2007. It is posted today because of the hurricanes of Ike, and now Kyle. They are Jewish brothers. Ike is Canadian. The hurricane that bares his name went into Canada!


Mabus to advise Obama on Middle East issues
The SunHerald May 22, 2007
By Emily Wagster Pettus
Former Mississippi Gov. Ray Mabus, who served as U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the Clinton administration, is joining Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign as an unpaid adviser on Middle Eastern issues.

Nostradamus may have predicted the rise of three "anti-christs". The first was Napaulon Roy (Napoleon), the second was Hister (Hitler). Century 2, Quatrain 62: Mabus will soon die, then will come, A horrible undoing of people and animals, At once one will see vengeance, One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Does MABUS = OBAMA + BUSH ? Please note that Nostradamus only refers to a "Mabus" as dying, and "bad" things to happen afterward.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


December 21, 2012

Today, one week before the end of this year of 5768, I have instituted a new poll for you to vote on. Will the earth come to a permanent change four years from now? I have also posted a new photograph of me with my smart phone. The last one was done with my first digital camera, 7 years ago!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Aspie bio.

Living with Asperger’s Syndrome in a Neurotypical World by Debbie Scally
Almost all of us are acquainted with someone whom we would identify as a total nerd: the guy who has an umbilical attachment to his computer; the obsessive Trekkie fan; the one who can talk your ear off about the mating habits of fruit bats, the geek who’s so shy he couldn’t get a date if he paid for it. In fact, you probably know more than one. Well, here’s the thing. That person may not necessarily just be a total loser. He or she might be one of the growing numbesr of people who have a neurological wiring issue that is the cause of many, if not all, of their strange social behaviors, up to and including clumsiness and lack of non-verbal communication skills. Right now the numbers stand at about 100 per 10,000 people, but the numbers are increasing at an amazing rate.
In fact, in the next several years or so, many parents are going to discover that their daughter or son (most likely son) has a neurological condition called Asperger’s Syndrome, after the Austrian psychologist who first noticed the behavioral differences in the children he worked with. Asperger had been forced by the Nazis in the 1940s to conduct psychological profiling on youngsters to separate the wheat from the chaff of Aryan society. Those who didn’t make the cut would be dealt with in the usual way the Nazis dealt with anything they considered less that acceptable. Asperger was concerned about his young charges, who exhibited characteristics such as inability to socialize, an unusual fascination with one or two subjects to the exclusion of everything else, and a way of talking that made them sound like “little professors.” He made it his mission to help these children and to demonstrate their value to a society obsessed with a certain kind of “perfection.”
It wasn’t until after Asperger died in 1980 that his diagnostic criteria became known by his name – not until after a British psychiatrist, Lorna Wing, who specialized in autism spectrum disorders, got into Asperger’s work and noticed that he was dealing with a new diagnostic category that didn’t really fit into the autism spectrum.
The reason I know all of this now is because this year, after much heartache and many tears and immense frustration, my son was finally diagnosed as an Aspie (the name they call each other). Many kids who exhibit symptoms on the autism spectrum, from mild to severe, are diagnosed early because their parents sense that there’s something not quite right. It wasn’t that way in my son’s case. He walked and talked early; he was amazingly bright (he surprised me one day when, at the age of four, sitting in his carseat, he explained his take on sarcasm!); he clearly made eye contact when spoken to.
Yet from the day he started school it was clear that something about him was different. He just could not make friends; he got bullied and made fun of on a daily basis. At first I chalked it up to the fact that my school experience was similar; I was the class “brainiac” and got made fun of all the time. I figured that he was just suffering the fate of the smart kid in public school and that it would get better. But it never did. In fact, it got worse, and by the time he was ten he was taking anti-depressants.
Life went on, the way life does, and it just seemed that no matter what he did or where he went to school, he couldn’t make it socially, and it was getting worse. When he went to middle school (for one semester), he would start sobbing the night before and then sob in the morning and often refuse to get out of the car. Again, I just thought that it was the school; bullying wasn’t really handled very well in his school district. It got so bad that I removed him after one semester and homeschooled him. But when even the kids at his homeschool co-op started giving him the cold shoulder, I really started to look at things differently. Someone had asked me if I thought he might have Asperger’s and I had indignantly replied “No!”
I decided to re-think my knee-jerk reaction and started reading everything I could find. Yikes! There he was, in print. Everything I read led me to believe I needed to get him tested.
Then, just for grins, I found a self-test for Aspies online, and I told him about it. I figured he’d blow it off, but one day he handed me a stack of paper with charts and graphs on it, and it was the test. He was clearly on the spectrum. Then I started searching for support. We found a psychologist in our area who specialized in Asperger’s and made an appointment. About five minutes into the session, she had him as a 4-5 on the spectrum and explained that his diagnosis was probably missed because his cognitive level was so high.
So, our journey has begun. He is nearly seventeen, and is still not really happy with what he sees as his new “label,” but I can tell that he is as relieved as I am to finally have a name and explanation for his situation. We’ve met many parents and kids in our support group and are both grateful that we have found a haven.
Moreover, the more I learn, the more I am able to identify the qualities that psychologists call “Asperger symptoms” in my own students. Aspie kids have some great qualities, one of which is a sense of honesty and justice. In fact, I used to wonder why my kid seldom lied to me like other people’s kids seemed to do. Now I know it’s part of his wiring. I used to wonder why he was so clumsy and why he just couldn’t seemed to “get it” socially. Now I know. Now I can work within the framework of his neurology. His dad, sadly, still doesn’t quite accept that Asperger’s is not just the new flavor of the month problem, but we’re hoping he’ll come around.
So, although every nerd does not have Asperger’s Syndrome, the next time your computer nerd buddy is boring you with endless details about World of Warcraft or the finer points of bird-watching, think about this. He’s not trying to drive you insane; he might just be an Aspie. Be kind.

I'm a college English teacher working on my dissertation. I am an anime junkie and a Shakespeare scholar, a voracious reader and a political rebel.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Light-shields is the newest name I thought of today, for a devise holding dark lenses, to shield my eyes from bright light. I use them at night for high-beam headlights from inconsiderate automobile drivers. Therefore they are not sun-glasses. They are also not made of glass. Previously I used the term "shades". Using the word spectacles, makes a spectacle of myself.

I lost my Wayfarers in August 2008, after 7 years! They were given to me, for free, by Bose, along with a free blues CD, and a free black Bose shirt. I have recently superimposed my Love/Florida logo over it. I finally went to Walgreen's for a new pair of light-shields today. This is the first time I remember purchasing this item or in a store in at least 35 years! Much has changed!

There appears to be 3 kinds. 1) Complete, & fits over other vision-frames. This is most like how I used my lost ones, and $20. 2) Rimless, & attaches only to the front of other vision-frames. These stretch and fit well in size and shape with my rimless eye-lenses, and $15. 3) Clip & Flip. These are larger rimless, and easily clip from the top of any eye-frames. They can also easily be flipped up and off when not needed. They appear to be the best value at $10. I just made my decision. I will return the two more-expensive other ones I had purchased. I had also spent an hour at the store!

There is always a bargain to be found at Walgeens. In addition to the fish oil I came for, which was BOGOF again. I purchased a new black ink cartridge for my HP printer for $6! I often paid around $20 for this!

I may have lost my black Wayfarer shades for the last time, at my swimming pool in August 2008. I swam there these past 3 days in a row during my stay-cation in Florida! That is the most consecutive days at my pool in my 3.25 years here! It was so delightfully relaxing with the blue sky, clouds, palm trees, flowers, and clean warm water!

I have had many people apply for my home. I have declined, ignored, or rejected many. I have changed my price from $475 to $394 to attract more people. 943 is my street address, and the inspiration for the price of 394. I am waiting for a long-term compatible person over someone who always pays much, and is never here. I believe this is the best time of year to take this time and risk. My goal is October. This was my original goal when Steve was supposed to be here and paid until then.

I have been wanting a mobile phone for years, that would have a loud-speaker and incorporate my Palm PDA. I love my new smart-phone. It has the same information I inputted 7 years ago! That was my first Palm PDA. It sold for $500 retail. Palm gave it to me for free. 7 years ago is when I also purchased my first mobile phone at dealer's cost! I still have that same plan! My phone can also record and play movies and music. I choose not to pay for the Internet services including television.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Our last opportunity.

I live in Florida, a purple state. It is the southern-most Northern state. Alaska is the is the northern-most Southern state. It became the 49Th in 1958, when I was born. Sarah Palin is its present Governor. She is a Joneser like me, born after Alaska became a state.

Barack Obama, a Joneser like me, was born in Hawaii after it became the 50Th and last state of the union in 1959. Therefore he just barely qualifies to be President. Joseph Biden is the Senator of the FIRST state, Delaware.

John Mc'Cain has found answers to his issues with Sarah Palen. 1) Religious-Right friendly 2) Joneser like Barack. (youth friendly) 3) Maverick, conservative, stubborn, determined, ruthless. (soul mate & partner.) 4) Female like Hillary, and historic like Barack.

What is scarier than having GWB president, and declaring war against a stable sovereign nation for his own personal agenda? It is having a person who is a heartbeat away from controlling the fate of this planet, who is even more inexperienced, delusional, narrow-minded, selfish, and intolerant than the current Despot GWB. As Bill Mahr said, we do not need the cutest "Stewardess". He is a Joneser, and a favorite person of mine.

John McCain lives in his own world. He almost died twice. With all the torture he has endured, it is amazing he lived to be 70, and keep his "sanity". We do not need someone else who lies and cheats to achieve their personal ambitions in the White House.

Sarah is even more reactionary than John! She wants to drill for oil in the wilderness refuge of her state! We need to protect, and work WITH our environment & planet. 1) Oil is finite & bad. 2) Animals are finite & good. 3) We must invest and change our infrastructure to be independent, with infinite & renewable energy resources. She does not "believe" in global warming!

Instead of putting a burden on our society, pro-choice people terminate pregnancies of a disabled fetus. Sarah purposely goes to term with her down-syndrome child. Besides being a burden, she goes a step further. She supports more of our money go to children of "special needs" like her child!

Sarah believes in abstinence, instead of education and birth-control. This is why her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. This puts and even more of a burden on our society. Sarah's place is in her house to take care of her children. She is no Hillary.

We need to support OURSELVES. Georgia & Iraq can take care of themselves. Being "independent" does not mean borrowing from Communist China, and kissing the butts of Saudi Arabia. We need to get off our butts and face reality. The time is now to harness tidal power off the coast of Florida, instead of bottling that water with vitamins into plastic bottles.

Dire times has been GWB in office after 9/11. This time, there will be no more times, unless we vote Democratic and change our course back in the correct direction.

I am pleased that 73 of you have voted so far on my poll on this site. I am happy to see, it has been a consistent 80% for Barack Obama, and 19% for John McCain.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Like Ike

I will survive Ike!
Ike is both a hurricane below my state of Florida, and a favorite character of mine from South Park.

Because he's a genius, Ike was accepted into kindergarten early. There, Mr. Garrison nominates him for class president when no one opposes Fillmore (Ike being reminiscent of President Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower). The vote is tied, as a little classmate of theirs named "Flora" (spoofing Florida's role in the 2000 US Presidential Election) can't make up her mind and Fillmore's aunt, Rosie O'Donnell, shows up to demand justice. Ike is asked to give a speech on why he should be president to which he clearly states, "Cookie monster... Ike." Eventually, Ike's opponent gives up, and Ike becomes class president (to which he can only exclaim (loudly), "I pooped my pants!"). Dwight Eisenhower was President, fifty (50) years ago in 1958! Rosie O'Donnell is a Joneser from Long Island like me.