Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Light-shields is the newest name I thought of today, for a devise holding dark lenses, to shield my eyes from bright light. I use them at night for high-beam headlights from inconsiderate automobile drivers. Therefore they are not sun-glasses. They are also not made of glass. Previously I used the term "shades". Using the word spectacles, makes a spectacle of myself.

I lost my Wayfarers in August 2008, after 7 years! They were given to me, for free, by Bose, along with a free blues CD, and a free black Bose shirt. I have recently superimposed my Love/Florida logo over it. I finally went to Walgreen's for a new pair of light-shields today. This is the first time I remember purchasing this item or in a store in at least 35 years! Much has changed!

There appears to be 3 kinds. 1) Complete, & fits over other vision-frames. This is most like how I used my lost ones, and $20. 2) Rimless, & attaches only to the front of other vision-frames. These stretch and fit well in size and shape with my rimless eye-lenses, and $15. 3) Clip & Flip. These are larger rimless, and easily clip from the top of any eye-frames. They can also easily be flipped up and off when not needed. They appear to be the best value at $10. I just made my decision. I will return the two more-expensive other ones I had purchased. I had also spent an hour at the store!

There is always a bargain to be found at Walgeens. In addition to the fish oil I came for, which was BOGOF again. I purchased a new black ink cartridge for my HP printer for $6! I often paid around $20 for this!

I may have lost my black Wayfarer shades for the last time, at my swimming pool in August 2008. I swam there these past 3 days in a row during my stay-cation in Florida! That is the most consecutive days at my pool in my 3.25 years here! It was so delightfully relaxing with the blue sky, clouds, palm trees, flowers, and clean warm water!

I have had many people apply for my home. I have declined, ignored, or rejected many. I have changed my price from $475 to $394 to attract more people. 943 is my street address, and the inspiration for the price of 394. I am waiting for a long-term compatible person over someone who always pays much, and is never here. I believe this is the best time of year to take this time and risk. My goal is October. This was my original goal when Steve was supposed to be here and paid until then.

I have been wanting a mobile phone for years, that would have a loud-speaker and incorporate my Palm PDA. I love my new smart-phone. It has the same information I inputted 7 years ago! That was my first Palm PDA. It sold for $500 retail. Palm gave it to me for free. 7 years ago is when I also purchased my first mobile phone at dealer's cost! I still have that same plan! My phone can also record and play movies and music. I choose not to pay for the Internet services including television.

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