Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Perfect Day.

Today was the most extraordinary day of my life. I have boldly gone where I have never been before. Partner, Costco, King quilt, snap boxes, towels, Big & Tall store, $364, shirts, pants, sleeper, shoes, size 15EEEE, socks, tie, belt, $5 coupon, Bahama Breeze, chocolate moose brownie, mug, take home chicken, Outstanding restaurant, Orlando, first, parking garage, Plaza Cafe Cinema, first, Star Trek, last showing, birth of Kirk, Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, Emotional Overload, Missed a portion, empty theater with luxurious leather seating, Outstanding movie theater manager, passes.
Continuing Mission of Un-boldly Re-visiting:
Star Trek (2009): Much better than my expectations. Just when I thought digging up graves has finally stopped, there is reincarnation on a different time-line. How foolish of me. Turns this franchise to a never ending genre, along with Superman and Batman. It is changing direction to an action adventure thriller with non-stop special visuals. The Next Generation and Voyager refined and polished the original cerebral concept with few special effects. 2009 tugs at Treker's heart strings, and introduces a still yet new next future generation of the classic characters. They were personified with perfection. Infusion of hard rock by the Beastie Boys was brilliant and awesome. This movie has everything for everyone. Expect sequels and re-makes forever. I wish all of the rights to all the series's and movies would be exclusively shown on a new "Star Trek" channel.
(Beastie Boys make frequent references to Star Trek)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Aspie Movie: Adam

If you've ever had the experience of speaking with a person who has no interest in anything about you but who delivers extended monologues about his or her own passions, you probably would not consider this person to be anything but a bore. The monotone monologist may be an Aspie. Asperger's Syndrome, an emotional condition that leads its often bright victims to be so unable to "read" the minds of others that they can talk on and on about train schedules, major-league baseball statistics and the universe as a whole, gives impetus to Max Mayer's sophomore film "Adam."

Thank goodness that "Adam," though centering on the title character's emotional immaturity, is not a disease-of-the-week Hallmark presentation but an often funny as well as melancholic look into an improbably romantic relationship. Unlike the typical trajectory of romantic comedies, the parties do not follow the tired formula of being kept apart throughout the story until they bond happily in the conclusion. "Adam" is a solidly-written tale acted with particular grace by Hugh Dancy. Reviewed for Arizona Reporter by Harvey Karten. Grade: B+ Cast: Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne, Peter Gallagher, Amy Irving, Frankie Faison, Mark Linn-Baker. Opens: August 29, in Orlando!

Please click for the full review. You can also find it, and a link, on the lower left of this page, under &rew Learnings. Being There and Groundhog Day* are two of my all-time favorite movies. I identified so much with the main characters. Mar & I are very exited about this first major Aspie movie! It is so much like us! MAR & I are in Lake MARy, getting MARried, but not in MARch, or on *2/2.

I am thrilled to find out a movie is coming out about Aspie. I am 51, and finally know the name is Aspie in 2006! I am not alone. I am so happy, that greater awareness, is finally brought, about Aspies, in a major motion picture! AS an ASpie, I am hyperlexic, and love constantly playing with words. My definition of Aspie, has my name in it! A Lerner is in ALtERNativE Reasoning, which defines myself, and Aspies. I also created this definition, of how, it is not like YOU think: Aspie operating system. I am &rew, putting A into Lerner, and found love in...
AS an ASpie, I'm thrilled to find out a movie is coming out about Aspie. I am 51, and finally diagnosed that my name is Aspie in 2006! I am so happy that greater awareness is finally brought about Aspie in a major motion picture! AS an ASpie, I am hyperlexic, and love constantly playing with words. My definition of Aspie, has my name in it! A Lerner is in ALtERNativE Reasoning, which defines myself and Aspies. I also created this definition of how it is not like YOU think: Aspie operating system = A.LtERNativE Reasoning. I am &rew, put A in Lerner and love in

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lake MARy

The biannual rankings are in and CNN/Money Magazine continues to rank Lake Mary as the #1 small town in Florida in which to live. Why? Despite many challenges related to the economy to include a declining real estate market, Lake Mary has never lost its focus of promoting a sense of community where people can live, work and play in a safe and friendly environment...that's part of the reason Lake Mary is still one of the fastest growing areas in Central Florida. Located approximately 18 miles north of Orlando just off Interstate 4, the City continues to be a choice location for high tech businesses, many of which spend considerable time and money searching for the right place. Among other things Lake Mary is known for its well planned residential communities, excellent schools, prominent businesses including outstanding restaurants, and a variety of shopping opportunities.

The crime rate in Lake Mary is one of the lowest in Florida thanks to our pro-active, community based Police Department. On the fire side, we have a skilled Fire Department ready to deal with any emergency including rapid response and rescue. Our Parks and Recreation facilities are not only beautifully maintained, but offer something for everyone. The bottom line is that Lake Mary has all the conveniences of Orlando without the traffic!

MAR & I are in Lake MARy, getting MARried, but not in MARch.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Search AND Sight

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Andrew Werdna

Andrew spelled backwards is werdna. Werdna sounds like Lerner. Werd sounds like word, but it is not a word. Have you "lerned" a new "werd" today? Werdna is an evil wizard in the computer role playing game named Wizardry.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Mar Age

This posting is intended to clarify any misunderstandings of the last "Mar" posting. Please visit this posting frequently for updates in black. I was first married from 7/18/92 - 5/9/03. I refer to those as the "Laurie Years". "Mar Age" is referring my current relationship and the subject of our marriage. Marriage to me is an official commitment to an exclusive indefinite relationship. Mar is the person I want to do this with. We love, value, and cherish each other.

As an NT, marriage has an emotional importance to Mar. She also wants a wedding, as that brings her joy and does have meaning to her and family. I am learning that this love relationship is not quantifiable. For this reason I want to give and tolerate these two events, and give her a ring. This, and the ceremony are more symbolic and or romantic, rather that religious, spiritual, or legal. The ring will also communicate to others of her pride and commitment to me. Communication, rather than tradition, is important to me. Click here for how I feel about weddings.

I sold my homes, and moved from NYC to FL, for increased quality of living that is much better suited for my lifestyle. I am also saving a bunch of money on my car insurance. Due to my financial and Aspie situation, I purchased a home with getting a roommate in mind. Ideally, I would use this as a vehicle to find a mate, or at least a companion and or friend. My plan, work, decisions, and executions were very successful. I am proud of my enviable achievements.

I am grateful to Mar for her great love, respect, pleasure and care that she gives me. I never had someone in my life who understands herself, NTs, and who also has great capacity to express herself and to discuss emotional issues in an intellectual manner. I have always craved a guide and lieson in this alien NT world. This is reason to marry Mar.

I have been writing of my quandary in this ironic situation I find myself in. When I am facetious, I am sometimes misunderstood. I mean no offence. Mar has been my Tenant, Roommate, and source of rental income. Is eviction no longer an option? What happens when the term of our rental agreement is over? Do I divorce her if she does not pay me rent? Should I pay it if she can not? Does she become a co-Landlord? Does marriage violate or nullify the roommate agreement? Must we continue to restrict ourselves to our assigned rooms? We currently refer to another as our "Partner".

Mar has helped me make my very first home here. I am very happy with the choices I have made with her sister's help. I now have my first dining room set, and know how to furnish a living room. Her sister facilitated the furniture and furnishings that I needed and wanted for many years. My home now reflects my taste and style. I am proud of the great work I have been doing for myself. My furniture meets my specifications and standards. I wanted and needed a new EC for my the new TV that I demanded. I finally have the dining set that I needed and wanted, and serves my needs. My decisions are only my own. I am now in Lake Mary during the Mar Age.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)
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Friday, July 03, 2009

Head Quotes

"Aspie vindicates me on guilt charges." - &rew Lerner
"Aspies can not be assimilated". - &rew Lerner
"Don't assume. I'm Aspie." - &rew Lerner
Sarah Palin resigning as Alaska governor - AP
GOP continues to suffer.
Mar has 3 CRTs, EC, and Internet connected.
Giant flag planned for inaugural display.
Marriage plan and huge purchases made while unemployed.
People born in 1958 are dying at age 50.
C@ name changing to Colbert Nation Lerner.
"K9 refers to a dog, and cats do not have 9 lives."

Thursday, July 02, 2009

MARriage 2.0 = 02.02.2010 CE

The legal contract of "Mar" and &rew is planned to be executed on February 02, 2010 of the common era. Consequently, my partner's name will change to Mar Lerner. I am devoid of romance, and not exited. Marriage to me, has never been something I needed, wanted and has little meaning. It is an event to be put in the task list and calender of my Palm Phone PDA. However it gives Mar comfort, security and happiness. It gives her Sister and Niece tremendous excitement, happiness, and the joyful opportunity to plan this gay social event. This is fine since I care little for social events, and find them to be a depressing and unpleasant chore.

We met on the Internet, and by our then common employer for Roommate reasons. I have been good at choosing excellent Roommates. A risk of this is, she may fall in love with and marry me. Eviction is then not possible. Moving out is not an option since I am the landlord. Thoughts turned to marriage after I was laid off. Being unemployed is an ironic time for marriage, and an expensive comprehensive re-furnishing of my home. However, if my COBRA runs out, I can be covered under my wife's coverage! Whether I will save a whole bunch of money on my car insurance after marriage, remains to be seen. Mar also wants me buy a circular piece of metal for her finger.

This merger announcement is exclusive to the Internet via facebook and blogspot. Merger 1 took place in the Star Trek universe. Being engaged to her reminds me of Jean-Luc Picard, when he says "Engage" and "Resistance is futile. We will be assimilated." "As an Aspie, I can not be assimilated." Also, I am Agnostic. Bill Mahr is the name that comes to mind when I use "Mar" to describe my roommate or partner. I identify with him more than any other celebrity.

My future spouse may become Jewish, along with the rest of her family. It has been brought to my attention that Jews are not married during the Sabbath. I prefer to start a day with an important event. For this and other reasons, the date has been changed from 01.23 to 01.17 to my favorite day of 02.02.

Mar and I are comfortable, compatible, care for, and enjoy each-others company. It appears that this is the definition of love. Since we are probably going to live with another for the longevity of our lives, marriage does not seem so impractical. It is comforting to know I need not worry about the task of finding a partner.
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The third feedback reaction comments left on this posting were profound and well written. It is of the type that I have been craving for all the years of all my WWW postings. I greatly appreciate it. You can read it by clicking the "Reactions" link below or above. I have been learning of marriage, spirituality, and religion online very recently. I do have emotions. I plan to find vows that accurately and honestly express my feelings and intentions. My pontification of the anonymous contributor leads me to guess someone born in 1958. I will now crave to someday learning the true identity of the author.

I appreciate feedback #4 (why Anonymous?) and the discussion that is ensuing. I will be addressing, in a new post planned for 7/9, a continuing battle that comment #3 illustrates. I am constantly not given enough credit. My intelligence and emotions often exceed other's perceptions.

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