Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Perfect Day.

Today was the most extraordinary day of my life. I have boldly gone where I have never been before. Partner, Costco, King quilt, snap boxes, towels, Big & Tall store, $364, shirts, pants, sleeper, shoes, size 15EEEE, socks, tie, belt, $5 coupon, Bahama Breeze, chocolate moose brownie, mug, take home chicken, Outstanding restaurant, Orlando, first, parking garage, Plaza Cafe Cinema, first, Star Trek, last showing, birth of Kirk, Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, Emotional Overload, Missed a portion, empty theater with luxurious leather seating, Outstanding movie theater manager, passes.
Continuing Mission of Un-boldly Re-visiting:
Star Trek (2009): Much better than my expectations. Just when I thought digging up graves has finally stopped, there is reincarnation on a different time-line. How foolish of me. Turns this franchise to a never ending genre, along with Superman and Batman. It is changing direction to an action adventure thriller with non-stop special visuals. The Next Generation and Voyager refined and polished the original cerebral concept with few special effects. 2009 tugs at Treker's heart strings, and introduces a still yet new next future generation of the classic characters. They were personified with perfection. Infusion of hard rock by the Beastie Boys was brilliant and awesome. This movie has everything for everyone. Expect sequels and re-makes forever. I wish all of the rights to all the series's and movies would be exclusively shown on a new "Star Trek" channel.
(Beastie Boys make frequent references to Star Trek)

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