Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The dog here, is carrying instructions that refer to her. If you click on each of the entries' titles, you will often be brought to another page related to the topic discussed. This will also happen if you click on links. A link can be any word if they if it is light blue, underlined, and may turn brown when you hover your cursor over them. Your cursor may aslo turn into a hand! Sometimes I include these links embedded in my articles, and may become underlined.

You can always click on the "reactions" link below each story or post, that is meant for you to read. You can then type your comments. You can also click an icon to foward a copy the posting. This will be in the form of an email to anybody you want. This icon looks like an envelope, with a right arrow on it. I hope you leave comments, email me or others. To the left of my entries in this blog
are older postings represented by archive dates. Click on those in "Hind Sight", to see previously unread notices, just like this one. All of the publishing, past and current, can and will be updated on a continuous basis, just like this one was today. My previous posts are updated, with the additions and revisions changed to the color red. If it is in red, it was not read.

Remember, you must continue to keep scrolling down this very long page to see everything, and every time you visit or refresh. On the bottom of this and all blog entries, is date of which it was posted. There is also a permanent link to that specific posting.

This modified text can be read in its original form by clicking on this sentence. Thank you for reading. Clicking here will give you a photo bigger than this screen. What say you? I'd like to know.

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brendababy said...

you sound like an interesting guy. you are my first blogger! i'm not very computer savvy.