Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Andrew's WWWeb of Life for Dummies

If you type in a website in the address box of your browser, you will go to that website. You might do this if you are interested in the content of that website. If you refuse to go to a website, it might be that you are not interested in the subject matter, or have a closed mind. If you want information about me, you can go to one of my web sites. Sometimes, you need not type in an address that you want to go to. You can just click on what's called a "hyperlink" or link. It is often underlined and blue.

When one limits themselves into only seeing or learning in a specific way, this can be viewed and being narrow minded. If you need or want something, you might go to where it is, since it may never come to you on its own. Sometimes people will visit you. Sometimes you will go visit them. If they move to a different address, you would no longer go to that address. If you insist that they move back to that address, they may not obey you.

Years ago, before the Internet, you may have used the postal service to exchange letters with people. Today, you may email. Different forms of communication evolve or change in time. People and what they say can still be the same despite this. If I lost my voice, and someone refused to read what I wrote them, and would only be willing to listen to me talk, I would feel that person is not really interested in me, stubborn, insensitive, rigid, and or narrow minded. I view people who only want to listen to me on their terms, not really interested or concerned about me.

If you move your mouse to where my name and address are, at the bottom of my emails, the arrow may turn into a hand. If you left click your mouse, you will soon see only things that I have written or created for you to see. Right now, that, is this Web Log. When you first come to this page. You will see the name of this Web Log, and its mission statement below that. You can scroll down below that, where you will see a short autobiography of the author. Then, as you scroll down more, you will see the usually daily entries, in reverse chronological order. If you click on each of the entries' titles, you will often be brought to another page related to the topic discussed. Currently this will be the case if they are gray, underlined, and turn light brown when you hover your cursor over them. Your cursor or arror may turn into a hand! Sometimes I also include these links embedded in my articles, and will be underlined.

You can always click on the replies link below each story to leave your comments. This link currently takes the form of an icon, that looks live an envelope with a right arrow on it. If you left click on it, you will be able to write me a confidential email, and it will not be publicly displayed. I hope you do so. To the left of my entries in this blog, are the tiles of the most recent postings. You can click on these to go directly to those articles. Then, below that, also to the left, are older postings represented by dates in the archives. Click on those to see previously unread notices just like this one. All of the publishing's, past and current, can and will be updated on a continuous basis, just like this one was. Remember, you must continue to keep scrolling down this very long page to see everything, and every time you visit or refresh. Thank you for reading.

Clicking here, or the following, with bring you to a more recent modification of this entry. http://andrewlerner.blogspot.com/2005/10/instructions.html

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