Monday, August 15, 2005

8/15/05 was the 5th step in this long tedious grueling exhausting process...testing and another interview, this time in Daytona Beach FL. TEST RESULTS: 28 WPM typing, 76% spelling, 98% listening. 15, 50,70 each respectively were required for passing tests. I accepted a formal offer for full time employment with many excellent benefits. Step 6 and 7 is a huge amount of paper work, and a drug test. If all goes well, Step 8 orientation is 9/2/05, and training (Step 9) starts 9/6/05. Then I will become a 0 (zero) (Operator). Zero (0) is for Operator.

8/15/05, I will be employed 8/15/05, I accepted $800 in cash and signed Rental and Roommate agreements. Both situations will start September 2005. I will have health, dental, vision, and other insurance and benefits. This employment has required more work and time to apply for, has more benefits, and is furthest away from home, than any employment(38 miles) I have had in my life! I will also have the fringe benefit of earning an hourly wage in addition to all the benefits. Maybe I will rent out my bedroom, and find a roommate in Daytona Beach to live with. I will be the only employed member of my nuclear family. An estimate of eight hours of my time of unpaid work was used to apply for my employment position. It will be my first full time regular (permanent or indefinite) employment since 10/31/03! My COBRA ended 4/31/05. I have zero health insurance. The room goes to Michael of NY, NY and Germany 9/15/05 as of 8/15/05. Sunday 8/21/05 is the last episode of 6รข€™ Under. I am very sad. After that is viewed, I will have HBO disconnected, and stop watching all TV indefinitely.

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