Sunday, August 21, 2005

Winter Park, age mid twenties, Full Sail and Goldenrod is near by, describes both my niece and someone I have been spending time with lately. He lives and works in Winter Park. That's about thirty minutes from me. I have had dinner with him or with his girlfriend twice. We have visited each otherĂ¢€™s homes twice. We have spent days and hours together including bowling. My niece and her husband also live and work in Winter Park. They have visited my first home in Altamonte Springs Florida, two times for a period of about five minutes. My niece visited my condo in Lake Mary for about five minutes. I otherwise met with them briefly for two family gatherings. Most of the people I have spent time with over the years are in their twenties. I am interested in Web design and E-commerce. That is what my niece and her spouse do for a living. I have lived in NY until January 2005, am new to Florida, and have not really had anyone to help acclimate me here. My Sister and Father live about two hours from me. The rest of my family is in the Greater NY area. It has been lonely here without a friend, an employer, or a roommate. During last week, I have found all three. It's interesting how more time has been spent with these three during the past week, than with my closest relatives. I know that I was never interested in spending time with my Uncle, nor he, me. I am not sure if I did anything to alienate them. I apologize for anything inappropriate I may have unintentionally done to them. I am grateful to my niece and her groom, when they were married in June 2005, for inviting my best friend and I to her wedding, and especially to allow me to live in their home while I found my own first home. Many photographs were taken at the wedding, and of us. I am still looking forward to seeing them.

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