Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Renovation Condo


Carpeting of entire condo: $2938.37,
New appliances & fixtures from Lowes: $1,987.45
Painting of entire condo: $1,415.00,
Installation of Reverse Osmosis and both bathrooms fixtures: $1,283.20 8/04/05 repairing and retiling 2 bath walls, Bill Smith, $449.38
8/04/05 installation of mounding under bar counter, Bill Smith, $35.00
Moving service: 397.60,
Maintenance of my cooling and heating air system: $350.00,
Repair of Kitchen Plumbing on 6/27/05: 181.38
Five new custom beige window blinds from HD (Home Depot): $151.25,
Roommate Internet services: $120.89,
Inspection of air system: $71.50,
Fixtures and Supplies from Home Depot: $32.81,
Fifty beige tiles and miscellaneous hardware from HD: $11.87,
Twenty more beige tiles, custom linen closet shelving, fixtures, and hardware from HD: $60.19, 7/14/05 9 stepping-stones, shelving liner, doormat, air-filter, organizer, Lowes, $53.88
Doormat and duct tape from Target: $12.99,
8/19/05 Drain stopper, Thermometer, wireless chime, 25Ă¢€� net cable, K Mart $34.00
8/13/05 screw eye for locking bike, HD $0.91
8/12/05 hooks for hanging bike, HD, $1.27
7/11/05 wall brackets for linen closet, HD, $2.46
7/18/05 White plastic toilet seat, Lowes, 3.15
8/04/05 Key for roommate, Lowes, $1.33
7/11/05 more wall brackets for linen closet, HD, $2.46
8/04/05 my first tub mat, Target, $9.62
8/22/05 dawn to dusk socket, my first toilet auger, Lowes, $12.79
8/17/05 caulking, HD, $2.19

Bed, dresser, night table, rugs, lamps, bedding, linins, pillow, towels, telephone, clock-radios, dry rack, iron, iron board, chair, snack table, laundry basket, wall hangings, trash pails, shower curtain, computer desk, Television, hygiene set, and motherĂ¢€™s scale from Sister: $00.00,

Making my best home ever, perfect: PRICELESS.

$9,622.94 is the final approximate cost. I originally estimated renovation of this condo to be about $10,000.00. It was accurate. It has been for necessary repairs, maintenance, and health. I saved 10% on both my Lowes, and my last large HD purchase, by using certificates that I received for moving! I have been enjoying using my first and new power driver. My time and energy performed the repairs, maintenance, and installations. A few unknown purchases have lost receipts and or forgotten costs.

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