Sunday, August 28, 2005

Show Me How To Live

For the first time ever in my life, I wore earplugs that really work. Now I am able to swim better by breathing while I swim, without fear of ear water. For the first time in decades, I used nose clips. Today, more than ever, I enjoyed diving. It was fun, exiting, and made me very happy. I was able to dive without inhibitions of nose water, or people. I therefore was able to dive better than ever!

During this past week, I finally removed the last remaining 5 boxes from my bedroom floor. I also unpacked and put away as many. The rest are in my huge closet, which still has immense room left! I emptied it out of about 12 boxes that were only filled with packing supplies. I put them all in my inside protected storage room off the patio. I am finally listening again to cassette tapes I made 8 years ago, after many years! It̢۪s now a question of filing and organizing documents and booklets in those boxes and or into my filing cabinets. I am finally living for the first time, and getting back to the organization I was at before I met Laurie, and more so!

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