Monday, October 31, 2005


I created this assemblance of artwork during October 2003, for display in my window every 10/31 since then. Yesterday and today, you or your clocks with have work to do. There is clockwork to do. You have one hour more time to do it in. It is clockwork day. You experience one whole hour twice. After 1:59am daylight savings time, it will be 1am standard time!

It is Orange day today. Orange is the popular color for the Halloween holiday today. That is why I superimposed a clock over a pumpkin. They are symbolic of the two events today, and the clockwork is on something orange.

There are many parallels of commonalities of both this holiday, and the movie titled “A Clockwork Orange�. One similarity of the two subjects is the doorbell. In both, the doorbell warns of scary monsters capable of doing evil heinous terrifying crimes. In both, the goblins wore costumes and cosmetics. In the movie, there was a strict policy not to answer the doorbell so as to avoid any criminal perpetrators. The door was opened, not knowing of the monsters and horror and terror to greet them. On the holiday, there is a policy to instead frequently open the door. Instead, it is expected to see goblins and monsters at the door.

Notice, that in the movie, all of the victims were wearing orange. In my home, I have a strict no-answer doorbell policy. This sign I put in the window, may scare people. That is what this holiday is all about. By this posted sign, I am warning people to go away. I will not answer the door. To me, children are monsters, and I want them to stay away from me. I dread this holiday, and want it to go away.

I do keep an orange lava lamp in my window. It goes on at dusk. 10/31/03 was the last date before 10/01/05 that I was employed full time in a regular position with health and financial coverage. That health insurance via COBRA lasted until 4/31/05.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Beautiful People

Hard Alternative Music Anti-Christ

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Patti and I met in this Arby's on this day in her Arby's

Sunday, October 23, 2005


My automobile's audio slave is now playing my first audio book, "How To Win Friends & Influence People", by Dale Carnegie,1888-1955. MacMillan, Call No.: CD 150.13 Car Publisher: New York: Simon and Schuster Audio, Pub Date: 1988. It may become the first book I have completed or absorbed since around 1980! This book is reminding me of how to not loose friends and alienate people.

November is a very eventful month for friends and family that we have mutually influenced. My best friend ever, Cathy was born on 11/14/1952. My friend from Plainview, Nancy Ellen, was born on 11/16/1962. Lois Ellen was also born on 11/16, but in 1951. Michael B60 in Plainview, from 11/19/1945. My most helpful friend working in Plainview was also born during this time. Jamie Lee Curtis, one of my favorite classmates, was born on 11/22/1958. She looks like Michael's wife. I was born on 02/21/1958.

George Jetson, during the mid 20th century, was a fictional character living in an imagined world, far into the wondrous technologicaly advanced future of the 21st Century. He would earn a living, sitting down all day, pressing buttons, having verbal conversations with computers, and on the telephone. In 1999, during the 20th century, I did not yet develop the skills needed to perform my present employment positions. Now, in 2005, I am earning a living doing the same exact work, and in the same century, as George Jetson.

It is this pesky job that has been usurping my time and energy, such that I have neglected postings on this site. However, it is at my job, that I have met, and now introduce, my Florida Friend: GINA.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Top 10 4 NYC 2 FL


10) Washing and drying machines inside home!
9) Car parked in same space every day!
8) Much easier to rent out to roommate with two bedrooms.
9) No harsh change of seasons and no snow.
8) Less congested and more laid back.
7) Many products and services are cheaper.
6) Property values in FL are rising rapidly.
5) The speed limit is 70mph, there is not traffic, and can go 100mph.
4) People are more relaxed, friendly, and helpful.
3) Monthly shelter costs 70% less.
2) There is 3 times more and nicer home for the same money.

1) I will save a whole bunch of money on my car insurance.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I have picked up and have started wearing my new spectacles and new Rx today. I have long thin narrow light rimless titanium Calvin Klien frames, and Crizal anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses. It is hard to tell if I am wearing any thing on my face at all! Click here for a picture of them. I met with my new Family Doctor today to start my physical examination process, to be continued next Tuesday 10/25/05.
Blood pressure systolic 120 distolic 80.
Spectacle Rx 10/11/05
OD -2.50 -1.25 105
OS -2.50 -1.25 071

B U.S. H is the WORST DISASTER inside the U.S.

Nostradamus predicted the rise of three "anti-christs". The first was Napaulon Roy (Napoleon), the second was Hister (Hitler), and the third is referred to as Mabus.
Century 2, Quatrain 62Mabus will soon die, then will come,A horrible undoing of people and animals,At once one will see vengeance,One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.
Current favorites for the third anti-christ, a.k.a Mabus, are: Mahmoud Abbas, George W Bush, Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden. According to Nostradamus, Mabus will soon be killed, and a terrible vengeange lasting 27 years will be wreaked upon the world.
Century 8, Quatrain 77 The antichrist very soon annihilates the three, twenty-seven years his war will last. The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled; with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth

George WWIII Bush
B U.S. H


See the above entry from Wednesday, October 05, 2005.
MABUS - AMBUS - AMBUSH - AMerica BUSH - The Ambush by Bush and America of Iraq. acireMABUSh MAB U.S.

Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, was named as chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO)

MAhmound ABbaS

B U.S. H
George WWIII Bush

Monday, October 17, 2005


If restricted to one word to describe what is most precious in life it would be freedom. This is a contributing factor why I respect the artist pictured by clicking here, and why I find George W. Bush the most despicable person in the world.

"Under God", "God bless America", or any word or phrase referring to a religious entity should not be written or spoken by anything or anyone representing our government. This includes all buildings, officials, currency, and literature.

There should be no mandatory parental consent for a requested abortion by the individual. I favor the Oregon "Death with Dignity" law.

The bill for my hospital visit on 9/26/05 is $185.00. This Emergency visit was to verify that I was indeed in excellent health. The hotel bill was $100.00. My loss of productivity was 10 hours. I worked hard for an entire 7 day week to pay for this crap because police officers are corrupt arrogant selfish idiots. They were responsible for the abuse of my freedom. George W. Bush is the biggest corrupt arrogant selfish idiot in the world.

AUDIO slaves

I was exited and happy to receive an email from my Seminole Library on 10/10/05. The audio media that I had reserved many weeks ago, was now available to me. I picked up the CD set today. I plan to listen to "How to Win Friends & Influence People" in my car, during my work commutes. I am also excited and happy that I finally permanently installed onto my car dashboard, the controller to my satellite audio system on 10/13/05.

You can live in misery, or you can live in Central Florida.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Everything I have learned about life was from a CRT and strangers.

Typing, and Driving were the two most valuable courses I have taken in High School. They were electives, but contributed most to the practical skills needed most in the real world today.

Parents are the best candidates for honest individual instruction for children to develop emotionally, and acquire important social skills. These subjects are not taught in the public schools.
However, parents need to develop a rapport with their children, by being both open and honest. Then the child can trust and learn from them.

At work, school, and in public, women in society often are barefoot, or wear Spartan footwear. Growing up, I learned that it is a crime for a man to do this, subject to severe ridicule and humiliation.

Scroll down. Many postings have been changed.


On the bottom of this and all Web based journal entries, is the time of which it was posted. Today this could have been as early as 3:30 am, and as late as 9:00 am. Then I plan to leave for work. Last night, I saw my first movie in the cinema possibly since June 2004. Ironically, that was in Florida, before I moved down here. Flight Plan was the movie, which was chosen and viewed with Gina, an associate from our employer. It was after we once again greatly enjoyed Fazoli's.

Most of the aged Jodi Foster movie took place in a flying cruise ship, as impossibly and ridiculously large as a Star Trek space ship. You would never suspect that this old actress star or the audience could have the endurance of Lance Armstrong. The movie was about a plane trip from Germany to Long Island. I am disappointed that it was not named "Airport 2005". In real life, my German roommate's wife, took a plane from Long Island to visit him here that same day. I have not even seen a movie on TV or DVD in about a year. I had believed that there were no more good movies to see. I confirmed this last night. However, it was an enjoyable evening.

Friday, October 14, 2005


In December 2003, 718-347-3237 had been disconnected after more than 10.5 years in service. That was my last traditional telephone service, and was in Bellerose. I only had my $15.00 Sprint Third Party Plan. The 750 Anytime Minutes Include Long Distanceincludes, 50 Free 1-way Text Messages, pcs Voice Command, PCS Wireless Webcaller ID, Call Waiting, three-way Calling, pcs Voicemail. Additional Anytime Minutes are $.15 Per Minute. I consistently only used, as little as 250 minutes per month. The first telephone number of My Samsung flip phone had the new Queens area code of 347. That is the same number as my landline prefix of 347 for that area. I still have the same cell service plan, and once again, I usually only use about 250 minutes per month

Since 2002, my sister has had a traditional telephone number with the 347 prefix! Again, that is the same prefix and area code I had in Bellerose. In addition to that, "Belleview" is the town listed on my telephone records for my "calls" with her! Both of these towns have the same first five letters, and have the same telephone prefix! Bellerose NY and Belleview Fl have "347" and "Belle" in common.

My cell phone was soon changed to the nearby Long Island area code of 516, and still is today, in Seminole county Florida. Now, I also have Unlimited calls anywhere in the US (including Puerto Rico) & Canada for $24.99 a month. This VoIP also includes Free features such as: Voicemail Plus 3-Way Calling Call Waiting Call Forwarding Caller ID with Name 911 Dialing. It is ironic, that even though I advertised my unlimited telephone usage to attract tenants for my house, my tenant is not interested in using it at all since he has a good Friends & Family cell plan with his wife in NY. It is ironic, that even though my service is a bargain at $25 for completely unlimited usage, I am planning to discontinue it since I too hardly use the telephone enough. This 321-214-9855 is the planned replacement for my cell phone's 516-770-3766. However, until that happens, and to save my brother money, he may call me at: 516-770-3766.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


You are in New Orleans to be specific. There is chaos all around you caused by a hurricane with severe flooding. This is a flood of biblical proportions. You are a photo journalist working for a major newspaper, and you're caught in the middle of this epic disaster.
The situation is nearly hopeless. You're trying to shoot career-making photos.
There are houses and people swirling around you, some disappearing under the water. Nature is unleashing all of its destructive fury.

Suddenly you see a man in the water. He is fighting for his life, trying not to be taken down with the debris. You move closer.
Somehow the man looks familiar.
You suddenly realize who it is. It's the President, George W. Bush.
At the same time you notice that the raging waters are about to take him under forever.

You have two options- you can save the life of the President, or you can shoot a dramatic Pulitzer Prize winning photo, documenting the death of one of the world's most famous men.

Here's the question, and please give an honest answer.......

Would you select high contrast color film, or would you go with the classic simplicity of black and white?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Alternative Moral

There is another moral to that Ironic Automobile Driving story that had police force me from my car to the hospital and hotel. If I acted fine, and said that I was fine, I might have been arrested or gotten a moving violation. That would make me a greater risk to insurance companies. However, since this did not happen;


Another moral of the Police story is not to deviate from your routine or your freedom may be violated and or removed. Society is rigid without tolerance.



Monday, October 10, 2005

The Baker Act

The Baker Act is a 1971 Florida statute, enacted to help protect the rights of the mentally ill along with public safety. It advocated community-based mental health care programs over committing people to institutions. It said that only people found by a court to be a danger to themselves or others can be committed. Involuntary commitment requires that a judge, police officer or doctor must first decide the person is potentially ill enough to require an involuntary medical exam.

Within 72 hours of that exam, the person may be released or voluntarily agree to further inpatient treatment. If not, the facility that conducted the exam must file an involuntary commitment petition that must be heard by a court within five days (see St. Petersburg Times, May 7, 1999 and related articles in that newspaper).

According to Prof. John Petrila of the Mental Health Law & Policy division of the Florida Mental Health Institute [], the act was named for a Florida state representative, Maxine Baker, who had a strong interest in mental health issues and served as chair of a House Committee on mental health. For more information, you may want to contact the Institute at 813-974-4510.

It is two weeks ago today, that I had the last institutionalized crimes commited against me. At random, I was chosen, and then it was decided by unqualified strangers that my individual freedoms and posessions would be taken away, and render me vulnerable to obscene hardships. I work hard two extra precious hours extra hours of my time, for a total of ten hours, for $100.00. In an instant not only is this taken away from me, but also an additional ten hours of my time is taken away, and I dont get paid for it. I supposed the Bakers Act had spared my life from being permanently ruined.

Every once in a while in my life I experience these institutionalized dichotomy crimes. It could be a $100.00 parking ticket in NYC after parking for five minutes. That is one of many reasons I moved out of NYC. It is not NYCE. On 5/22/05, I am unemployed, and paid $250.00 for that month for heath insurance. I have to pay $923.37 because I had a stomach ache! That erased 3.5 weeks of my unemployment insurance!

Sunday, October 09, 2005


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Write this down:
It is a very easy address to remember.
You know the www. part
You know my name: andrewlerner
Dot (.)
Then, it is (type) "blogspot"
You know the .com part
Make a desk top icon link.
I have more than one web log. I plan to create more. I can and will make settings that will restrict who can read them. Currently my Yahoo web journal is public. I plan to create a new one titled "ALIEN ANALYSIS". I have had many web sites for years. I no longer broadcast emails. My content is exclusively in my web based journal entries in a log. This blog is now restricted in its administrative settings to family & friends, and substituted for previous broadcast emails to those interested in being updated, or learning about my life and interests. I may post websites & photographs I find of interest, or describe events of my life.
These people include: "Nancy Goldfarb" <>, "Mike Binder" <>, "Donna Petrelli" <>, "Tanya" <>, "Rich Lerner" <>, "Sister, Matriarch" <>,

Saturday, October 08, 2005


If you click on each of the entries' titles, you will often be brought to another page related to the topic discussed. Currently this will be the case if they are gray, underlined, and turn light brown when you hover your cursor over them. Your cursor may turninto a hand! Sometimes I also include these links embedded in my articles, and will be underlined.

You can always click on the replies link below each story to leave your comments. This link currently takes the form of an icon, that looks live an envelope with a right arrow on it. If you left click on it, you will be able to write me a confidential email, and it will not be publicly displayed. I hope you do so. To the left of my entries in this blog, are the tiles of the most recent postings. You can click on these to go directly to those articles. Then, below that, also to the left, are older postings represented by dates in the archives. Click on those to see previously unread notices just like this one. All of the publishing's, past and current, can and will be updated on a continuous basis, just like this one was. Remember, you must continue to keep scrolling down this very long page to see everything, and every time you visit or refresh. On the bottom of this and all blog entries, is the time of which it was posted. This is also a permanent link to that specific posting. This modified text can be read in its original form by clicking on this sentence.Thank you for reading.Clicking here will give you a photo bigger than this screen.


There is no posting for 10/07/2005. On that day, I accidentaly left work to go home, thirty minutes early. I told that to my Supervisor today. She laughed alot at that, and told me not to worry about it. She would have to go through the motions of "coaching" me. entries 9/20 and 10/02 have been updated. Please go to them. Notice how "9/20" is underlined. Click on it and go there.

For most of my early life, I never envisioned my brother ever becoming a stodgy old man, generations apart. I used to dream of having a home as nice as a hotel. Last week, at that hotel, I wished I were at home. My home is so much better than it ever was. So too is my employment. It is the career opportunity I have been working for since I graduated from High School in 1976! I finally have everything I have worked and waited so long for since I was age 9! I am free at last!

I feel tremendous RELIEF and energy now, as I have craved and never had my entire life. The primary contributing factors that helped me are: Divorcing Laurie, Escaping from NYC and LI, my Mother passing away, selling my last Queens home, Settling in Florida, CPAP, medications “F� and “A�, my Blog, putting Odie to sleep, finally finding the right diet, developing Nancy as my friend, making my first real permanent perfect own home with the perfect layout, appearance, and location, and finally earning my first real good career.

Also, by far, the best things ever to finally come into my life, the best inventions ever, my favorite toy and tool ever, and certainly my favorite thing and service, are the Personal Computer system and the Internet’s World Wide Web. It has been a long hard alternative trek. I am finally boldly living where I have always wanted to explore before.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

E.R.: $1.00

I received a letter today that an agency will assist me in getting federal aid to pay for my hospital bill of 8/27/05 for that fatefull Tuesday evening. It said that my portion is one dollar! I was reviewed on a monitored call I had last week, today. I received a 80%. 85% is passing. I started hours of classroom training for my new position, and started my new job today. It is Bank Verification. Since I had to have lunch early, and was tired and hungry at 6:30, I for the first time, ate out for dinner in D.B. before my drive home. I ate at Fazoli for the first time. It is excellent! I love the concept. It is italian semi-fast food, along the lines of Panera. Alison is 27. My only New Year card was from Nancy, hours before 5766. I have people living above me now. My entire T-shirt wardrobe of about 25, have been suplied by former employers and venders. FDC is my first employer that I can wear them to work! I am wondering if my CPAP needs more PAP. I am not permitted to have my PDA on the floor. I made a new one. All of my codes are now taped onto my company ID card.

Anytime there is something underlined in these entries, or the titles, click on them.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Emergency Room $923.37

I have updated or corrected all of the postings for the following dates: 8/24/05, 8/25/05, and 9/22/05. Please click on the links to the left to re-read them. Today, I paid another $433.00 bill for my 5/22/05 emergency room visit. This is a total of $923.37 for a stomach ache! Today, I also had to pay $190.00 for a blood test on 6/1/05 that my Doctor requested for my medications! I worked three days for this blood test. I am so happy this beginning of a new year, that I am now totally covered with all health and financial security benefits! Today, I only had to pay $30 for $130.00 in medication! Today I have switched from Capital One to MBNA after many years. Today, Michael purchased a 2000 Ford Escort, just like mine, on my advice! it is parked next to mine.

Toilet Protocol

Unless there is a common mutual agreement to keep both all of the two, hinged seats down at all times, the following is the fairest policy for the toilet. If a man should have to raise the bottom most seat so as to insure a hygienic environment upon his relief, so too should a woman have to lower that same seat to provide a comfortable and hygienic situation for her relief. Neither sex should have to both lower and raise the seat, unless it also involves the cover as well. – Andrew Lerner, 10/05/05

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

5766 is Healthy and Happy

Today, in President George W. Bush’s press conference, he did not acknowledge today’s New Year holiday. Jewish news reporters were unable to attend to ask him questions. He mentioned the Thanksgiving holiday, but not Rosh Hashanah.
A couple of weeks ago, I introduced myself to SALSA. I greatly enjoy eating my green beans and chickpeas cold now, mixed with mild salsa. I still have not told you of the toaster screw story. The best time to tell my brother was when he was here. I started to, and then forgot to finish. There are other things I also forgot to show him.

Monday, October 03, 2005


CPAP does not stand for Certified Pure Air Provider, although it is. CPAP is not an acronym for Certainly Provides A Pinapple or Certified Public Accountant Person. CPAP is Constant Positive Air Pressure. It helps me breath continuously and constantly throughout my sleeping. I would otherwise frequently stop breathing and wake up throughout the night. I therefore used to be unrested even after nine hours, and feel tired througout the following day. Today I slept from from 12:01 to 6:00am and feel well rested and refreshed.

I feel tremendous RELIEF and energy now, as I have craved and never had my entire life. The primary contributing factors that helped me are: Divorcing Laurie, Escaping from NYC and LI, my Mother passing away, selling my last Queens home, Settling in Florida, CPAP, medications “F� and “A�, my Blog, putting Odie to sleep, finally finding the right diet, developing Nancy as my friend, making my first real permanent perfect own home with the perfect layout, appearance, and location, and finally earning my first real good career. Also, by far, the best things ever to finally come into my life, the best inventions ever, my favorite toy and tool ever, and certainly my favorite thing and service, are the Personal Computer system and the Internet’s World Wide Web. It has been a long hard alternative trek. I am finally boldly living where I have always wanted to go before.

HARD TREK: Life, my final frontier. These are the life voyages of Andrew Lerner. My indefinite mission, to explore my strange new world, seek out new friendship and relationships, and to finally boldly experience where I have always wanted to live before.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


I have now been employed by continuously for one whole month in a permanent regular full-time position. This is the first time I have had such a distinction since 10/31/2003! For at least the past year, I have been at a steady 238 pounds. Now, after sitting at a PC, and on a telephone for two weeks, I weigh 249 pounds. When I was unemployed, I would sit and use my computer system all day, or talk on the phone. Now I get paid for it. I tought myself all of the skills necessary to qualify me for this job. I feel perfectly well matched and qualified, and am very optimistic about a career for me in the financial, telecommunications technology, and customer service industries. I am greatly enjoying the social opportunities as never before in my life. What I have craved and struggled for my entire life is finally coming to pass. I am finally boldly going where everyone else has gone before.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


10/01/05 is the first day since 10/31/03 that I am employed full time with full health and financial insurace coverage. These are interesting dates. Medical...Dental...Vision...Employee Assistance Program...Long-Term Disability 50% of Benefits Salary...Basic Life Insurance 1 x Benefits Salary...Supplemental Life Insurance $10,000.00...Basic AD&D 1 x Benefits Salary...Voluntary AD&D $50,000.00...Wellness $100...401K...Discount stock purchase... My current position is the best carreer position with the best total compensation and protection package in my life. I am very happy with employment situation. I enjoy going to work in shorts, a t-shirt, white sneakers, and white socks each day.