Sunday, October 23, 2005


My automobile's audio slave is now playing my first audio book, "How To Win Friends & Influence People", by Dale Carnegie,1888-1955. MacMillan, Call No.: CD 150.13 Car Publisher: New York: Simon and Schuster Audio, Pub Date: 1988. It may become the first book I have completed or absorbed since around 1980! This book is reminding me of how to not loose friends and alienate people.

November is a very eventful month for friends and family that we have mutually influenced. My best friend ever, Cathy was born on 11/14/1952. My friend from Plainview, Nancy Ellen, was born on 11/16/1962. Lois Ellen was also born on 11/16, but in 1951. Michael B60 in Plainview, from 11/19/1945. My most helpful friend working in Plainview was also born during this time. Jamie Lee Curtis, one of my favorite classmates, was born on 11/22/1958. She looks like Michael's wife. I was born on 02/21/1958.

George Jetson, during the mid 20th century, was a fictional character living in an imagined world, far into the wondrous technologicaly advanced future of the 21st Century. He would earn a living, sitting down all day, pressing buttons, having verbal conversations with computers, and on the telephone. In 1999, during the 20th century, I did not yet develop the skills needed to perform my present employment positions. Now, in 2005, I am earning a living doing the same exact work, and in the same century, as George Jetson.

It is this pesky job that has been usurping my time and energy, such that I have neglected postings on this site. However, it is at my job, that I have met, and now introduce, my Florida Friend: GINA.

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