Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Emergency Room $923.37

I have updated or corrected all of the postings for the following dates: 8/24/05, 8/25/05, and 9/22/05. Please click on the links to the left to re-read them. Today, I paid another $433.00 bill for my 5/22/05 emergency room visit. This is a total of $923.37 for a stomach ache! Today, I also had to pay $190.00 for a blood test on 6/1/05 that my Doctor requested for my medications! I worked three days for this blood test. I am so happy this beginning of a new year, that I am now totally covered with all health and financial security benefits! Today, I only had to pay $30 for $130.00 in medication! Today I have switched from Capital One to MBNA after many years. Today, Michael purchased a 2000 Ford Escort, just like mine, on my advice! it is parked next to mine.