Sunday, October 09, 2005


Click on Favorites.
Click on Add to Favorites.
Write this down:
It is a very easy address to remember.
You know the www. part
You know my name: andrewlerner
Dot (.)
Then, it is (type) "blogspot"
You know the .com part
Make a desk top icon link.
I have more than one web log. I plan to create more. I can and will make settings that will restrict who can read them. Currently my Yahoo web journal is public. I plan to create a new one titled "ALIEN ANALYSIS". I have had many web sites for years. I no longer broadcast emails. My content is exclusively in my web based journal entries in a log. This blog is now restricted in its administrative settings to family & friends, and substituted for previous broadcast emails to those interested in being updated, or learning about my life and interests. I may post websites & photographs I find of interest, or describe events of my life.
These people include: "Nancy Goldfarb" <>, "Mike Binder" <>, "Donna Petrelli" <>, "Tanya" <>, "Rich Lerner" <>, "Sister, Matriarch" <>,

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