Monday, October 17, 2005


If restricted to one word to describe what is most precious in life it would be freedom. This is a contributing factor why I respect the artist pictured by clicking here, and why I find George W. Bush the most despicable person in the world.

"Under God", "God bless America", or any word or phrase referring to a religious entity should not be written or spoken by anything or anyone representing our government. This includes all buildings, officials, currency, and literature.

There should be no mandatory parental consent for a requested abortion by the individual. I favor the Oregon "Death with Dignity" law.

The bill for my hospital visit on 9/26/05 is $185.00. This Emergency visit was to verify that I was indeed in excellent health. The hotel bill was $100.00. My loss of productivity was 10 hours. I worked hard for an entire 7 day week to pay for this crap because police officers are corrupt arrogant selfish idiots. They were responsible for the abuse of my freedom. George W. Bush is the biggest corrupt arrogant selfish idiot in the world.

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