Monday, October 31, 2005


I created this assemblance of artwork during October 2003, for display in my window every 10/31 since then. Yesterday and today, you or your clocks with have work to do. There is clockwork to do. You have one hour more time to do it in. It is clockwork day. You experience one whole hour twice. After 1:59am daylight savings time, it will be 1am standard time!

It is Orange day today. Orange is the popular color for the Halloween holiday today. That is why I superimposed a clock over a pumpkin. They are symbolic of the two events today, and the clockwork is on something orange.

There are many parallels of commonalities of both this holiday, and the movie titled “A Clockwork Orange�. One similarity of the two subjects is the doorbell. In both, the doorbell warns of scary monsters capable of doing evil heinous terrifying crimes. In both, the goblins wore costumes and cosmetics. In the movie, there was a strict policy not to answer the doorbell so as to avoid any criminal perpetrators. The door was opened, not knowing of the monsters and horror and terror to greet them. On the holiday, there is a policy to instead frequently open the door. Instead, it is expected to see goblins and monsters at the door.

Notice, that in the movie, all of the victims were wearing orange. In my home, I have a strict no-answer doorbell policy. This sign I put in the window, may scare people. That is what this holiday is all about. By this posted sign, I am warning people to go away. I will not answer the door. To me, children are monsters, and I want them to stay away from me. I dread this holiday, and want it to go away.

I do keep an orange lava lamp in my window. It goes on at dusk. 10/31/03 was the last date before 10/01/05 that I was employed full time in a regular position with health and financial coverage. That health insurance via COBRA lasted until 4/31/05.

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