Friday, October 14, 2005


In December 2003, 718-347-3237 had been disconnected after more than 10.5 years in service. That was my last traditional telephone service, and was in Bellerose. I only had my $15.00 Sprint Third Party Plan. The 750 Anytime Minutes Include Long Distanceincludes, 50 Free 1-way Text Messages, pcs Voice Command, PCS Wireless Webcaller ID, Call Waiting, three-way Calling, pcs Voicemail. Additional Anytime Minutes are $.15 Per Minute. I consistently only used, as little as 250 minutes per month. The first telephone number of My Samsung flip phone had the new Queens area code of 347. That is the same number as my landline prefix of 347 for that area. I still have the same cell service plan, and once again, I usually only use about 250 minutes per month

Since 2002, my sister has had a traditional telephone number with the 347 prefix! Again, that is the same prefix and area code I had in Bellerose. In addition to that, "Belleview" is the town listed on my telephone records for my "calls" with her! Both of these towns have the same first five letters, and have the same telephone prefix! Bellerose NY and Belleview Fl have "347" and "Belle" in common.

My cell phone was soon changed to the nearby Long Island area code of 516, and still is today, in Seminole county Florida. Now, I also have Unlimited calls anywhere in the US (including Puerto Rico) & Canada for $24.99 a month. This VoIP also includes Free features such as: Voicemail Plus 3-Way Calling Call Waiting Call Forwarding Caller ID with Name 911 Dialing. It is ironic, that even though I advertised my unlimited telephone usage to attract tenants for my house, my tenant is not interested in using it at all since he has a good Friends & Family cell plan with his wife in NY. It is ironic, that even though my service is a bargain at $25 for completely unlimited usage, I am planning to discontinue it since I too hardly use the telephone enough. This 321-214-9855 is the planned replacement for my cell phone's 516-770-3766. However, until that happens, and to save my brother money, he may call me at: 516-770-3766.

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