Sunday, October 16, 2005


On the bottom of this and all Web based journal entries, is the time of which it was posted. Today this could have been as early as 3:30 am, and as late as 9:00 am. Then I plan to leave for work. Last night, I saw my first movie in the cinema possibly since June 2004. Ironically, that was in Florida, before I moved down here. Flight Plan was the movie, which was chosen and viewed with Gina, an associate from our employer. It was after we once again greatly enjoyed Fazoli's.

Most of the aged Jodi Foster movie took place in a flying cruise ship, as impossibly and ridiculously large as a Star Trek space ship. You would never suspect that this old actress star or the audience could have the endurance of Lance Armstrong. The movie was about a plane trip from Germany to Long Island. I am disappointed that it was not named "Airport 2005". In real life, my German roommate's wife, took a plane from Long Island to visit him here that same day. I have not even seen a movie on TV or DVD in about a year. I had believed that there were no more good movies to see. I confirmed this last night. However, it was an enjoyable evening.

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