Monday, February 25, 2008


Jones Generation President
Sen. Barack Obama - Democrat (Born August 4, 1961) Attorney, lecturer.Barack is of my Jones Generation (1954-1965). He is in first place in terms of matching my views on my important issues. Please click me

Sen. Hillary Clinton - Democrat (Born October 26, 1947) Attorney, professor, and is of the Baby Boom Generation. Hillary is in second place matching my views.

We currently have the best selection of candidates for Presidents of my lifetime in memory. I am happy with John McCain being the likely Republican Candidate. I am thrilled to have either Barack or Hillary be our next President of our United States.

I was positive that Al Gore would be president. I knew for many years that the 2008 race would be between Hillary and Rudy of NY. I now know that I do not know. I am elated that the end of an error will be 1/20/09, with no chance of it being replaced by another mistake. I fervently hope for a new era of change. It is time for my generation to lead.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Peace = 1958

2/21/1958British artist Gerald Holtom designed a logo for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament that became more commonly known as the peace symbol.
The Hebrew word "Shalom" (Hebrew: שָׁלוֹם), and the Arabic "Salaam" (Arabic: سلام) have been used as peace symbols. Shalom and Salaam literally mean "peace" and are cognates of each other, derived from the Semitic Triconsonantal of Ś-L-M (realized in Hebrew as Š-L-M and in Arabic as S-L-M). They have come to represent "Mideast peace" and an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Wall plaques and signs are sold with both the words and are featured in such Israeli peace songs such as "Salaam (Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu)."

50 years ago today, in 1958, I was born. I now consider myself "Middle Age".

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lake Mary

Lake Mary is home to many companies such as Convergys, Dixon Ticonderoga, Fiserv, Paychex, Progress Energy, Priority Healthcare, Veritas Software and the world headquarters of AAA. Lake Mary is centrally located between Daytona Beach and sunny Orlando. So whether you want to see the ocean or ride the rides, Lake Mary is your perfect choice! - 12/28/07. Please click on the above title, which is "Lake Mary" for 2/20/07 posting.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Publix Shuttle

Before 9/17/07 I printed out to create a bumper sticker that says "Publix Shuttle" It incorporates the Publix word logo, followed with the same font and green color for the second word of "shuttle". Publix is the only time I must use my car. I watch the Space Shuttle launches live from outside my home here in Lake Mary. I love Publix. That is why "Publix Shuttle" is on the front bumper of my automobile.

My job and everything else in my lifestyle is within walking and bicycling distance of one mile. However, even though I can walk to Al's with a shopping cart, I use my Publix Shuttle. I would be happy to drive the general public in my shuttle.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Permission for human needs at employer.

Due to another Doctor's note, I was wheeled over a new best chair in excellent condition for my exclusive use. I chose instead to keep the one I have. I am amoung 3 who have it reserved. The 175 others never have the same chair. I
am privileged to have the largest monitor, and my own reserved desk. This is due to two other doctor notes. Aspie's require consistency. I also submitted a doctor's note to permit me to take urination breaks. I plan to get another one from my Gastroenterologist to permit me to have defecation breaks.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Modern Times

I no longer use buildings for either banking or medication. My banking is done strictly on the Internet. My bank and pharmacy has no retail or public buildings. I do not write checks. I do not use cash. I seldom use the postal service using stamps. I have omitted "junk mail", and only visit my mailbox weekly. My medications are delivered to me automatically when I run out.

I use a wireless digital electronic toothbrush that does not use any physical contact to recharge. I do not use bar soap. I make purchases without even a physical credit card. All of my bills are paid automatically. All of my records of my entire life fits in the palm of my hand, and in my pocket. I can use the Internet and talk on the phone,any time, anywhere, without using my fingers or buttons or while on my bike. I have not used a videotape in many years. All of my favorite TV programs are recorded for me automatically and ready for me to watch on demand. Commercials are automatically zipped through.

I have a computer system that helps me breath when I am asleep. I have a constant companion that touches and talks to me at specific times telling me what I should be doing. I never use a traditional oven. I have a display case in front of, to hide my "fireplace". I have a satalite receiver on my car.

3/15/08 For many years or decades, I have not been buying or eating lettuce salad, or apples. It was my understanding that my body did not digest skins or raw vegetables well, and gave me negative issues. Around 1980, I would purchase or eat round heads of lettuce or round apples. During the past several months, I have been buying pre-cut or ripped lettuce salads in flat transparent plastic bags! For the past few weeks, I started buying pre sliced slices of apples in flat clear plastic bags!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Famous or Favorite ASpies

Woody Allen Isaac Asimov Ludwig van Beethoven Alexander Graham Bell Angie Dickinson Emily Dickinson Bob Dylan Thomas Edison Albert Einstein Henry Ford Bill Gates Al Gore Jeff Greenfield Jim Henson Alfred Hitchcock Peter Howson Howard Hughes Thomas Jefferson Carl Jung Franz Kafka Andy Kaufman Garrison Keillor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Isaac Newton Michael Palin Keanu Reeves Bertrand Russell Charles Schulz James Taylor Henry Thoreau Mark Twain Vincent Van Gogh Andy Warhol. Yes! That makes sense now! They are!

ASpies for Ron Paul

Ron Paul, ASpie for President
In the great tradition of George W. Bush's rumored undiagnosed learning disabilities, might Ron Paul, the libertarian/Republican/racialist candidate for president, have a hidden disorder of his own? Could Paul have Asperger's Syndrome, the autism spectrum disorder characterized by extremely awkward social interactions along with obsessive behaviors and interests? If you've seen Ron Paul on television recently—or taken a glimpse at his platform—there's no question he displays the symptoms.
When he came out to greet Jay Leno on Monday night, Paul walked with his eyes down to the ground. He didn't look his host in the eye (another symptom!), and cackled—grossly inappropriately for a presidential candidate—every time he brought up America's train wreck of an economy (the joke, after all, is on all of us). Check one for impaired social interaction.

As for obsessive behavior: If you're not one of the seven people who have ever cared about the gold standard, it would seem that this is something of an obsessive interest for Ron Paul. It's like a 19th-century version of World of Warcraft.
Even if Paul doesn't have Asperger's, many of his supporters may. Tech-nerds are disproportionately affected by the syndrome, and Paul's campaign—driven by online "viral marketing" —is disproportionately affected by tech-nerds.
At, the online Asperger's hangout, there's plenty of talk about the Ron Paul Revolution. According to
one thread, Paul "stims," or suffers from repeated body twitches body movements, another symptom of Asperger's. On WrongPlanet, there's also a 14-page thread for Ron Paul fans. Elsewhere on the Internet, there's even a fake, tongue-in-cheek "Aspies for Ron Paul" homepage.
It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Paul's techie, nerd-heavy base would suffer from Asperger's. In Ron Paul's universe, meet-ups don't necessarily happen in real life; just last week, there was a 240-strong World of Warcraft rally in which avatars from across the nation came together. According to the
World of Warcraft Insider, "The rally started outside Ironforge with approximately 240 players (with 400 members in their RP Revolution guild) and traveled to Stormwind, Westfall, Booty Bay, Ratchet, and finally Orgrimmar." You can't get more Aspie than that.
So there's some good news: Even if Ron Paul doesn't win the election—and let's admit it, there's no chance he will—we can still go back to the gold standard, or at least our Aspie Warcraft avatars can.
By Jacob Savage 01/09/08 12:42 PM

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ellen Degeneres 1958 -

Groundhog Day may be my favorite holiday. It is on every February 2, each year over and over again, like clockwork. Whether or not we continue to experience cold days over and over again, is determined by whether humans believe if an animal sees his shadow or not. It is also one of my favorite movies. It is in my favorite genre of Speculative Fiction, as phrased by a favorite author of mine in 1976, Kurt Vonnegut. When my Nieces were young girls, I told them my favorite book was "Breakfast of Champions". This is a book by him. They thought I was talking about the movie called "The Breakfast Club". Groundhog Day is an existential story of a person's journey towards personal growth. It stars favorite actors of mine. They include Bill Murray, who usually portrays personality and charters most similar to me of all celebrities. It also stars Andi MacDowell, who was born the same 1958 year as myself. The 1993 movie is a timeless, rare brilliant romantic comedy, that I don't mind watching over and over and over again. Today's posting will remain a tribute to this day, and the motion picture. Live each day as your only day. It may be the first and or last day of the rest of your life. De Ja Vu. What say you? I'd like to know. 2/2/07 is this original post.

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