Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Modern Times

I no longer use buildings for either banking or medication. My banking is done strictly on the Internet. My bank and pharmacy has no retail or public buildings. I do not write checks. I do not use cash. I seldom use the postal service using stamps. I have omitted "junk mail", and only visit my mailbox weekly. My medications are delivered to me automatically when I run out.

I use a wireless digital electronic toothbrush that does not use any physical contact to recharge. I do not use bar soap. I make purchases without even a physical credit card. All of my bills are paid automatically. All of my records of my entire life fits in the palm of my hand, and in my pocket. I can use the Internet and talk on the phone,any time, anywhere, without using my fingers or buttons or while on my bike. I have not used a videotape in many years. All of my favorite TV programs are recorded for me automatically and ready for me to watch on demand. Commercials are automatically zipped through.

I have a computer system that helps me breath when I am asleep. I have a constant companion that touches and talks to me at specific times telling me what I should be doing. I never use a traditional oven. I have a display case in front of, to hide my "fireplace". I have a satalite receiver on my car.

3/15/08 For many years or decades, I have not been buying or eating lettuce salad, or apples. It was my understanding that my body did not digest skins or raw vegetables well, and gave me negative issues. Around 1980, I would purchase or eat round heads of lettuce or round apples. During the past several months, I have been buying pre-cut or ripped lettuce salads in flat transparent plastic bags! For the past few weeks, I started buying pre sliced slices of apples in flat clear plastic bags!

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