Monday, February 25, 2008


Jones Generation President
Sen. Barack Obama - Democrat (Born August 4, 1961) Attorney, lecturer.Barack is of my Jones Generation (1954-1965). He is in first place in terms of matching my views on my important issues. Please click me

Sen. Hillary Clinton - Democrat (Born October 26, 1947) Attorney, professor, and is of the Baby Boom Generation. Hillary is in second place matching my views.

We currently have the best selection of candidates for Presidents of my lifetime in memory. I am happy with John McCain being the likely Republican Candidate. I am thrilled to have either Barack or Hillary be our next President of our United States.

I was positive that Al Gore would be president. I knew for many years that the 2008 race would be between Hillary and Rudy of NY. I now know that I do not know. I am elated that the end of an error will be 1/20/09, with no chance of it being replaced by another mistake. I fervently hope for a new era of change. It is time for my generation to lead.

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