Sunday, March 02, 2008

My Weak

It is a testimony to my fifty years of hard work that the following events were able to happen. To an NT, they seem innocuous or unnoticeable. I treasure them! On Wednesday 2/27, it was quite cold, I did not feel like driving my bike, and to instead to ride my car. I decided that since there was no chance of rain, I would bike. I was not sure why it felt like an ordeal. I noticed my wheels need air. After 3.5 hours of work, I was too dizzy and weak to work. I clocked out, and notified the operations human. I walked over to B, who was glad and convenient for him, to drive me to my Doctor half a mile away. J agreed to pick me up there after my consultation. She drove us through the pharmacy, and then home. She had her lunch at my house. I gave her two bananas and bottles of &rew water. What were the two treasured events?

All I did Wednesday through Friday night was sleep and eat. I am constantly weak. Then for the first time, I collected dirty dishes, and took a shower. It took all of Saturday to do laundry, and all of today to grocery shop. I would have been too weak to work today.

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