Friday, March 21, 2008

Laser HDTV

Laser Televisions by Dustin Checketts
Lasers and televisions have joined forces, making a stunning appearance at 2008’s Consumer Electronics Show in sunny Las Vegas. Laser televisions claim to be cheaper, lighter, longer-lasting, more energy efficient, and most notably, provide much more vivid colors than that of current HDTV televisions. Current televisions are capable of reproducing 30-40% of the colors the human eye is able to see, while laser televisions can reproduce up to 90%. Impressed by current HDTV’s, it almost requires a personal side-by-side comparison of the same picture, as shown in these images, to formulate one’s own conclusions.

Measuring near 10-inches thick, the laser televisions are capable of being hung on a wall like its plasma and LCD competitors. How a 10-inch protrusion from your wall can be made to look good is anybody’s guess, but the materials are lightweight enough to do so if you so choose.
Production costs are expected to remain high initially as Mitsubishi is currently the only manufacturer to embrace laser television technologies. Many factories have just been outfitted to accommodate LCD technologies, and other manufacturers will be slow to invest so heavily in a new technology requiring all-new factories for production.
Analysts predict that laser televisions will replace plasma and DLP technologies altogether, taking over the 42-inches and larger HDTV space, while LCD gets comfortable in the 42-inch and smaller space.Mitsubishi, with the help of Novalux and Texas Instruments, will introduce both 50 and 65-inch version to market sometime in 2008. A Mitsubishi rep was quoted saying that they will be available “late this year, around Black Friday, and will retail over the price of current LCD’s.”
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