Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bumper Stickers

Today, I created my first professional bumper stickers with my computer system. Previously I did business cards and T-shirts. I plan to do window decals. I made a sheet with 4 stickers, laminated them, & put them on my car.

Publix Shuttle
I used the logotype above, and added Shuttle with the same color and font. It is now on top of my front bumper. Going to Publix, is what I use my car for the most.

The next sticker is of Hillary, seen above. This was put on middle of my rear windshield, on the bottom black strip, between the brake light and satellite antenna. The last one is "&rew" in brown on a tan background. I used Arial Rounded Bold, which is my favorite font. This was put in the middle, on top of the rear bumper. It looks excellent on my rounded beige car. I decided not to put band-aid stickers on my cars scrapes and dents. I finally pealed off the WBAB Long Island Rock radio sticker from my lower left back bumper.

I purchased the materials to make the cards, stickers, decals, and T-shirts years ago with Laurie. Now, for the first time, while I am relaxed and settled down for the first time in my life, I can finally do these hobby-type things. I just found today, the T-shirt transfer paper that I did purchase with Laurie years ago. I am sad that I now purchased a third package, and did not need to do so.

Instead of using my last 8-hour PTO this week, that will be lost instead, I took a VGH after 2 hours at work. I otherwise only had yesterday off. But, I will be off on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I also talked with my brother & friends on the telephone, biked, and went swimming! I am happy with my decisions and use of my day.

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