Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sex and the Movie

A film version of the show was originally slated for production near the end of the broadcast series run in 2004. However, the deal for the movie fell through at that time. Multiple press reports at the time indicated a personal dispute between Parker and Cattrall, as well as Cattrall's refusal to sign a contract for the film at a pay scale considerably less than Parker's. [6]
News articles began to surface in November 2006 and suggested that the issues had been resolved and that a movie would go into production. Negotiations with executive producer Michael Patrick King and the cast are underway.[7] The movie appears to be in pre-production stages.[8] A script for the movie is being finalized, and filming could begin later this year in New York City.[9][10] Michael Patrick King has been chosen as the director of the Sex and the City film. Production is tentatively scheduled to begin sometime in the fall of 2007.[11] After years of rumor and speculation, Sarah Jessica Parker has finally confirmed that a Sex and the City movie is in the works.[12][13] Though everything is far from certain, Cynthia Nixon is praying to be in the new Sex and the City feature film.[14]

Sex and the movie 21st February 2007. 09:30 (BANG) - Kim Cattrall has hinted she will star in a film version of hit series 'Sex and the City'. The actress, who played maneater Samantha in the hit TV show about four female New Yorkers and their sexual exploits, has suggested the long-rumoured big screen adaptation is in the pipeline.

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