Friday, June 08, 2007

Launch from 321...214-9855

Watching my first launch ever* of a rocket propelled vehicle, was exciting. At 7:38 pm, the Space Shuttle Atlantis was launched from my planet earth, into space. It took off on land, surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, at the Kennedy Space Center, near Cocoa Beach Florida. I went outside, in front of my house, to watch it soar through our atmosphere, about 40 miles east by south-east of me. *This is the first time I saw such a launch, and from this place, with only air between me, and the spaceship! I am between the center of Central Florida and the east coast of the U.S.A. This area has the area code of 321, in recognition of the location of the Kennedy Space Center, and the count-down of rocket launches and space-craft launches. My telephone number is therefore 321...214-9855. E.T. phone home.

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