Friday, June 22, 2007

Aspie Heros

Fictional Characters With Asperger Syndrome

Jar Jar Binks is a Gungan, outcast for clumsiness, who facilitated the contact between the Jedi knights and the Gungans. Jar Jar of STAR WARS has an entire category of Jar Jar sites.

Symptoms: His speech is mangled. This is one of the most memorable aspects of Jar Jar, with a web site that converts web pages into his way of saying things and both fans and enemies of Jar Jar speak like him at times. He dresses unusually, with a homophobic anti-Jar Jar web site claiming Jar Jar is gay because he wears a sleeveless vest. He is clumsy, and sometimes ignores social norms.

Dilbert (TV series version) is an engineer working for Path-e- Tech Corporation.

Symptoms: He has actually been diagnosed as having "the knack", after pulling apart some household appliances and building a radio. When his mother asked whether he would lead a normal life, she was informed that he would not, but that Dilbert would become an engineer. He applies technological solutions where it is not appropriate and often speaks out about situations where more "sensible" people would keep quiet.

Charles Shultz was an Aspie, and created Charlie Brown to represent himself. I used to identify with this character

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Hag Gasgun said...

Charlie Brown, I always feel some connection with this character. I used to identify with this character and I know why now.