Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cool Award

Today, after being at my desk at work for one hour of work with very few calls, I had a 15 minute paid strawberry yogurt break. It is the fist day in memory I did not have a banana to bring. Then I had a paid one hour meeting with my team of seven. Most of time was devoted to absorbing a presentation of Charter Communications new public relations campaign. We were all given a ceramic mug, and visual materials. Most of my mugs are from my employers. I can now add this to my Circuit City, Gateway, and MHT/Chemical Bank mugs.

Right after that, I was one of 29 Agents from the Charter account invited to a paid Quarterly Convergys awards ceremony for one hour. I received the metal plaque, left, and award certificate, above. In addition, I was given a fine boxed pen, various cut fresh fruits, cake, punch, and was photographed. The fruit made up for my missing banana.

Convergys in Lake Mary, consists of a large campus with large buildings. In my building there are five major accounts. They are Charter, Cingular/at&t, Citibank, Palm, Jarden (Sunbeam...), and MediaCom. There are 307 Agents on my Charter account alone. Only around 25 Agents from each account were invited, and or in attendance. Today marks exactly 7 months + one year for me at CVG.

Afterwards, I clocked out for my one hour lunch. With very little time and work to do, and another 15 paid grapes break, I drove home to my 85 degree home. My favorite machine, and #1 reason for living in Florida, did something very not-cool yesterday. My central air conditioning system stopped cooling yesterday, on the last day before summer! Please click on the pictures above to see a larger, and enlargeable view.

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