Saturday, October 08, 2005


There is no posting for 10/07/2005. On that day, I accidentaly left work to go home, thirty minutes early. I told that to my Supervisor today. She laughed alot at that, and told me not to worry about it. She would have to go through the motions of "coaching" me. entries 9/20 and 10/02 have been updated. Please go to them. Notice how "9/20" is underlined. Click on it and go there.

For most of my early life, I never envisioned my brother ever becoming a stodgy old man, generations apart. I used to dream of having a home as nice as a hotel. Last week, at that hotel, I wished I were at home. My home is so much better than it ever was. So too is my employment. It is the career opportunity I have been working for since I graduated from High School in 1976! I finally have everything I have worked and waited so long for since I was age 9! I am free at last!

I feel tremendous RELIEF and energy now, as I have craved and never had my entire life. The primary contributing factors that helped me are: Divorcing Laurie, Escaping from NYC and LI, my Mother passing away, selling my last Queens home, Settling in Florida, CPAP, medications “F� and “A�, my Blog, putting Odie to sleep, finally finding the right diet, developing Nancy as my friend, making my first real permanent perfect own home with the perfect layout, appearance, and location, and finally earning my first real good career.

Also, by far, the best things ever to finally come into my life, the best inventions ever, my favorite toy and tool ever, and certainly my favorite thing and service, are the Personal Computer system and the Internet’s World Wide Web. It has been a long hard alternative trek. I am finally boldly living where I have always wanted to explore before.

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