Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Our last opportunity.

I live in Florida, a purple state. It is the southern-most Northern state. Alaska is the is the northern-most Southern state. It became the 49Th in 1958, when I was born. Sarah Palin is its present Governor. She is a Joneser like me, born after Alaska became a state.

Barack Obama, a Joneser like me, was born in Hawaii after it became the 50Th and last state of the union in 1959. Therefore he just barely qualifies to be President. Joseph Biden is the Senator of the FIRST state, Delaware.

John Mc'Cain has found answers to his issues with Sarah Palen. 1) Religious-Right friendly 2) Joneser like Barack. (youth friendly) 3) Maverick, conservative, stubborn, determined, ruthless. (soul mate & partner.) 4) Female like Hillary, and historic like Barack.

What is scarier than having GWB president, and declaring war against a stable sovereign nation for his own personal agenda? It is having a person who is a heartbeat away from controlling the fate of this planet, who is even more inexperienced, delusional, narrow-minded, selfish, and intolerant than the current Despot GWB. As Bill Mahr said, we do not need the cutest "Stewardess". He is a Joneser, and a favorite person of mine.

John McCain lives in his own world. He almost died twice. With all the torture he has endured, it is amazing he lived to be 70, and keep his "sanity". We do not need someone else who lies and cheats to achieve their personal ambitions in the White House.

Sarah is even more reactionary than John! She wants to drill for oil in the wilderness refuge of her state! We need to protect, and work WITH our environment & planet. 1) Oil is finite & bad. 2) Animals are finite & good. 3) We must invest and change our infrastructure to be independent, with infinite & renewable energy resources. She does not "believe" in global warming!

Instead of putting a burden on our society, pro-choice people terminate pregnancies of a disabled fetus. Sarah purposely goes to term with her down-syndrome child. Besides being a burden, she goes a step further. She supports more of our money go to children of "special needs" like her child!

Sarah believes in abstinence, instead of education and birth-control. This is why her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. This puts and even more of a burden on our society. Sarah's place is in her house to take care of her children. She is no Hillary.

We need to support OURSELVES. Georgia & Iraq can take care of themselves. Being "independent" does not mean borrowing from Communist China, and kissing the butts of Saudi Arabia. We need to get off our butts and face reality. The time is now to harness tidal power off the coast of Florida, instead of bottling that water with vitamins into plastic bottles.

Dire times has been GWB in office after 9/11. This time, there will be no more times, unless we vote Democratic and change our course back in the correct direction.

I am pleased that 73 of you have voted so far on my poll on this site. I am happy to see, it has been a consistent 80% for Barack Obama, and 19% for John McCain.


Anonymous said...

I totaly agree about Sarah Palin. She is anti-women's rights, wants to teach creationism in schools and supported funds for a "Bridge to Nowhere".

I just hope Obama can defeat Mc Cain/Palin in November.

Nancy Goldfarb said...