Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My mother was born on this date in 1918. Lerner Shops was founded in 1918 by Samuel A. Lerner and Harold M Lane in NYC. Also born in 1918 was Alan Jay Lerner, Rose Kennedy, Betty Ford, Pearl Bailey, William Holden, Ted Williams, Chaim Herzog, Art Carney, Spiro Agnew, Anwar Sadat, Joey Bishop, Howard Cosell, Shlom Goren, Sam Walton, Jack Parr, Robert S. Strauss, Rita Hayworth, Helmut Schmidt, and Donald Regan. There was the Flu Pandemic and WW1. Established was Daylight Daving Time, and regular airmail service. On September 11, The Boston Red Sox defeat the Chicago Cubs for the 1918 World Series championship, their last World Series win until 2004. The Hungarian Democratic Republic is declared. Please put 1918 in my "Search and Sight" box on the left for more information.

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