Friday, August 12, 2011 is now my newest email address!

Below are postings I made on Facebook as my status.

My employer has usually been the US government, and it was for not working. Many several times it was temporary. Now it is indefinitely.

My parents were TV and the public school system.

I wonder if an atheist get compensated by his insurance company for an act of God.

If you are not on Facebook, life is passing you by.

Every day for weeks now, I keep getting notified of my friends meeting my other friends, or being re-united since the 1970's due to my suggestions.

Give Obama the Democrats he needs. Take out the pesky evil Republicans.

I am surprised and puzzled by my sister. She never replied to my emails and messages for months, joins Facebook for the first time ever in July 2011, only has 3 friends, and it does not include me or accept my FB friend request. Then I am told by someone else that she's not on anymore. She decided it was too much and didn't want to be on.

I enjoy my daily sugar-cream water flavored with coffee.

I walked to my pool today. It was hot out. When I got to my Cabana, I was hot, so I took off my T-shirt. I was hot. I walked along my veranda,and jumped into the pool. It was hot. After a while, I walked out of the pool for a while. I was hot. Later, after I walked home, and walked inside, it was delightful.

Never thought I would end up Marrying at 52, and even less, then us both retiring in Florida at age 53. Fantasies of winning lots of money to do that - maybe.

Do not let that small phrase "History International" on the bottom of the "HI" logo fool you. It is the HITLER channel. All they show are programs about WW2.

I never dreamed I would have over 200 friends on Facebook. I was often thrilled if I had one friend anywhere.

It just occurred to me that "The Christian Science Monitor" is an oxymoron.

8/17/11 The first person ever, came up to me, to compliment my Newsletter and Website that was started around June 2011. This happened after tonight's Hidden Village Board Meeting. My wife is on the Board. I was given absolutely no recognition whatsoever, as usual. People do not even make eye contact, say hi, or know that Margaret is my wife. I have experienced this treatment for most of my life, not that I'm happy with it.

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