Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hidden Village View

On 2/15/2012, I cut the link that would foward you from Now see the direct address below, or click here for Hidden Village View. It is now ( )was the domain that I created for my Condominium. Posted here, is the newsletter that I created for my condominium association and community. This was just released. The name of my condo community is Hidden Village. I wrote some of this newsletter, sent it for printing, mailing, and distribution to all of the owners and occupants of my community. I created, and posted the newsletter into it. If you had clicked on the domain name of " " you could see the web-sight and the newsletter that I created. This is the first "issue" I have released. My issue with it, is that it is my first newsletter, and my first web-page for besides myself. I am proud and happy to have created a newsletter, and the first web-site or my condo complex. I am sharing my work with you. What is your reaction to it? I would like to know. Thank you for reading.

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