Thursday, June 10, 2010

Convergys Friend

The following are quotes from Gloria in Facebook. She worked on the same account as me at Convergys. She has not spoken to me since I was laid off 2/23/09: "You never put people down. I am going to be reading all your blogs from now on. Andrew, you were the one person at Convergys that I knew that was a real person and not a fake, like most of them. After being there 5 years, so many of the people were fake. They would pretend to be your friend, then talk behind your back. You always treated everyone with respect. You have never been pushy about your blog, and I am going to go back, to read all of your blogs. No one ever said anything bad about you to me. I heard a few things that were said about me. I confronted the people, and they lied to me saying they never said that. You were always very intelligent, and I am sure that your blogs are also. You showed me at one of our pot lucks, how good Matzo balls are. You can quote anything I have said because it is from my heart, how I feel, and are true." words. Please click below, on "Comments, Reactions, & Feedback", below, to read reviews, and or write your own reply. This means a great deal to me.Each box, below the date below, corresponds to the letter of your choice: A = Funny. B = Informative. C = Clever. D = Disagree. E = Excellent. F = Frivolous.1) Please place your cursor arrow onto the little white box, next to the letter, that represents your selection. 2) press down to click. 3) A check mark will then appear, showing that you have voted. The counter for that box, will increment by your one rating (#).

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